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Notes: First today we went to Casey Key to hunt for sea glass. We found one piece of pure white - we think!?! But the highlight of the morning was the sighting of a wild manatee breaching to breathe 3 feet off the beach.

We didn't get a picture, but this is exactly what he looked like.

Manatee breaching to breathe

More of our pictures of the beach at Casey Key off Albee Road.
Casey Key Beach Casey Key Beach 2
Casey Key ShellingFootprints on the BeachFootprints on the Beach
Fish underwaterA school of underwater fish

Notes: Venice, Florida – Caspersen Beach - in search of sea glass & shark's teeth

#2256Traditional Cache Dad's Road by minnesotaCUKES
Hint: Pink wrapped jar under beach boardwalk on a ledge, near the Caspersen Beach Park
Venice, FL - Caspersen Beach
- May 31, 2015
Birds on Pier Bird Group
Cormorants at the lake park near Caspersen Beach
Bird Closeup
[log] Found on ground but still tight and dry. TFTH.
#2257Traditional Cache Where We _ _ _ _ _ ! #4, (Sharky's) by rwsherlock
Hint: Concrete camo’d jar tucked under Sharky’s sign
Cache Site Cache
[log] 2nd cache found on the ground and replaced.TFTH.
#2258Traditional CachePREHISTORIC SHARK FOSSILS by Garyskydive1
Hint: Earthcache about shark’s teeth fossils
Frogwarts & Bearfr on Prehistoric Shark Fossils Earthcache.
1) The sand is gray black due to a high content of fossils.
2) 24000
3) Fossils were deposited on land that was underwater then, exposed now as beach area, so the coastal area retained a high % of the fossilized material.
4) Unfortunately we sieved for about an hour by hand with no luck on shark teeth or fossils, although we had handfuls of tiny kitten paws shells to show for it. The day was brightened by a siting of a playful manatee right off the shore of Casey Key on the way down to Caspersen Beach. Tks for an interesting trip down.
[log] Had a nice time on the beach. Answers to follow.


Notes: We finally decided to place some caches in Florida to pay back all the fun we've had caching! The first five we placed in the Bahia Beach Preserve, a restoration area just full of birdsong, and open to the public as long as you stay on the trail. Here is some of what we saw shortly after sunrise on 6/1/15 while placing the caches.

RedWing Bird 2
Tricolor Reflection Tricolor Heron
Glossy Ibis Sentinel Birds
Spoonbill Group Spoonbills on Tree
Egret Flying Red Wing Attitude
Great Blue Flight Tricolor Flight
Heron Flight Spoonbill Flight
Bird 1 Bird 3
Pig Lake with Birds
Ours #76 Traditional Cache Put a Hex on It
by frogwarts & bearfr 
Ruskin, Florida - June 1, 2015

Notes: #1 of 4 on the Bahia Beach Preserve Trail, Ruskin, FL



Ours #77 Traditional Cache Lone Sentinel
by frogwarts & bearfr 
Ruskin, Florida - June 1, 2015

Notes: #2 of 4 on the Bahia Beach Preserve Trail, Ruskin, FL

Stage 2


Ours #78 Traditional Cache Shell Game
by frogwarts & bearfr
Ruskin, Florida - June 1, 2015

Notes: #3 of 4 on the Bahia Beach Preserve Trail, Ruskin, FL

Shell 1 Shell 2


Ours #79 Traditional Cache Snake in the Grass
byfrogwarts & bearfr 
Ruskin, Florida - June 1, 2015

Notes: #4 of 4 on the Bahia Beach Preserve Trail, Ruskin, FL

Stage 4


Ours #80 Traditional Cache Hot Tomato
by frogwarts & bearfr 
Ruskin, Florida - June 1, 2015

Notes: A quickie to bring people to the Hot Tomato in Ruskin, FL

Cache SiteCache


Ours #81 Traditional CacheTopless
by frogwarts & bearfr 
Ruskin, Florida - June 1, 2015

Notes : A quickie to bring people to Little Harbor, FL

 Cache Site Cache


Ours #82 Traditional Cache  Tweet, Tweet
by frogwarts & bearfr
Ruskin, Florida - June 1, 2015

Notes : Outside of the Bahia Beach Preserve Trail, Ruskin, FL .1 m from the entrance

Stage 5Cache SettingTweet Closeup


Notes: We spent 5 hours in beautiful Alderman Ford Park near Plant City, hiking and caching.

#2259Traditional Cache Barbequed,... Pinecrest Style !  by  Ol' Bubba Hide
Hint: Black pouch on signboard

Pinecrest, Fl
Outside Alderman Ford Park
- June 7, 2015

Cache Site Cache
[log] Grabbed thus in our way to Alderman Ford.
#2260Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 080 - Handy Andy by MicroManiacs
Hint: Film canister taped inside white plastic fence post top.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Frog played he-man to get this one since it was jammed. We left it properly.
#2261Traditional Cache thats my boy by Dibble006
Hint: Camo drink jar in palmetto with toy phone decoy
Alderman Ford Park, Plant City, FL
- June 7, 2015
Cache Site
The Decoy
[log] Cute container and decoy
#2262Traditional Cache The Eagle has Landon by Dibble006
Hint: Ammo can in woods near bench
Discovered a TB
Scenery Cache
[log] Wow a real regular! Thanks for a good one. We love the trail scenery
#2263Traditional Cache Sweet pea by Dibble006
Hint: Green water jar hanging from vine on tree
Looking Cache Walk
Mushrooms Mushrooms Closeup Mushrooms 3
[log] Beautiful cool trail walk to reach this scenic cache. TFTC and s nice hide.
#2264Traditional Cache Head Easton young man by Dibble006
Hint: Coffee can in broken tree stump
River Cache River Closeup
[log] This one gave us quite a satellite chase but we stock it out to the find. TFTH
#2265Traditional Cache Toys R Cache by Hoghunter
Hint: Plastic box in woods off trail near exercise station.
Alderman Ford Map Cache with Bearfr
[log] Found easily but terrain should be a 2.0 according to regs. 1.0 is handicap accessible
#2266Traditional Cache Can you canoe? by Team S&K
Hint: Ammo box in end of disintegrating huge tree
Walk Cache
[log] Nice find off the launch site
#2267Traditional Cache Bypass the Bridge by confusion9
Hint: Pill bottle in palmetto on side trail by the river
Cache Muggle
The Muggle
[log] Good hint. Nice side trail while exploring Alderman Ford. TFTH.
#2268Traditional CacheLogans run by Dibble006
Hint: Plastic pail on ground
Flowers Cache
[log] Circled the wagons and finally looked down. Don't know exactly where it should be. TFTH


Notes: We were early for the Dolphin Racer tour, so we spotted a cache

#2269Traditional Cache *Welcome to South Pasadena*    by ChildrenofGod2011
Hint: Black pouch behind the Welcome sign.
St. Petersburg, FL - June 12, 2015
Cache Site
[log] Quick grab while waiting for Dolphin Racer.TFTH


Notes:Start of the Geocaching Road Trip 2015: Challenge #1 - Log a cache with 10+ favorite points.

