James and Penny's adventures in Geocaching

Notes: A two-day caching trip to Billings yielded 32 caches and lots of surprises, finishing a 44 cache weekend.

#500 Traditional Cache Flutterby by Reals
500 finds
Achievement of 500 finds
Billings, Montana - March 25, 2006
Garden Sign Cache Site

Thought butterflies would be good one for #500, but they thought it was still too cold, so we logged the cache and will come back to see them on another day. PS: compared to Helena, we thought Billings was WARM.

#501 Traditional Cache Bueller? by Handle

[log] Cool area; we hadn't had any drinks, so we spotted this one right off.

#502 Traditional Cache 5 quarters cache by  lakeman&tagalong  

[log] Left the fifth quarter, so the next to come will reap treasure. Interesting little park, glad it had 2 caches so we could spend some time here.

#503 Multi Cache Rose Park Multi Cache by lakeman&tagalong

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

[log] Loved the end of this - well worth the time for the decoding. Thanks.

#504 Multi Cache Java anyone? by rscout79/ Sberrybump  

[log] Nice little 2 parter. Thanks.

#505 Traditional Cache What's your sign #2 by rscout79


[log]Wonder what the sign was?! - quick easy one. Thanks.

#506 Traditional Cache Really, I'm Not Lion by freedancer
Hint: Lions Park with 3 lion statues
Sign Statue

[log] Starting to get dark but we haven't had our daily fill of caching yet, so took pictures in the dark to sharpen in Photoshop later.

#507 Traditional Cache Key to your Heart by LewM & SandiM
Hint: Took an old-fashioned skeleton key.


[log]One of our favorites today both for theme and hide. Thanks for one that we could even do in the dark.

#508 Traditional Cache Find It At Founders by freedancer

Founders Sign

[log] Boy, in the dark we were "lucky" Forgwarts is so lucky; he found almost by accident in less than 4 minutes in the dark! Thanks for a tough hide.

#509 Traditional Cache Free Parking?? by rscout79
Hint: Box on Light Post

[log] Yah, nothing is free here except the parking. Quick easy find as the last of the day.


Notes: Another long caching trip to Billings

#510 Traditional Cache Grand View by lakeman&tagalong
Hint: Magnetic on picnic table
Billings, Montana - March 26, 2006


#511 Traditional Cache Magic City Overlook by Brian - Team A.I.  
Owner used a cache he got at our event.
View from Cache

For some reason we stood on our heads for a while on this one, even though it was so simple.

#512 Traditional Cache What's your sign? by rscout79/ Sberrybump
Hint: Bison on sign reflector; we used the idea on Coordless
Part 1 Cache Itself

Clever and fun Rodger & Sharon.

#513 Traditional Cache All Pumped Up by ESIguy & Park Girl
Hint: A tiny blue padlock with a removable log.
The Lock The Cache

This one took a lot of work to create; one of our favorites for the day. Thanks.

#514 Traditional Cache Wagons Ho by freedancer
Hint: Camo’d magnetic on old wagon with lots of muggles
Wagon The Cache

This one took a lot of work to create; one of our favorites for the day. Thanks.

#515 Traditional Cache Fast Path by ESIguy & Park Girl
Hint: Drainage pipe.
Cache Site

Only one set of muggles, but we didn't have to walk - the wind blew us to the cache. Nice hide

#516 Traditional Cache Directionally Challenged v2.0.1.9 by Brian - Team A.I  
Cache Site

Yep - that person had to have one too many to take out this sign! Nice easy find

#517 Traditional Cache Duck (Homer) by Brian - Team A.I.  
Homer Duck

Our third duck! Yippee. When is the goose going to lay the golden egg?

#518 Traditional Cache Patron Saint of Sailors (Billings, MT.) by rscout79/Sberrybump

Found a tiny bird’s nest and saw mottling cattails.
Cache Site Cattails Osprey Sign

We had a hard time navigating to the trailhead, but it was a great place to stretch our legs. The water was calm - no wind for a change. Saw tons of robins, but no osprey at this time of year. Cache was in good shape. Thanks for a great hike.

#519 Traditional Cache Castle in the Pines by Brian - Team A.I.
Hint: Fake bird’s nest.

We are going to log a find, since we found the container, but the actual log has gone missing; we have notified Brian.

