Heir to Power by Michele Poague

Such Gentle People About To Discover The World

Heir to Power by Michele PoagueI have to say I really enjoyed reading Heir to Power by Michele Poague. The beginning seemed a little slow with trying to figure out who these very tall people were–Gentle giants, one might call them, the Survinees of the colony of Survin–and in what time frame they were living, and with sorting through the various characters with names I had a hard time pronouncing in my head, like Isontra, Jettina, Kairma, and Naturi. Then I found a Q&A on the author’s website that provided the phonetic spellings. It has since disappeared. That was a great touch, Michele. Any chance of it returning?

And then came the dawn as I saw where Heir to Power was heading

Several chapters into the story the author dropped a hint and it suddenly dawned on me where it was going and why she refrained from providing details in the beginning. She wanted it to unfold slowly, give the reader time to digest and assimilate the setting and relationships, and that she did very well. Once I picked up where it was heading, or thought I did, I was both content to wait and anxious to find out how these wonderful people became who they were.

What was going to entice them to venture from their mountain?

What was going to entice them to venture from their mountain, and once they did, would they ever be the same? How much of their innocence would be lost? Would the sacrifices be worth the gains in unknown, to them, technologies or would they be invaded by greedy entrepreneurs? I wasn’t sad when it ended because I already knew there was a second book, Fall of Eden. I have been captivated by these gentle people in what seems like a very gentle time, quite foreign to what we know today. I can’t wait to read Fall of Eden.

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