Geo Road Trip Challenge 1
Geo Road Trip 2015 - Challenge #1 6/19/15-9/2/15 Log a Cache with 10+ Favorite Points
#2270Traditional Cache Forkwing Shoveltail by kingnonna
Hint: Pill bottle built like a bird.
Geo Road Trip 1
Kingnonna's Tribute
to Hawkhaven -
Forkwing Shoveltail
with 22 Favorite Points
Forkwing Shoveltail
[log] Saved the souvenir in honor of one of our favorite cache-hiders Hawkhaven who, sadly, has moved out of the area. His caches were some of the best and funniest we've encountered and we miss him and his hides. So here's to Hawk. Thanks Kingnonna for a cache that makes us remember him.
#2271Traditional CacheJade's Cache by kingnonna
Hint: Pill Bottle on guardrail
The rest of the caches we did today were all guardrail caches on an EXTREMELY busy road with dangerous parking and walking - BE VERY ALERT. Basically numbers caching only.
[log] Road was extremely busy today but we made the grab. Tfth.
#2272Traditional Cache Beautiful Nails Redux 4 by kingnonna
Hint: Nail polish bottle on guardrail
[log] Typical per the name. Road parking was very dangerous today.
#2273Traditional Cache Beautiful Skin Redux by kingnonna
Hint: Glass jar on guardrail
Cache Site
[log] Easier parking here. Beautiful fragrance if herbs in the air on a Dewey morning.
#2274Traditional Cache A Little Break from the Beauty Series by kingnonna
Hint: Tiny contact lens camo’d cache hanging on fence near the tomato fields
Cache Site Cache
[log] Caution- Muggle farmers nearby. Great location for a cute little guy
#2275Traditional Cache Rutland Ranch Cache by kingnonna
Hint: Georock at base of fence
[log] Haven't seen one if these for awhile. Tf a nice hide.
#2276Traditional Cache Beautiful Nails Redux 5 by kingnonna
Hint: Contact case on guardrail
#2277Traditional Cache Beautiful Nails Redux 3 by kingnonna
Hint: Nail polish bottle on guardrail
[log] QPG in a very busy road. TFTS
#2278Traditional Cache Beautiful Nails Redux 2 by kingnonna
Hint: Nail polish bottle on guardrail
[log] Pill bottle on guardrail
#2279Traditional Cache Beautiful Nails Redux 1 by kingnonna


Notes: Our second trip to Honeymoon Island for beachcombing and geocaching

Dolphin1 Dolphin 2 Dolphin 3
Live Shells Click here to see the
Live Shelling Video
Pictures Only - No Collecting
Bald Eage Sign
Egret in Trr Osprey in Tree Osprey
Two Osprey Lone Osprey Osprey Nest
#2280Traditional Cache Boardwalk to Paradise by kethsugar
Hint: Tiny pill bottle inside white railing on boardwalk
Honeymoon Island State Park
Dunedin, FL - June 21, 2015
Cache Logging
[log] Easy once the muggles cleared. TFTC A fun one
#2281Traditional Cache Broken Board by kethsugar
Hint: Camo’d drink cup under the boardwalk by the playground
Left the Falcon TB and picked up dr. Mike’s MVG racer TB
[log] Nice hide for #2 today. Tks for the search. Exchanged bugs
#2282Traditional Cache The Afterburn by kethsugar
Hint: Blue camo’d plastic container in burned out stump
[log] Easy find from the left trail. TFTH
#2283Traditional Cache  Seashells, seashells, down by the seashore. by adrisan143
Hint: A rock with embedded shells guarding a pill bottle under the bushes
Cache Invasive Flower
[log] Almost walked by this one due to cord shift. TFTH.
#2284Traditional Cache Pelican Cove Pirate Treasure by johnvideo
Hint: Ammo can under the saw palms
Cache The Find
[log] Good cords and nice hide. Easy for a 95 degree day
#2285Traditional Cache Near Osprey & Pelican Meeting by johnvideo
Hint: Blue plastic bin under the tree near the water at the point
Cache Heron The Beach
[log] Last for the trail. Now for cool seawater feet. TFTH.


Notes: Needed to pick up June 30, 2015 for our 366 days of the year Challenge.

#2286Traditional Cache Treasure Trove 009- The Kings Royal Guard by Cacher Queens
Hint: Magnetic inside short guard rail
Boyette Road, Riverview, FL
- June 30, 2015
Cache site Cache
[log] #1 for the day to get June 30th
#2287Traditional Cache Treasure Trove 006- Say Waa? by Cacher Queens
Hint: Plastic jar at WAMA gas station in LP
[log] #2 for June 30. Watch the wasps
#2288Traditional CacheA place to run and hide. by jackie33619
Hint: Plastic jar in woods by Home Depot
Lone Muggle Cache Muggles
[log] Cords took us on a tour but ended up spot on. TFTH
#2289Traditional Cache Treasure Trove 007- UtoteM by Cacher Queens
Hint: Plastic jar in LP at Shell station
Cache Site Cache
[log] #4 for today.TFTC.
#2290Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 126 - The Shirt off my Back by MicroManiacs
Hint: Film canister at base of reflector signs at CVS
Cache Site
[log] Clever decoy but we got it
#2291Traditional Cache Don't drive off the ledge by jndavis701
Hint: Contact lens case at base of STOP sign on Laurel Ledge Drive
Cache Site
[log] Log soaked. It STOPPED us from signing. TFTH
#2292Traditional Cache Cuda-087 The Rock by cuda2304
Hint: Matchstick covered with ants in top of large rock at Bell Preserve entrance.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Found but unloggable -ants back.


Notes: The second challenge of the summer Geo Road Trip 2 – attend an event.

#2293Traditional Cache MacGyver This One by magicman/sewjourner
Hint: Tube with mega hole. STICK to something other than the CUP.
Sanibel Island, FL
- July 3, 2015
Cache Retrieval
Retrieval with a STICK!

Cache Site
The Decoy
The decoy cup!
[log] Great fun especially since it was not the obvious solution! TFAGREATONE
Geo Road Trip - Challenge 2- Attend Event
Geo Road Trip Challenge 2 - Meet Your Road Trip Crew - Attend an Event
#2294Traditional Cache Lederhosen meets alligator by Pulpator und JoBiJoKa

Picked up a travel bug dog tag, 3 geocoins and a Pathtag, and discovered another coin and OUR HOST!

Geo Road 2

We had a marvelous time meeting cachers Pupator and JoBiJoKa, our hosts from Germany, and other local cachers from Florida. As a special treet, all of us - to the Delight of the kids - got treated to a dolphin show so close to shore that the kids in the water at one point were only feet from one of the dolphins; of course, we missed that part in the filming!

Dolphins-at-Sanibel-Island 7/3/15

Event Host Trackable Event participants
[log] Had a great time meeting everyone and even got to see a pod of dolphins close to shore.
#2295Traditional Cache A Sea School of information! by  sandbetweenmytoes
Hint: Fishing float in trees
Cache Site Cache
[log] Intriguing container.TFTH
#2296Traditional Cache Causeway Cache by magicman/sewjourner
Hint: Tiny film canister ziptied to the sea grape.
beach FlowerCache Location
Cache Cache Retrieval
[log] Tough to spot in bright sun. TFTH
#2297Traditional Cache JP089 - Jolly Roger  by FLPirate
Hint: Magnetic on causeway guardrail
[log] We walked the plank in hot sun to capture this one today. THTC.
#2298Traditional Cache First Expedition to FL! by beach.runner
Hint: Tiny rubbermaid in the rocks
Venice, FL
- July 3, 2015
Cache Location Decoy Cigar Butt
The decoy cigar butt -
a cache-look-alike!
[log] Number 6 for us today on a trip back from Sanibel. Two more and we'all have 2300. TFTH
#2299Traditional Cache Where We _ _ _ _ _ ! #3, (Clock) by  rwsherlock
Hint: Wooden branch container hanging in evergreen behind the newspaper box.
Cache Location Cache Placement Cache
[log] Headlines featured 4th of July and a find. TFTH.
#2300Traditional Cache Pour Some Wine on Me! by beach.runner
Hint: Rubbermaid in open sprinkler box.
Cache Location Fountain Cache
[log] Loggable just- time for a dry out. TFTH


Notes: A trip to hike and cache as a treat for James' upcoming birthday!

We had a wonderful time on this geo-caching hiking trip to help celebrate James’ 66th birthday next week. First of all, an actual Geocaching Map and Brochure of the caches available handed out at the Ranger Station! The multi-use trail was smooth grass for us, easy to share with the bikers on the narrow sand trail, and the Old Agrico Hiking Trail reminded us so much of Montana with its up and down winding trail through the woods. All the caches were well done by different cachers – and all REGULARS! (yah for dropping all our collected bugs), with the last of day a clever hide by the FL Park Service themselves. I think there was only one other set of hikers there today among the hordes of mountain bikers roaring down their special trails and the equestrians climbing their up-and-down steep trails, but everyone had something special to do and see safely. For us – four gators in the wild swamp, five types of new birds to ID (Reddish Edgret, Green Heron, Black-Crowed Night Heron, Florida Blue-Jay and Northern Mockingbird) and a unique pleated mushroom (Parasola Plicatilis or Pleated Inkcap), all in amidst the trees, shrubs, vines and flowers – an A1 perfect day! This park is a must for all outdoors people – no matter whether you hike, geocache, ride bikes or horses, fish, boat or camp.