#520 Traditional Cache No Touchy by TJhess/slowspoke
Hint: This was an elaborate magnetic box added to an electric box that looked like it was part of the original box.
Cache Site Cache

What a great hide!!!! One of our favorites in a 44 cache weekend.

#521 Traditional Cache High Sierra by slowspoke  
Cache Site Cache

What an interesting area; what would cause these formations in the middle of flat fields. Was this an sea at some time? Tricky hide location also.

#522 Traditional Cache Shiver Me Timbers by Brian - Team A.I.
Hint: A tiny bison drilled into a piece of driftwood.

Oh, Brian, you have an evil mind - and we love it! Thanks.

#523 Multi Cache Drain Holes by Reals
Hint: There were real drain covers, but the cache was in a hole in a water-sculpted rock.
Drain Hole site Cache

Nice hike, although Frogwarts' GPS was into scenic routes today. I guess they are ALL drain holes in a way, huh.

#524 Traditional Cache Kiddie Rims by slowspoke/puttytat  
Decoy Part 1
Part 2 Part 3 the cache

Cool area that gets its name in an obvious way. We had to do this one in two parts, haha. Cleverly concealed hide.

#525 Traditional Cache Tower of Power by slowspoke  
Tower1 Tower 3 Cache

Cache in good shape; we nabbed this one at the same time as Kiddie Rims.

#0526 Traditional Cache ATC by Zeecat
Hint: Part of a magnetic bolt system attached to a box
Cache Site Cache

We were determined to hit 20 before we left town - this was #18. Clever hide - we've got your modus operandi now!

#0527 Traditional Cache MR. RELIABALE by  rscout79/sberrybump
Hint: Magnetic switchplate on a box.
Cache site Cache

Yes, the coords are way off for us also; thank goodness the description clues will lead you right to it. Interesting container. We've learned a lot in Billings.

#0528 Traditional Cache Know Ur History  by  freedancer  
End of 40 cache Billings Trip
Cache Cache Site
Page 1
Page 2

Got too dark on Saturdy, so this one was our last on Sunday -#40 for Billings. Just wish it had been open; it looked like a neat place to visit.

#0529 Traditional Cache Cotton Wood Mama by Red Hot Mama/lakeman&tagalong
Hint: A bison attached to the back of a piece of cottonwood lying in the split of the tree

On our way home from Billings, we decided to clean out Columbus; this was #1 and our favorite along with the duck. Clever, Clever, Clever.

#0530 Traditional Cache ITCH-KEP-PE by lakeman&tagalong  

Found the cache with a little bushwhacking, but almost lost the car on the way back. Good thing it was close to Cottonwood.

#0531 Traditional Cache Duck (Columbus) by Brian - Team A.I.  
Beaver Dam Duck Columbia Cache Site

THE LAST DUCK!!! Are we set for the goose now.

#0532 Traditional Cache What a dump by rscout79
Hint: An old tin can in the rocks.
Cache view

What a dump is right, but a beautiful sunset view. This was our last due to darkness and time; it was an apt hiding place.


Ours #59 Puzzle Cache10 vs. 10 by frogwarts & bearfr Helena, Montana - April 2, 2006


Mount Helena
Mount Helena
Stage 2 Setting
Stage 2 Setting
Stage 2 Cachce
Stage 2 Cache
Stage 3 Cache
Stage 3 Cache
Stage 3 View
Stage 3 View
Stage 4 View
Stage 4 View
Stage 4 Cache
Stage 4 Cache
Stage 5 Setting
Stage 5 Hide
Stage 5 Cache
Stage 5 Revealed
Stage 6 View
Stage 6 Cache
Stage 6 CacheStage 6 Setting

[cache log in memory of our great friend yumitori, master of the haiku]

Droplets on sword ferns,
Mist dripfts along the canyon;
A toad by the trail.


Notes: 2 Caches on the way to Great Falls for 4 more.

#0533 Traditional Cache Gilman Cache by  zac59410
Hint: A hinged piece of firewood
Montana - April 9, 2006
#0534 Traditional Cache cameljockey Tribute Cache by zac59410  

 [log] A visit to Billings helped us with this one, but a good hide none the less. Evil unless you were in the know, just like cameljockey's.