Alafia Park Sign
Alafia Geo Map
What a treat - A Geocaching Brochure with a map and listing of the caches available on the reverse side, available at the Ranger Station.
#2301Traditional Cache Go For It!! by Rabid_Duck
Hint: Ammo box with turtle under tree on multi-use trail.
Alafia State Park
Lithia, FL
- July 11, 2015
Left Der Fiend! Travel Bug
[log] Figured out the hiking vs biking trails and scored our first find. Left a German TB.
#2302Traditional Cache Bike Cache by Hoghunter
Hint: Ammo box under down tree on multi-use trail
Left Traum and Trauma Geocoin
Can you see the cache?
Pleated Inkcap
Pleated Inkcap Mushroom
[log] Enjoyed the multi-use trail walk. Left a German geocoin..
#2303Traditional CacheMud Horse Valley by xnprx
Hint: Box in tree on Old Agrico Hiking Trail
Left Frauke Frost Geocoin Here.
After caching, we saw two alligators swimming in a small lake.
Cache Flower
Once on the Old Agrico Hiking Trail, we started seeing alligators in the swamp.
The adult was about 7 feet in length, while the brownish striped baby measured only about 1 foot!
Alafia River Alligators
[log] Look up young man. What a great hiking trail , just like in our old home of Montana.TFTH
#2304Traditional Cache Little River by xnprx
Hint: Camo Jar in tree
Before retrieving the cache, we saw a 7 foot gator and two babies swimming in the swamp.
Had to cross a tiny stream by foot to retrieve the cache.
Left FTF Mini Gold Seal Geocoin and 2 pathtags
Reddish Egret Cache Black Crowned Night Heron
Alligator Spiderweb Green Heron
Alligator Baby Alligator
Baby Alligator - about 1' long
[log] What a great hike! Seven foot gator and two babies seen in the water on the way to the cache.
#2305Traditional Cache Alligators are watching you by Team S&K
Hint: Camo Plastic jar in tree circle
Nice walk from the campground around the lake; saw another gator swimming in the distance.
Picked up Dubai TB
Blue Jay Alligator
Our fourth and final alligator of the day swam across Alafia Lake for us way in the distance.
[log] #5 for the day. Saw a large gator in the lake on the way.TFTC.
#2306Traditional Cache ORGT: Alafia River State Park by FloridaParkService
Hint: Loc-n-loc hanging by wire inside large rusted metal fence post
Had fun with the cords because they showed BEHIND the NO TRESPASSING fence, but Frog persevered by using his geo-sense.
Alafia River
The Alafia River at the South Entrance
Cache Cache Replacement
[log] Clever hide and we could obey the sign. Thanks for our last Alafia cache of the day


Notes: Our third Geo Road Trip challenge for the summer.  Do a D5 or T5 cache.

#2307Traditional Cache Rt. 39 Connector Ω (Omega) by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Small film canister on Hawk Creek Estates sign
Lithia, FL
- July 19, 2015
Hawk Creek Sign Cache
[log] Easy start to a beautiful sunny caching morning
#2308Traditional Cache Osprey Observer Cache by Fotomagik
Hint: White plastic cereal canister;
follow the “yellow brick road” thru the 4-tree doorway and the 2-tree doorway

SLTNLN since container was empty except for log. You definitely have to find the "tree doorways", both 4 and 2, to guide you to this one, since the cords are so shaky here.
[log] Description led us right to it- thank goodness because the cords today were bouncing
Geo Road Trip #3
Geo Road Trip Challenge #3 - Do a Difficulty 5 or Terrain 5 Cache
#2309Traditional Cache  Rope Swing ReDux by Ye Munoz Crewe
Hint: Small vial under moss in tree bole
Lithia Springs State Park
Lithia, FL
- July 19, 2015
Geo Road Trip 3
Our river-edge walk to and from this cache was wonderful and the views of the river supreme; fortunately for us the challenge was an easy 5, and had nothing to do with swinging on the rope swing over the river thank heavens. We found lots of interesting forest things to explore nearby also; a cypress knee with teeny mushrooms, and a troll tree with tons of lookout holes up, down, and sideways, were our favorites.
Frog Logging Cache
The D5 Cache
Cache Location
The River River Reflections
The river and Rope Swing
Rope Swing
Mushroom Knee The Troll Tree
Mushroom Knee (left)
Troll Tree (above, right and below)
Lookout 4
Frog Troll Lookout 2 Bear Troll
Canoe Landing
Canoe Landing
Troll Tree CeilingThe Troll Tree "Ceiling" Thermal Springs
Lithia Springs thermal pool
[log] Found it easier than we expected
#2310Traditional Cache Spring Fling Caching by Holler008
Hint: Bushwhack in woods to gray plastic canister in V of tree
Traded the Dubai TB for the Big Hitter TB
Cache Location Cache
[log] Found after bushwhacking. Left TB; took bug.


Notes: Our fourth geo-challenge for the summer.  Do an Earthcache or Cito Event. We had a lovely morning for our second hike in the Bradenton Robinson Preserve. Picked up a Letterbox and two Regular caches as well as the Earthcache we needed for the Geo Road Trip #4 Challenge. We saw pintail ducks, white ibis, black ducks, two-dozen(at least) fiddler crabs, a pelican diving, an osprey heading home to his nest with a fish, a snowy egret, tiny black tree crabs, a duck bathing at the beach, a black vulture and a tri-color heron as well as gorgeous scenery and beautiful wildflowers. The caches were creatively done and well-hidden for a most satisfactory geocaching trip!

#2311Traditional Cache TFGT: Flight of the Invaders by Manatee_County_NRD
Hint: A fake electric box slipped over rebar in the ground.
Robinson Preserve, Bradenton, FL
- July 31, 2015
We so loved this original container that we dropped the Big Hitter TB.
Ducks The Tower
Cache Placement Cache
[log] Dropped a bug in our way to do the Earthcache. Very clever Letterbox. Tks for a great start to the morning

Geo Road Trip #4
Geo Road Trip Challenge #4 - High Five for the Earth
Do an Earthcache or attend a CITO Event
#2312Traditional Cache TFGT: Flooded Flight by Manatee_County_NRD
Hint: Earthcache

Geo Road Trip 4 Banner
Frogwarts & Bearfr here: We recorded the Flooded Flight Earthcache at 8:41 AM on 7/31/15. Photos of the tide line near the tower, the birds at the site, and a tower view of the salt marsh were attached to our log. The scarcity of birds was very evident; three white ibis were first feeding then swimming in a small salt marsh pond. Two black ducks (too far away for species verification) were diving in the same pond. There were no aerial birds flying, although further hiking in the preserve netted a pelican, osprey, tri-color heron, and a black vulture. We saw evidence of how near the boardwalk the high tide line is coming, and observed more fiddler crabs on the shell path than in the mud flats near the boardwalk. I'm attaching a photo of the salt flat near the tower taken at the time listed.
Tide charts for 7-31-15
Tide Line Site Birds
Fiddler Crab Closeup Fiddler Crab on Trail
Tower and Tide Line View of the Tower
Tower View 1 Tower View 2
Tower View 3 Tower View 4
[log] We hiked in and reached the GZ at 8:41 AM on 7/31/15. The low tide was predicted at 6:55 AM at 1.16 feet, so the tide was barely coming in. Photo of the tide line at the tower is attached. Birds were very scarce at the site this morning; we saw three white ibis and 2 black ducks swimming and feeding in the salt marsh. Photo attached. Numerous fiddler crabs were scurrying around trying not to be a food source on the salt mud flats. It was very evident that permanent sea level rise would wipe out a large area of salt marsh flats as a feeding area for the birds.
#2313Traditional CacheStrangle a Palm by Team Cache Divers
Hint: Matchstick camo’d and hanging in tree nearby the strangled palm
Cache Location Cache
The Strangled Palm Frog Lizard
Salamander Osprey
Tree Crabs
Tiny tree crabs, unlike the Fiddler's which have one large claw.
Bear Claw Shell
A complete kitten's paw shell.
The Boardwalk View
[log] Thank heavens for "Frog" geo-sense on this one. Bear was upside down looking at roots!
#2314Traditional Cache Big Black Mangrove Tree by Team Cache Divers
Hint: Gray plastic container hidden in hollow of black mangrove above 5 feet; need to climb.
Picked up up Mrs. Hoover TB.
The Boardwalk Sea Grapes Bear on the Boardwark
This boardwalk was starting to flood over when we returned 1/2 hour later.
Cache Bear in Tree Frog replacing Cache
Wildflowers White Ibis
White Ibis
Trail Wildflower
Black Vulture
Heron Closeup Tri Color Heron
Tri-color Heron
(closeup at left)
[log] Frog climbed to get it; just out of Bear's reach. Took bug. TF a nice hide and trail.


Notes: A day to introduce our friends Mikel and Annette to geocaching.

We ended up disabling our cache Hot Tomato due to muggles, finding ONE new cache, and logging TWO DNFs out of four caches. 

Great introduction, huh?! But we had a great time outdoors before the rain started up again!

#2315Traditional Cache Waterset pond by  chapterbook
Hint: Altoid tin hanging with fishing line from chain in water grate.
Waterset Subdivision, Big Bend Road, FL
- August 1, 2015
Cache Location Cache
The troops Bear with the Rawlinsons
[log] Found with some friends we were introducing to geocaching; this was a great hide for them as beginners. TFTC


Notes: Went back for a cache in Waterset after hearing from the owner.

#2316Traditional Cache 6 of Diamonds by chapterbook
Hint: Empty pen with log hanging from a wire in the 6th Diamond sign
Waterset Subdivision,
Big Bend Road, FL
- August 2, 2015
6 Diamonds Cache Cache Replacement
[log] Spotted something on the 2nd time that we don't know how we missed the first time



The last of the 5 Geo Road Trip challenges – Do a Mystery Cache.  We did a puzzle about Gunsmoke, the longest running TV series with 635 episodes from 1955-1975, plus picked up a 5/1 cache to fill in a Difficulty/Terrain hole, and finally a Multi just because it was a nice trail at Riverview Pointe Preserve
near the Fort DeSoto Memorial.

Geo Road Trip 5 - PuzzleGeo Road Trip Hero
Geo Road Trip Challenge #5 - Find a Puzzle Cache
Geo Road Trip Hero - For Getting all 5 Road Trip Souvenirs
#2317Traditional Cache Gunsmoke by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo’d jar in tree hollow near a private road in the woods.
Bradenton, FL
- August 14, 2015
We left Mrs. Hoover TB
Geo Road Trip 5 Banner
Gunsmore ran for 635 episodes between 1955-1975.
Look for the gray jar in the middle of the photo, underneath the branch to the right.
Geo Road Trip Hero Banner
We earned a special reward for getting all the 5 Geo Road Trip souvenirs.
[log] On our way to Bradenton so stopped to log the solve. Not sure if Hint's meaning but found it easily. Left a TB
#2318Traditional Cache B_Blue 2 by Team Cache Divers
Hint: Fake green weed with a plastic bison in the reeds near the beach volleyball court
[log] Great find for the Bear. We had to break out the Garmin since the phone seemed loopy but in the end they agreed on the cords. Thanks for a fantastic hide and a 5\1.
#2319Traditional Cache TFGT: Fire Flight by Manatee_County_NRD
Hint: Two part multi; #1 Plastic loc-n-loc with pictures, #2 a camo’d matchstick at base of tree.
Part 1 Cache Location Cache and Log
Part 1 Photo 1 Part 1 Photo 2
Part 1 Photo 3 Part 1 Photo 4
[log] Nice multi after visiting the Fort. Log sopping wet.
Took picture of log and site.


Current Caching - Part II

Notes: On our way to Kazbor’s to visit with Kristi Dean, so hit a few first.

#2320Traditional Cache Treasure Trove 008-In The Eye Of The Beholder by Cacher Queens
Hint: Camo Jar in tree bole near auto shop.
Riverview, FL - August 18, 2015
The group of young adults changing the tire on the nearby car were curious about us at first, but lost interest before we had to replace the log.
[log] Quick score. Will have to avoid muggles when replacing.
#2321Traditional Cache A Bit of Paradise by floridahorses and kitkat1968
Hint: Clear plastic cache box in bushes at Sonic.
Chatted with a waitress who wanted to know why people were always in the bushes; she’s going to look up geocaching.
Home of the curious waitress - a new Geo convert??
Sonic Cache Location Cache
[log] Log is fine - totally dry. Baggie only is wet on Outside


Notes:Spent the morning doing a creative set of hides by yoyopiddlestick, some easy PNGs, some clever, sneaky camo hides, until the depth of water in the ditch and the hot sun forced us to call it a day at 10 finds.  We will be back in the dry season for the other 10.

#2322Traditional Cache Don't Get Bugged Out  by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Fly bison in tree.
Near Palmetto, FL - August 23, 2015
Cache Location Cache
[log] Great hide to start our morning. T4TC
#2323Traditional Cache CBT-Green 2  by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Green bison in tree
[log] Wasn't hard today. Look up young man
#2324Traditional Cache Is the Grass always Greener? by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Tiny fake green plant in top of dead palm
Cache Palm with no Frond Cache Location
[log] Wet feet but we scored. Great camo hide.
#2325Traditional Cache CBT- Silver by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Silver bison shining inside RR tie post; takes retriever tool
Manatee Audubon Preserve Sign Retrival
[log] Unique hiding place. Used a tool TF a great series.
#2326Traditional Cache CBT-Light Gold by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Bison on Pole
Searching Cache
[log] Easy peasey except for wet feet. So we live in FL right. TFTH
#2327Traditional Cache CBT- Dark Gold by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Bison in tree
[log] Yup right where it should be. TFTH
#2328Traditional Cache CBT-Red by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Red bison on the end of a broken piece of Saw Palmetto
[log] A Bearfr find. Only hard if you don't know where to look. Thanks for a good one
#2329Traditional Cache CBT-Purple by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Purple bison found on ground and retucked into tree hole.
The Find Replacement
[log] This one was grounded. We raised it up a bit. No cache attachment left. TFTH
#2330Traditional Cache Pop Your Top by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Small white pill bottle in tree base cavity
Cache and Location
[log] Easy find. Coil cache location. Log damaged and wet.
#2331Traditional CacheWhat A Cluster! by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Loc-n-loc under moss at base of tree.
[log] Nice cache on this narrow road.TFTH


Notes: Wanted to explore Pinecraft, the Amish/Mennonite retirement community in Sarasota. So we went to Alma Sue’s Quilt shop, had breakfast at Yoder’s restaurant, and shopped in a delightful gift shop connected to the restaurant, then topped off our morning by visiting the end of summer event to drop off a “cacher to cacher” geocoin that we picked by at Lederhosen meets Alligator.

#2332Traditional Cache Summer is Two-thirds Over - Meet, Greet and Eat by randco
Hint: Event at Ed’s Tavern on Lakeland Ranch
Sarasota, FL - August 29, 2015
Event Site
[log] Dropped in to drop a coin.


Notes: Can’t go shelling without stopping for a cache or two!

#2333Traditional Cache Who is Christopher Wheeler? by jae9bezdek
Hint: Altoid tin under rock
Turtle Beach, FL - September 6, 2015
Cache Bearfr Logging Log
[log] Cords were about 50' off but we found it on this gorgeous sunshine Sunday morning. TF a unique hidden park.
#2334Traditional Cache Turtle Beach by TIDE2020
Hint: Loc-n-loc behind welcome sign for Turtle Beach
Cache Cache Location Sign of the Turtle
[log] Beautiful location and nice hide. Been to Siesta Key many times and never came down to Turtle Beach. TF bringing us here..



#2335Traditional Cache Waterset Mystery by  chapterbook
Hint: Altoid tin hanging from grate by lake
Waterset Subdivision, FL
- September 27, 2015
This was a great combined binary and hexidecimal code breaker mystery that James and I really enjoyed; especially the red herrings in the first step.
[log] 2nd to find. Great puzzle for 2 math majors! We left a log made from waterproof dive manual paper for easy logging in wet conditions. TF a good one Chaperbook. Penny & James. PS took the trackable.