#0535 Traditional Cache Trail Extension by Big Sky Explorers  
Missouri River Rainbow Falls

 [log] Great day for a two cache hike; the wind helped with the hydroplaning on the way out, and the cardio-vascular fitness on the way back. Took the GF Least Used Took TB, left some trinkets plus our usual bear and frog. Beautiful views of the dam.

#0536 Traditional Cache Take A Hike..... by Big Sky Explorers  
Rainbow Falls

 [log] Avoided the bicycle muggles to score this one; picked up the Gollum and Sweetie Onion bugs for our trip down south to Arizona.

#0537 Traditional Cache Great Falls Travel Bug Inn by 948881  

 [log] Interesting hidey-hole for this one. We knabbed the little bear TB, George, of course for Bearfr; he's come 20,000 miles from the United Kingdom just to visit her. Will pass him along to our TB hotel or give him a ride to Arizona.

#0538 Traditional Cache Market Place Shopping by Relish  

 [log] Sneaky hide hanging out at this market. Our last find of the day.


Notes:Wilderness Caches

#0539 Traditional Cache Castle Mountain Drive by river runner & Nancy Montana - April 29, 2006
Gorgeous pasque flowers as well as other spring wildflowers
Sign Castle Mtn. drive View
Castle Mtn. cache Mountain White Flower
Pasque 5 Pasque 4a Pasque 6
Pasque 5a Purple Flower Yellow Fritilary

 [log] Gorgeous spring drive; only walked the last .25 mile cause of snow. There were whole fields of blooming pasque flowers, and tons of other wildflowers; we had a blast with our digital macro lens. Cache was in good shape. We will move the geo-pod TB and a Boy Scout wooden coin on their way. Traded other goods as well and left the Clifford Red Dog TB. Thanks for a great cache and a beautiful area.

#0540 Traditional Cache McCache by XVampire  
Cache Site Cache
Jumping Creek Zig Zag Trees Knarl

 [log]Had to walk into the campground, as it wasn't open for the season yet - the road is still full of snow in spots, but the scenery was spectacular; the creek was high and fast - a fishing paradise. It took about 10 downed trees from the hint because the reception was spotty, but Bearfr located in the end. CAche is in good shape, and full of toys. We had no toys to trade, so just signed the log. Thanks for a good one and a great start to spring caching.

#0541 Traditional Cache Staying Dry by XVampire  
Bridge 1 Cache Bridge 2

 [log] #3 for the day. We took our wet suits, scuba gear and resucitation equipment( yah - right!!), but only ended up carrying it since we were smart enough to figure out how to stay dry the easy way - just look around when you park cachers! It was an easy fine, and a nice walk to the cache. Thanks.

#0542 Traditional Cache White Wolf by  Greg & Max  

 [log] Had to sneak past the sleeping trucker, but we found it with waking the muggle. Great traffic location; too bad the pictures and history are in Stanford.

#0543 Multi Cache Blue Crayon by  Lobo Loco de Montana
Hint: Old piece of tin was shaped like a crayon
Cache Site Crayon

 [log] Well, Bearfr is stubborn. We found the first stages easily, then got totally shut out on the final. Decided to drive up and get White Wolf, because we were getting sunburned and were out of water. But on the way back to GF, Bearfr insisted we give it a second try. Coming from the parking this time, our GPSs gave us a totally different location for the final, and bingo there it was; we have no idea what was going on earlier, but future cachers who are having trouble might try a different direction of approach. Good hide for experienced cachers. This made it #5 for the day, and completed a successful trek.


#0544 Traditional Cache Inspiration Point by soylentpink Montana - May 5, 2006

[log] Were first to find on Bearfr's birthday; she's 55 now, but made it over this hill. Other cachers, be advised that at the first fork in the trail, the upper trail crosses private land; it's not posted until near the cache, so take the longer route to be legal. Nice area and a great hike.


Notes: Start of a two-day Billings Caching Trip with caches beginning in Columbus, Montana

#0545 Traditional Cache Sacajawea was hea! by HatFam Montana - May 6, 2006

[log] We left a Boy Scout tracking coin on our way to Billings.

#0546 Traditional Cache Indian Fort by rscout79/ Sberrybump  

[log] Pretty sneaky with the guard hint. Beautiful area on a sunny day.

#0547 Traditional Cache God Bless America Travel Bug Bunkhouse by Jitterbug205 & Horseman  
Columbus, Montana outside of Billings, MT

[log] Easy to find TB house. We took ET and left George the Bear.

#0548 Multi Cache Cats Meow by Jitterbug205 & Horseman  

[log] Two parter with two hundred muggles I swear. We got lucky on the first, and had no trouble away from the muggles on the second. Nice cache.

#0549 Multi Cache Fireman's Point by lakeman&tagalong  

Our coords were off, but we finally looked in the obvious place and there it was. We removed the tiny knife to make the cache legal & left a frog and bear.

#0550 Traditional Cache Highway 10 by Elk hunter & Mickey Mouse  

[log] Left the GeoPodcaster TB and took a tiny green lizard for the car dash.

#0551 Traditional Cache Gotcha!!! by firefyter/firewyfe
Hint: In an old bear trap

[log] The interesting smell nearby did Gotcha, but the clever cache was worth it.

#0552 Traditional Cache City Park by  firefyter
Hint: Another fake tree branch, fit into a bole in the tree.
Stick 4 Stick 2 Stick 1


#0553 Traditional Cache Southside Pond Cache by thewaterman  


#0554 Puzzle Cache Keyed up._._ by  firefyter
Hint: Based on Morse Code.
Morse Code Key

[log] Coords were right on, though it took us a little searching.

#0555 Traditional Cache Riverside Park by lakeman  

[log] No problem. Took the Buffalo Soldier TB and left the Vidalia Onion TB.

#0556 Letterbox Cache Stamp It by  S and B C  

[log] Used our smiling and jumping frog stamps; the bear was accidently left home.

#0557 Traditional Cache SUNDANCE by  Elk Hunter  

[log] No problem on this one; nice river walk in the early afternoon.

#0558 Multi Cache Sundance 2 by  Elk Hunter  

[log] The sun was hotter than on Sundance and the ticks thicker; we counted to 13 between the two of us. This was our last one of the afternoon before heading to Billings for a birthday bash. Turns out Leonata, Bearfr, RScout, and Mickey Mouse share four days in May.

#0559 Traditional Cache No Name by lakeman&tagalong
Hint: Sawed off the end of a log, hid the cache, and put the whole thing back together again.
Beautiful Blue Penstemon.
Rocks Cache
Penstemon Penstemon 2

[log] Headed up here to log, and to look for the cell phone Leonata lost earlier. Got the first, but not the second, after being decoyed of course.

#0560 Traditional Cache Black Otter Trail by Clanjohnson  

[log] Always the scenic route takers, we climbed the hill rather than drive closer and do it the easy way. We finally know what cedar looks like now! Thanks for a good offset cache.

#0561 Traditional Cache Whataview by Zeecat  
View of Billings Mt

[log] This is definitely a micro Altoid; gorgeous views and flowers.

#0562 Traditional Cache Ladies Delight by tagalong  

[log] Educated an interested father and son muggle team while hunting; Bearfr was excited to find a Red Hat brooch.

#0563 Traditional Cache one for the kids by lakemantagalong  

[log] Found this one on our way down the trail toward the motel for the night.

#0564 Traditional Cache North Park by Get up and Go  

[log] Addiction is hard; had to keep up our 20 a day Billings record and this quickie sufficed fine.


#0566 Traditional Cache Duck (Pryor Creek) by  Brian - Team A.I. Billings, Montana - May 7, 2006

[log] On the way to the goose; stop and get one of the last 2 ducks! First of the early morning..

#0567 Traditional Cache Couch Potato by Loope and Kids  

[log] We're not couch potatoes, but I sure was glad to find the easy route up; yes, follow that path! The geese entertained us all the way along the river. #568 Ah - Second to find; need I say more.Thanks Brian for 7 challenges, even if we skipped one. Left the Show and Tell TB as a third to find prize.

#0568 Multi Cache Goose! by Brian - Team A.I.  
Decoy Goose Cache Flowers

[log] Ah - Second to find; need I say more.Thanks Brian for 7 challenges, even if we skipped one. Left the Show and Tell TB as a third to find prize.

#0569 Traditional Cache Lake Elmo by  slowspoke
Hint: Bolt inside fence post.
Lake Elmo Cache revealed Blackbird Cache in place

[log] Oh this is sneakier than most we've seen, and we've seen a lot. Nice hide guys.