Notes: International Earthcache Day for 2015!

Internation Earthcache Day 2015
#2336Traditional Cache A Limestone Beer Can? by CaptainObvious78
Hint: Earthcache about Limestone
Tampa, FL - October 11, 2015
International Earthcache Day 2015
Celebrating Internations Earthcache Day with a special find!
This was a great Earthcache concerning a limestone building constructed on the Fibonacci number sequence. Below is our Facebook post: Yesterday we had the perfect blend of fun & games, mathematics and science. First, our geocaching hobby lead us to Rivergate Tower, scoring us an Earthcache find ( a cache were you learn about geology of the Earth) and earning us the International Earthcache Day souvenir for 2015. This round tower was designed based on the Fibonacci number sequence from mathematics and constructed in 1988 completely from limestone, which glows yellow-gold at sunset. It is the 6th tallest building in Tampa and one of the tallest limestone structures in the world. Then on to a virtual cache find ( a cache where you have to answer a question to score the find); nearby was a small amphitheater constructed on the riverbank in the shape of a parabola. When I stood at the focal point of the parabola, marked by a small square in the concrete floor, and spoke normally,my voice was amplified by the parabolic shape to be heard loudly in all rows of the theater. This uses the principle I used to talk about in 8th grade math where headlight beam's parabolic shape directs all the light coming from the bulb at the focal point directly forward to shine as one beam. We love this game that gets us out of the house, brings us to new places we were unaware of us, and teaches us about the world around us at the same time. We finished out the day caching along the causeway to Clearwater, scoring several more caches, including a cache that hadn't been found for 8 months. The day was a glorious 75 degrees, with a cool breeze off the Gulf, and birds flying everywhere overhead. Who can beat the rewards of going Geocaching. And of course, once we were in Clearwater, we had to hit the mega-Christmas store, Robert's Christmas Wonderland, for a new Santa for my collection!

Rivegate Tower Upward View Tower Fossils
[log] Visited on a Sunday when parking was better but unfortunately building inside was closed
#2337Traditional Cache All the world's a cache by mblitch
Hint: A Virtual about the properties of a parabola
See the facebook post above.
Cache Location View from Parabola
Sign Amphitheatre
Penny at parabola focal point
Penny (Bearfr) at the focal point of the parabolic amphitheatre where sound is amplified throughout the theatre.
The Focal Point Square
[log] Sang to record our presence.
#2338Traditional Cache Viable for Syndication by Jakesnake12013 & USFDad12013
Hint: Loc N Loc behind a Bismark palm
Bismark Palm Cache
[log] Cache sopping and log saturated. TFTH.
#2339Traditional Cache A Good Workout by NakedNHappyHunter
Hint: Bison inside a large rock on the causeway;
takes Popeye’s spinach to lift.

Bear sat and contemplated because of her strained ankle white Frog climbed and lifted rocks all over, only to find it under one right by Bear. One of our favs for the day.
Cache Site Bird Flying
Cache Closeup Cache
[log] Sitting and contemplation worked for us! Great hide; definitely signed the log in this one!
#2340Traditional Cache Courtney Cambell Caper by bptattooist
Hint: Silver bison on rail.
[log] Cache companion is away visiting friends but cache still there and loggable. TFTH.
#2341Traditional Cache Causeway Boat Launch by WW.Wilma
Hint: A nano inside a bolt, placed inside the triangular sign at the Boat Launch.
Another fav for the day. Climb inside the three-sided triangle of the sign, and use the tweezers left behind to extract the tiny nano log from its spot magnetized to a bolt. Voila!
Cache Location Cache
In the left hand picture, you are looking through the edges of the three-sided triangular shaped side enclosure to see the cache hidden inside.
Cache Closeup
[log] Simply loved the hint. Used the tool left behind. TF A Great hide!


Notes: Picking up another geo day for our calendar by doing a friend’s cache.

#2342Traditional Cache All Mossed Up    by Handle
Hint: Pill bottle in the moss.
Waterset Subdivision, Florida
October 15, 2015
Cache Bearfr at the Lake Flowering Bush
Butterfly by James The lake shore abounded in large
white and brown butterflies flitting everywhere.
Butterfly2 by James
[log] Found on first look this time. Thanks for replacing. Beautiful pond walk.


Notes: A trip to Wally World to get this cache day on the calendar.

#2343Traditional Cache Wally World #4 by ghostswallow
Hint: Bottle under base of tree behind SCC Walmart
Sun City Center, FL - October 21, 2015
[log] Easy cache find to grab the day. Thanks for placing one so close to home for us. Dropping trackable


Notes: A day at Siesta Key/Turtle Beach deserves a few caches!

#2344Traditional Cache ~SgtMajH Lagoon Experience~  by SgtMajH
Hint:Earthcache about Lagoon types
Sarasota, FL - October 25, 2015
Frogwarts & Bearfr on Lagoon Experience Earthcache. We think this is a Choked Lagoon with very slow water exchange. The tide was coming in so there a small sluggish flow North to the top of the lagoon, but due to slow water movement the lagoon is very muddy and algae clogged. The view across was beautiful though with numerous birds.
Types of Lagoons
Types of Lagoons
A Choked Lagoon
Bearfr with Heron
Heron on one leg Heron on Turtle Beach
Herons on Beach Flowers on Turtle Beach
[log] Sending answers to owner. We enjoyed the lagoon and some great shelling finds on Turtle Beach.
#2345Traditional Cache Jesus is my Landlord by The St Boniface Youth Group
Hint: Plastic container in the St. Boniface Church sign.
Church Sign- Cache Location Cache
[log] Easy find even with no parking available in Sunday. TFTH
#2346Traditional CacheAccess to Seventh Heaven by mintmoonpi
Hint: Tiny green vial tucked into a perfect niche in the back side of a huge tree.
Our Favorite of the day got a point from us!
[log] Nice hide. Looked three times, spotted once. Great location.


Notes: A frustrating hunt to score a geo day – first a “Could Not Solve”, then a cache posted as “Need to Relocate” but not disabled for being missing, and finally after 2 hours an LPC!!

#2347Traditional Cache Wally World #2 by ghostswallow
Hint: Double pop bottle mouth container as LPC
Gibsonton Road, Florida - October 28, 2015
[log] Our score to log this geo day


Notes: A perfect, sunny fall day lead us to explore the Boyd Hill Nature Park, a sanctuary for injured wild birds that cannot be released.  It’s a beautiful set of trails meandering through the woods, swampland, and lakeshore of St. Petersburg. Wildlife abounded to the point that we almost forgot to cache.  We will be back on another cache day to hike the longer trail and grab those we missed in our enjoyment of the park.

#2348Traditional Cache Skippy! by Brewmeister & Smelly
Hint: A peanut butter jar cache behind the tree

Boyd Hill Nature Park,
St. Petersburg, FL
- October 31, 2015

Boyd Hill Map
Nature vs Man


Armadillo Sculpture
Eagle Bird Barred Owls
Hawk Hawk2 Shaheen the Falcon
Blue Jay Lizard Anhinga
Fungus Rat Snake Sculpture by Paul Epping
Owl Cache Cypress Knees
Dragonfly Lizard 2 Grasshopper
Snail' The Lake Snail 2
Baby Gator James Gator Face Gator Closeup
[log] Came for a hike and the wildlife; caches are a plus. TFTH


Notes: A simple QPG to log a geo day missing on the calendar

#2349Traditional Cache It Symmes Like Fun by cachen4christ
Hint: Look down for metal container under the pet station.
Symmes Road
Riverview, FL
November 5, 2015
Cache Location Cache
[log] Thanks for an easy fund to grab a missing geo day.


Notes: We trekked over to Lakeland to attend the  first GIFF (Geocaching International Film Festival) at the Trek Ten Trails 8th Annual Celebration, earning our souvenir for the day.

GIFF Film Festival Souvenir
GIFF - Geocaching International Film Festival Souvenir 2015

#2350Traditional Cache Trek Ten Trails 8th Annual Celebration 
by FSUDad and Friends of the Parks
Hint: A GIFF event

Circle B Bar Preserve
Lakeland, FL
November 7, 2015
Travel Bug 1 GIFF
We loved the 15 best geocaching films, especially the one about Kato, the geocaching dog.
Travel Bugs 2 and 3
[log] Great to have a GIFF event so close to home.
#2351Traditional Cache Hog Thieves Lair Soup  by confusion9
Hint: In the tree
Tree Cache Location
CacheCache Replacement
[log] Took the scenic route instead of the trail. Nice hide. Beautiful location.
#2352Traditional Cache Let's Split  by Eagle Dad
Hint: In the tree
Cache Bearfr Logging Cache
[log] Dodged numerous large spiderwebs to make to the GZ. TFTH.
#2353Traditional Cache A Spidery Arch by Yankabucs
Hint: In the tree
[log] Funny that this cache had No webs. TFTSeries.
#2354Traditional Cache Gypsy's 1.5K Tribute Cache by Big T FL
Hint: In the tree
Cache What's the Code?
We could not figure out the code on this object found in the cache; is it some kind of a Travel Bug?
Unknown Object
[log] Quick pic in beautiful location.
#2355Traditional Cache The Gator's Back by FSUDad
Hint: In the tree
Cache Anhinga by James
Gator Eyes Heron Walking
Gator in the Grass Gator 2
Heron 2 Anhinga by Penny Heron
[log] Saw no gators but the trail itself was beautiful. Really gave we made the hike.
#2356Traditional CacheWhat a Gator Mccluskey by Dibble006
Hint: In the tree
Heron by Penny Cache
Heron by James Snake
[log] Frog logged while I distracted the muggles TF A very nice hide.
#2357Traditional CacheCircle B CITO Cache by FSUDad
Hint: In the tree
Muggle Bird Cache
Can YOU see the cache
hidden in the grass?
[log] Shade was welcome in 12:30 pm hot sun. Thanks for all the caches.


Notes: Some lone caching by Bearfr to pick up missing geo-days.

#2358Traditional Cache TV LAND by Team CeDo and TigerSXM: adopted by Badhand
Hint: Plastic jar in the tree
Rhodine Road Brandon, Fl
- November 16-19, 2015
Cache Location Cache
[log] Easy find for the Bear even without Frog.
#2359Traditional Cache A Country Cat House by Smiling Little Perch
Hint: Camo pouch in tree near entrance
Cache Muggle
[log] Nice parking near the cache for this easy find. Thanks for the numbers.
#2360Traditional CacheOakSaic by oakfolks
Hint: Tube hidden on downed part of tree
Hidden Here Cache Location Cache
[log] Thought this might be hard, but GPS was right on. TFTH


Notes: We wore off our turkey day meal with a peaceful caching walk along one of the Waterset lakes.

#2361Traditional Cache Waterset Peaceful Trail by skroesen
Hint: Black loc-n-loc behind tree
Waterset Subdivision, Big Bend Road, FL
- November 26, 2015
Cache Selfie with the Cormorant
[log] Well hidden but several circles brought us to a nice hide. This for a new one in our area.


Notes: This preserve was worth another visit to acquire the rest of the caches, so off we went.

#2362Traditional Cache County Line (Rd. 674) by DayFisher
(adopted by TheWeatherWarrior)

Hint: Camo jar in wooden fence post near HUGE anthill.
Circle B Bar Reserve , Lakeland, FL
-November 29, 2015
[log] Very nice isolated hide. Be aware of large anthill near cache. Tfth
#2363Traditional Cache Osprey by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Camo jar at base of tree with restraints
[log] Nice cache stop on the way to Circle B. TFTH.
#2364Traditional Cache Shady Spot by FSUDad
Hint: Square box under live oak.
[log] Burr city going in but easily found. Slightly damp. Tks for a regular on the long Earthcache walk. Beautiful area.
#2365Traditional Cache Circle B Citrus by FSUDad
Hint: Black loc-n-loc behind tree
Cache Citrus
[log] Beautiful shady woods and nice cache.
#2366Traditional Cache Born Again by JerseyGirl & Bruno
Hint: Loc box behind tree - soaked
Cache Contents Frog Logging
[log] Easy find for this one-no burrs! Soaking wet- not loggable.
#2367Traditional Cache Circle B Bar Wild Wetlands by sg8orRaiders
Hint: Earthcache on wetlands

Frogwarts & Bearfr here on Circle B Bar Wild Wetlands: We have uploaded four photos: one of the use of flexipave to construct trails near the Discovery Center, one of Bearfr at the control center at 4 corners, and two of the readings, since the numbers were undecipherable at both spots. At 4 corners, the sign is obscured about 3/4 of the way up by grasses; you can barely see the top of the post at the right in the photo. At the second reading, the post is clearer, but numbers are still not decipherable. We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 mile walk, picking up 3 other caches along the way since we returned by way of Tree Frog trail. Highlights were the herons, glossy ibis, moorhens, a raccoon peaking from the brush, and a tiny turtle. Thanks for a very informative and interesting Earthcache; we will watch for pervious surfaces in future trips into preserves.

Circle B Bar Nature Preserve

Colors of the Preserve
Colors of the Marsh


The Wild Wetlands Earthcache
Learn about Stormwater Runoff

Pervious Surfaces
Problems & Solutions
for Stormwater Runoff
Types of Pervious

Pervious Usage
Use of Solutions
at the Circle B Bar Discovery Center

Paving in Pervious
Flexipave Flexipave Use
Pervious Concrete Pervious Concrete Structure Pervious Concrete use

The Photos necessary to earn the Earthcache find

First Reading
Reading at Four Corners

Second Reading
Reading at BirdWay
Bearfr at 4 Corners
Bearfr with GPS at Four Corners

What we love about Circle B Bar Preserve

Birds ID1 Heron at 4 Corners Birds ID2
Flowers of the Marsh Channeling Runoff Beauty of the Marsh
Heron 2 Frog at Windmill Heron
Heron in the Marsh Four Corners Heron Flying
Moorhens Lone Sentinel The Ponds
Raccoon Turtle
[log] Sending information to the owners to validate find


Notes: In December we are grabbing a bunch of local caches one at a time to log a geoday for the 366 calendar souvenir we hope to finish earning.

#2368Traditional Cache caching with kids #1 by ghostswallow
Hint: Double pill container magnetized under Clothing Donation box
Sun City Center, FL
-December 3, 2015
[log] Bearfr here doing a solo just to grab the day. Thks for a quick new local.
#2369Traditional Cache 3RD SHIFT AT THE THE END OF THE LINE  by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Third Shift bottle cap on ground
Sun City Center, FL
-December 6, 2015
[log] Grabbed the day with this cool hide. Tks Ye Krewe
#2370Traditional Cache3RD SHIFT For a farmer by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Bottle cap at base of pole
Sun City Center, FL
-December 8, 2015
Cache View Cache Cache Location
[log] Our second in the series helping us to pick up missing geo-calendar days. Tks for a nice hide.
#2371Traditional Cache  Benching the 3RD SHIFT  by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Third Shift bottle cap
Sun City Center, FL
-December 9, 2015
[log] Tks for our third day in the series.
#2372Traditional Cache3rd SHIFT at the NWS  by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Third Shift bottle cap
Sun City Center, FL
-December 14, 2015
Cache Location Cache
[log] Nice and quick. Thanks for the series.


Current Caching - Part III

Snake Bite #5 | Let's Go Fishing | Mackay Gardens & Lakeside Preserve |
Brick Mania | The Connector #28AJ's Surprise | The Connector #24 | "Wortham" to Find
Worth the Walk in Wortham | Ride Stepen Ride | The Connector #23 | The Connector #21 | Camo
Summer Olympics - Tennis | Skirts Away | Not Another Skirt Cache | Shopping Spree #1
Shopping Spree #2 | Shopping Spree #4 | Shannon | Shopping Spree #3 | Gopher Tortoise
BSA Rifle Shooting | BSA Toten Chip | BSA Firem'n ChitBSA Pirate Culture| BSA Underwater BasketweavingBSA Swimming | BSA Rowing| BSA Motorboat| BSA Scuba Diving| BSA Kayaking| BSA Zombie Survival
CBP-Little Loop | Shell Mound | Scout Loop
Alex | Kassandra | Rachel | Taylor | Happy little tree | Cowboy55's 1000 Finds Cache | Into the deep woods
Burnt Stump
| Eggstra,Eggstra | Fishhawk #4 | John B Sargeants Park
Old Fort King Bike Trail Side Trail
| Shark Talez | Would you like some salad? | Travel Bug Plaza Hotel & Suites|

Notes: Starting into the New Year of 2016, we are picking up a bunch of single caches to log Geo Days on the calendar for a special 366 day Souvenir.