#0570 Traditional Cache Peter Piper by ESIguy  

[log] The hint threw us the first time; once we learned to read, the second shot was easy. Of course we'd been right beside it a million times the first time!!!

#0571 Traditional Cache MacGyver by Brian - Team A.I.
Hint: Water in the fence post to float the cache up, thanks to Leonata, Yumitori, and Red Hot Mama; we had no water in the car.
Brian AI
Brian AI
Macqyver Cache
Leonata & Bearfr floating the cache
with water
Mr. Ed Mr. Ed with Penny

[log] Timing is everything. Met up with the Leonata/Yumotori/Red Hot Mama team and fortunately had the rest of the one or two they needed to acheive the log for all of us. Evil, Evil Brian would never have had a log from us on this one otherwise. We hesitate to say thanks in the fear it will prompt him to hide more like this one.

#0572 Multi Cache Discarded Stuff by sunny
Hint: Cement pier; metal pipe

[log] Cute little cache in a nice park. Thanks for an easy multi.

#0573 Traditional Cache The Narrow Path Cache by ESIguy
Hint: Camo’d bison and stick on fence.

[log] Well, OH My God twice, paraphrasing Brian. How, How, How could we have missed this the first time; fortunately we can claim muggles from the time period. Who knows if it disappeared before or after our stupidity. We could not believe the level of our blindness, so this one was our favorite of a 44 log trip to Billings.

#0574 Traditional Cache Green Ammo Can by Arliecon  

[log] Yup-it's green alright, and easy to find. Thanks

#0575 Puzzle Cache Do U Sudoku? by slowspoke/puttytat  
Cache Sudoku puzzle

[log] The second time in daylight made a quick score. Thanks for introducing us to these cool puzzles.

#0576 Traditional Cache Afflerbaugh Park by puttytat/slowspoke  
Sandstone cache

[log] Bearfr was starting to lag in the heat, but she hung in their for this last rim cache.

#0577 Traditional Cache Kiddie Kache by abc1  
White-tailed deer fleeing made this cache.

[log] Nice round trip walk in the park.

#0578 Puzzle Cache Hide & Seek (read discription) by rscout79
Hint: Bolt in old train

[log] Yup - things sometimes take two touches, or 3 or 4 or 12. Thanks Rodger, we think. It was a cool one.

#0579 Traditional Cache The Library by Park Girl  

[log] Yup - things sometimes take two touches, or 3 or 4 or 12. Thanks Rodger, we think. It was a cool one.

#0580 Traditional Cache I'm Not Hooked ! by slowspoke  
The Event Birthday Cake

[log] Us hooked?!! Oh for heavens sake!! It has nothing to do with driving 680 miles in two days, spending $69.00 on gas, and hiking a million miles - or so says Bearfr. It's simply that we needed to get out of the house for a change, and decided to attend a joint birthday party in Billings for the other 3 cachers we know that have May birthdays too (Bearfr turned 55). So what if did 44 caches in two days; maybe we bore easily. It couldn't be the company, because the party at RScout's was a blast!

#0581 Traditional Cache Power Up... by firefyter  

[log] Oh my, what could the hint for this one be. Had fun grabbing it; thanks.

#0582 Traditional Cache Niceview by Zeecat  
Billings Mt View

[log] Not only was the view great, but the bitterroot growing on the rocks was 8 x10 picture fare!

#0583 Traditional Cache Oh, Deer! Be Careful! by Squeezita  
Geese Statue

[log] Be thought the statues were grand; wish they would have a parking area that avoids crossing traffic. The cache hide was clever and the road race well worth it. Thanks for bringing us here.

#0584 Traditional Cache Cinco de Mayo by Squeezita  

[log] Such clever camo! Bearfr traded for a tiny lizard pin for her hat collection

#0585 Traditional Cache I'ts a Shotgun Wedding by freedancer  
End of the Billings cache spree of 22 caches based around the birthday party.

[log] Bearfr could reach this one! Thanks for a quick leaving Billings cache for our habit.

#0586 Traditional Cache I-90 W coffee Klatch by rscout79/sberrybump  
On the way home to Helena
I 90 East

[log] No rattlers - grass too short. No muggles due to rain.

#0587 Traditional Cache Under the Covers by Jitterbug205 & Horseman
Hint: Bison on fishing line tied to a tiny twig.