Goodbye 2015
Goodbye 2015 Souvenir
#2373Traditional Cache Snake Bite #5  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo jar in tree
Mocassin Wallow, FL
- December 31, 2015
Cache Goodbye2015 Banner
[log] Walked right up today. Glad to check off another snake.
Hello 2016 Souvenir
#2374Traditional Cache Let's go fishing  by ghostswallow
Hint: Camo jug hanging on post at lakeside ner the sign
Rhodine Road, FL
- January 1, 2016
Cache Location Cache Hello 2016
[log] Nice hide and location. Thanks for a first of the New Year and a souvenir.

Notes: Took a break from single caching to celebrate our 17th Anniversary with a special hike at Mackay Gardens & Lakeside Preserve in Lake Alfred, FL . This was a gorgeous hidden trail through the woods on a cool 62 degree morning. We hiked, cached, listened to the birds, and explored the beautiful tropical gardens.

#2375Traditional CacheMackay Gardens and Lakeside Preserve  by TrekTenTrails
Hint: Ammo box under moss at base of tree
MacKay Preserve- Lake Alfred, FL
- January 2, 2016
View1 View2 View3
MacKay Gardens Sign Facebook Picture Cache
Skiers Ski Boat Skiing
[log] Beautiful cool morning for a walk through gorgeous scenery. Celebrating our 17th anniversary today. James and Penny Paddock.
#2376Traditional Cache Mackay Gardens  by TrekTenTrails
Hint: Plastic box off the side of trail near bamboo grove
The Blue Trail Bamboo Cache Letterbox Stamp
[log] Nice find on the blue trail . Letterbox stamp out of ink. Took a picture of the stamp. TFTH
#2377Traditional Cache Cathedral  by Zoom360
Hint: Plastic ammo can behind eucalyptus tree
Cache Location Cache
Red Flower Apartment House for Wildlife Red Flower Bud
Tulip Tree Flowers Austrailian Tulip Tree Tulip Tree Closeup
Tulip Flower Inside Tulip Tree Flower Unknown Flower
[log] A real cache with stash! Thanks for a wonderful hide on our 17th anniversary.

Notes: Continuing on with single caches to log Geo Days on the calendar for a special 366 day Souvenir.

#2378Traditional Cache Brick Mania Cache by GypsieHippie
Hint: Ammo box in trees on traffic island
Mocassin Wallow Rd, FL
January 5, 2016
Cache Location Cache
[log] Nice hide in a well-kept subdivison. TFTH
#2379Traditional Cache The Connector #28 by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Pill container on electric box
Hway 39, FL
January 6, 2016
Cache Location Cache
[log]Picking up single caches on our trips up & down 39 to log geo-calendar days. TFTH
#2380Traditional Cache AJ Surprise by Smiling Little Perch & Old Bass Cacher
Hint: Look in the tree split for camo.
Wortham Preserve- Rhodine Rd, FL
January 7, 2016
[log] Went past the cords to find the best way in; TFTH
#2381Traditional Cache The Connector #24 by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Screw-top camo cup under tree
Hway 39, FL
January 8, 2016
[log] Another day - another single cache drive-by. TFTSeries
#2382Traditional Cache "WORTHAM" TO FIND! by Team Cross+Eyed
Hint: Camo box behind the memorial
Wortham Preserve- Rhodine Rd, FL
January 11, 2016
Cache Memorial Cache Location Cache
[log] Interesting place to visit and find a cache. Thanks for a good hide with an easy trail.
#2383Traditional Cache Worth the Walk in Wortham by Treadmark
Hint: Plastic box in tree bole.
Wortham Preserve- Rhodine Rd, FL
January 12, 2016
Cache Location Cache Letterbox Stamp
[log] A beautiful walk in a tiny park. TFTH.
#2384Traditional Cache Ride Stephen Ride by Old Bass Cacher
Hint: Pill bottle suspended in tree.
Wortham Preserve- Rhodine Rd, FL
January 13, 2016
Wortham Trail Cache
Cache Retrieval Frogwarts logging
[log] Our third time to geocache here to pick up a geo-day. Thanks for the great hides.


#2385Traditional Cache The Connector #23 by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Camo screw-top cup under tree
Hway 39, FL
January 14, 2016
Cache Cache Log
[log]Another single-cache stop to log the day. Log too wet to take pencil.
#2386Traditional Cache The Connector #21 by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Camo large pill bottle under tree
Hway 39, FL
January 15, 2016
[log] Our final trip up 39 to grab a single cache for a while .
#2387Traditional Cache Camo by jccperson
Hint: Camo Pill Bottle in Saw Palmetto on traffic island
Mocassin Wallow Rd, FL
January 20, 2016
Cache Location Cache
[log] Had to bring Frog with me for a second try here; GPS wasn’t cooperative the first time.
#2388Traditional Cache Summer Olympics - Tennis by  jedireitz
Hint: Camo pill bottle at base of stop sign next to newspaper box
Mocassin Wallow Rd, FL
January 21, 2016
Cache Location Cache
[log] This one was in a truly expected spot, but way camo’d.
#2389Traditional Cache Skirts Away  by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Camo pill bottle in LP
Ellenton, FL
January 22, 2016
[log] Bear grabbed this one fast due to muggles
#2390Traditional Cache NOT another Skirt Cache by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Green pill bottle in bush
Ellenton, FL
January 26, 2016
Retrieval Cache location
[log] We went round & round on this one but Bear finally scored – yup NOT in LP.
#2391Traditional Cache Shopping Spree #1 by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Camo jar in plain sight in V of tree
Ellenton, FL
January 27, 2016
[log] Amazed that this has not been muggled TFTH.
#2392Traditional CacheShopping Spree #2 by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Green Folger can in at base of tree in bushes
Ellenton, FL
January 28, 2016
[log] Cords were jumpy and the weeds high, but Frog scored. TFTH
#2393Traditional CacheShopping Spree #4 by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Contact lens case at base of corner post in chain link fence
Ellenton, FL
January 29, 2016
Cache location Cache
[log] Empty fence cap had us baffled, but finally thought out of the cap
#2394Traditional CacheShannon by Skyboy01
Hint: Small Brown plastic jar on ground
Fishhawk Preserve, FL
January 31, 2016
Cache Rehide
[log] We went over to check out the old broken down structure before we left and low and behold we spotted the Ziploc log then the empty cache w\o a lid. Will try to secure it as best we can near the cords GZ


Notes: More one cache days in February

#2395Traditional CacheShopping Spree #3 by Yoyopiddlestick
Hint: Orange cap-n-cap at base of tree
Ellenton, FL
February 3, 2016
[log] This took 2 runs at it and a switch to our regular GPS from the phone, but there it finally was. TFTH.
#2396Traditional Cache Gopher Tortoise by ibwacko and nucknfuts
Hint: Bison bhind Preserve sign
Fishhawk Preserve
Februray 4, 2016
[log] Nice and quick. Thanks for bringing us to an unknown preserve.
#2397Traditional Cache BSA Series - Rifle Shooting Merit Badge by RBCT109
Hint: Rifle Shell on Tree
Fishhawk Preserve
Februray 6, 2016
[log] We like that this fit with the type of Merit Badge. TFTH
#2398Traditional CacheBSA Series - Totin Chip  by RBCT109
Hint: Green & yellow contact case in tree
Fishhawk Preserve
Februray 10, 2016
[log] Cords were jumpin’ but Frog persevered on this one
#2399Traditional Cache BSA Series - Firem'n Chit by RBCT109
Hint: Orange Contact case in tree
Fishhawk Preserve
Februray 15, 2016
[log] Quicker now that we have the gest
#2400Traditional Cache BSA Series - Pirate Culture Merit Badge by RBCT109
Hint: Tiny red cylinder camo’d in black tape in tree
Fishhawk Preserve
Februray 17, 2016
Green Puffs Cache
[log] Going off trail with the jumpy cords meant Frog was the finder here
#2401Traditional Cache BSA Series - Underwater Basketweaving Merit Badge by RBCT109
Hint: Green contact case in tree
Fishhawk Preserve
Februray 18, 2016
Mushrooms Cache
[log] This one led us a merry chase to the finish line
#2402Traditional Cache BSA Series - Swimming Merit Badge by RBCT109
Hint: Green contact case – step up on stump at base of branches to reach
Fishhawk Preserve
Februray 19, 2016
Cache Location Cache
[log] Loved the cache location on this one
#2403Traditional Cache BSA Series - Rowing Merit Badge by RBCT109
Hint: Orange contact case in tree
Fishhawk Preserve
Februray 24, 2016
[log] We marveled at the HUGE house built right nearby the cache
Leap Year Weekend 2016
Leap Year Weekend 2016
#2404Traditional Cache BSA Series - Motorboating Merit Badge by RBCT109
Hint: Orange contact case in tree
Fishhawk Preserve
Februray 27, 2016
Cache Cool Stump
[log] Our cords were about 11 ft off due to satellite coverage, but we found her. Thanks for another great hide.


Notes: Continuing our one cache days in March

#2405Traditional Cache BSA Series - Scuba Diving Merit Badge by RBCT109
Hint: Red & Green contact case in tree
Fishhawk Preserve
March 1, 2016
[log] We reached this one by climbing in the fence break from the front of the preserve. Miss the trail we had on the others. Thanks for a cool hide
#2406Traditional Cache BSA Series - Kayaking Merit Badge by RBCT109
Hint: Gray contact case in tree
Fishhawk Preserve
March 3, 2016
[log] GPS had us bushwacking through burrs in a circle, while it was right there off the trail. TFTH
#2407Traditional Cache BSA Series - Zombie Survival Merit Badge by RBCT109
Hint: Orange contact case in tree
Fishhawk Preserve
March 4, 2016
[log] Finally a Bear find after a short jaunt from the fence


Notes: A break from one-a-day to do a fun extension hike in Cockroadch Bay Preserve

#2408Traditional CacheCBP - Little Loop   by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Test tube in tree
Cockroach Bay Preserve, FL
March 6, 2016
Cache Cache Location
[log] Got here w/o a pen. Found a burned stick and voilà a log. Happy pioneers!
#2409Traditional Cache CBP - Shell Mound  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Test tube in tree
Cockroach Bay Preserve, FL
March 6, 2016
Cache Cache Location
[log] The rattler would have struck my hat to bite on this one. Good hide. Note: if caching from the south and C B road side, skip the first metal bridge and look for one to the east.
#2410Traditional Cache CBP - Scout Loop  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Brown Test tube in tree
Cockroach Bay Preserve, FL
March 6, 2016
Cache Cache Location
[log] Third and last! Thanks for another fine hike and cache day. These are the kind we love


Notes: Onward with one-a-days!

#2411Traditional Cache Alex  by Skyboy01
Hint: Brown pill bottle in tree on South path
Fishhawk Preserve
March 12, 2016
CacheCache Location
[log] Nice and quick. Thanks for the hide
#2412Traditional Cache Kassandra by Skyboy01
Hint: Brown pill bottle in wire spiral
Fishhawk Preserve
March 16, 2016
Cache Cache Holder
Mushrooms Tree Fungus
[log] Really liked the method of cache placement. TFTH
#2413Traditional Cache Rachel by Skyboy01
Hint: Black pill bottle on ground near saw palmetto
Fishhawk Preserve
March 20, 2016
Cache Logging
[log] Log was wet but our stamp worked. TFTH
#2414Traditional Cache Taylor by Skyboy01
Hint: Brown coffe can at base of tree
Fishhawk Preserve
March 21, 2016
[log] Easy find. Thanks for all the caches here.


Notes: A great hike and some caches in Edward Medard Park and Reservoir near Plant City, FL

#2415Traditional Cache Happy little tree  by regulators1577
Hint: Green Plastic Jar at base of tree – Replaced in bole of tree
Edward Medard Park
Plant City, FL
April 17, 2016
[log] Rescued the cache from the ground; placed it I am obvious hiding place. TFTH .
#2416Traditional Cache Cowboy55's 1,000 Finds Cache  by Cowgirl59
Hint: Fake rock at base of tree

Edward Medard Park
Plant City, FL
April 17, 2016April 17, 2016

[log] Saw 6 gators from the boardwalk on the way to this little guy. Great hide and area.
#2417Traditional Cache Into the deep woods by regulators1577
Hint: Green Plastic Jar in Saw Palmetto
Edward Medard Park
Plant City, FL
April 17, 2016April 22, 2016
We explored the Edward Medard Park & Reservoir; it had a wonderful swamp boardwalk; we spotted 6 gators off the boardwalk, but unfortunately the observation tower at the end was under restoration.
The Boardwalk Bird Sign Searching in Vain
The Cache
[log] Got our obstacle course work done as well as a great deep woods hike. Follow your GPS nose works great here.
#2418Traditional Cache Burnt Stump  by Team S&K
Hint: Coffee Can under huge downed tree. Didn’t understand the relevance of the hint
Edward Medard Park
Plant City, FL
April 17, 2016
Cache Red Shoulder Hawk
[log] #4 for today. What an awesome downed tree on the way to the cache.


Notes: The end of our one-cache-a- day hunts with April

#2419Traditional Cache Eggstra Eggstra by Skyboy01
Hint: Green Plastic Can in Saw Palmetto
Fishhawk Preserve
April 19, 2016
Cache Crossing the Black Swamp
Mushroom Bowl The Lone Oak Leaf Cotton Moss
[log] Loaded with Eggstra and a flashdrive! TFTH Interesting hint?!?.
#2420Traditional Cache FishHawk #4  by Skyboy01
Hint: Black Bison handing on fence by sidewalk. Also lots of munzees
Fishhawk Preserve
April 21, 2016
[log] We bushwacked first from inside the preserve, then figured out where to be by a log hint. TFH.
#2421Traditional Cache John B. Sargeants Park by Lost It 2
Hint: Bottle at at base of tree
John B Sargeant Park, FL
April 22, 2016
We explored the John B Sargeant Park and Canoe Escape; it had a wonderful swamp boardwalk, and a canoe rental/shuttle experience that we plant to come back to try at a later date.
John B Sargeant Canoe Escape
The Boardwalk Bird Sign
Searching in Vain The Cache
[log] We enjoyed the walk and the hunt for this one.
#2422Traditional Cache Old Fort King Bike Trail Side Trail by cuda2304
Hint: Test tube in tree
Old Fort King Bike Trail, FL
April 23, 2016
a5fe111The Old Fort King Bike Trail extends for 6.7 miles, both along side Highway 301 and inside the Hillsborough Refuge; we hiked 2 miles up and back using the beautiful equestrian trail along the creek, but unfortunately were unable to ford the creek for a last cache on the bike trail side near the bridge - another day perhaps - the birds we saw were worth the cache loss.
Cache Red Shoulder Hawk
Heron Bridge
The Bridge with the cache - ACROSS THE CREEK
[log] Cords were wild on this one, but we preserved. TF a good hunt.
#2423Traditional CacheShark Talez by infiniteMPG
Hint: Bison on fish line
Sarasota, FL
April 27, 2016
Cache Location Cache
[log] Quick and easy grab at an interesting spot. Loved the signs. TFTH
#2424Traditional CacheWould you like some salad? by vpatech
Hint: Sprinkler Head
Sarasota, FL
April 28, 2016
Cache Location Cache
[log] Haven’t seen this kind of hide for awhile; perfect place for it.
#2425Traditional Cache Travel Bug Plaza Hotel & Suites by CacheMedics (Eileen and Mike)
Hint: Travel Bug Hotel on Post made to look like the inside of the Travel Hotel & Suites nearby
Tampa, FL
April 28, 2016
[log] We stopped to pick up this “Geocache of the Week” cache on the way to the Sugar Sand Festival in Clearwater, but forgot to log it until later.


Bob Marshall Wilderness
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