[log] Well we had to come over here and give this very, very clever two trys and a hint, but we got it. Meanwhile the owners were in Helena, our home town, calling us for hints. Ain't geocaching grand!


Notes: Start of House Hunting Trip to Arizona - 125 Caches Long

#0588 Traditional Cache History's Mystery  by HoodaThunk
Hint: Asphalt box on old truck, left author card for author cache owner
- May 10, 2006
Truck Author Card

[log] Dillion, MT First cache of 125 on a trip from Montana to Phoenix; James(Frogwarts)is an author also, so he left his card.

#0589 Traditional Cache Nuts about Western  by Boogedy
Hint: Tiny bolt on speed limit sign
Dillion, Montana
- May 10, 2006

[log] Dillion, MT Nice campus; sneaky cache. Fun one early in the morning.

#0590 Traditional Cache Ghost Rails #007 Get Off & Push--Armstead by rendez-vous
Hint: Postcard in rocks along Canyon Creek reservoir, saw loon
Clark Canyon Reservoir, MT
-May 10, 2006

[log] Clark Canyon Reservoir, MT Early morning caching snagged us a view of a loon on the reservoir as well as the cache. We took a postcard about an author since Frogwarts is one.

#0591 Traditional Cache Pleasant Valley Cache by kc7sik
Hint: Near bridge with canyon, fast flowing creek flowing under the freeway
Pleasant Valley, MT Montana
-May 10, 2006

[log] Pleasant Valley, MT Exchanged booty for a beautiful handmade leaf bookmark. The creek was rushing onway, full to the brim.

#0592 Traditional Cache Old Road to Montana  by KnR Hamer, MT Montana
-May 10, 2006
Purple and pink flowers

[log] Hamer, MT Took nothing except pics of the beautiful roadside wildflowers in pink and purple.

#0593 Traditional Cache Menan Butte View  by Kathee & Kirk  
View of butte and Teton Mountains
Lake Butte Cache

[log] Hamer, MT The Tetons were crisp in the early sunshine, and Menan Butte dark and looming in the other direction. Thanks for the views.

#0594 Traditional Cache Cache 323  by SUNRISE KITES
Hint: Weird pipe in ground was not the cache; it was a peanut butter jar.
Freeway market lake stop.
Decoy Sign

[log] Hamer, MT We really wanted this cache to be the weird pipe in the ground nearby, but the owner had us fooled there. Nice freeway break.

#0595 Traditional Cache Geocache Bed & Breakfast Travel Bug Lodge  by SUNRISE KITES

Idaho Falls, ID
-May 10, 2006

[log] # Idaho Falls, ID Picked up Gracie and Stinky Baby; left Diamond Head and Buffalo Soldier.

#0596 Traditional Cache John's Hole by gpsnjarhead  
Idaho Falls

[log] Idaho Falls, ID Picked up the Mort the Alien and got some beautiful river pictures

#0597 Traditional Cache Elmira's Travel Bug Landing by porkbeanie  

Marty the Zebra TB 2 Marty the Zebra TB
[log] Idaho Falls, ID Marty the Zebra will get his wish; my daughter is in the Peace Corps in Madagascar, so he will get a chance to visit and get his picture taken with the native children. Left Gollum to explore a new dark place.

#0598 Traditional Cache DADS by porkbeanie  
Beautiful Sunflowers
Sunflower Cache

[log] Idaho Falls, ID What weird looking flowers you have, Papa Bear. Great hide.

#0599 Traditional Cache Pocatello Creek  by Explorer3
Hint: Decon container hanging from tree
Pocatello, ID
-May 10, 2006

[log] Pocatello, ID Found it fairly easily; camo has suffered from the weather.

#0600 Traditional Cache Welcome by Explorer3
Hint: Tiny blue capped tube

[log] Pocatello, ID Clever container; nice hide.

#0601 Traditional Cache Chief  by Explorer3
Hint: Decon in rock wall
The Wall Cache

[log] Pocatello, ID Quick find.

#0602 Traditional Cache Exxon  by larobley  
Off the AMI trail with lots of lizards

[log] Pocatello, ID Had lots of tiny lizard friends help us with this find; they posed for pictures too.

#0603 Virtual Cache I-15, Idaho's first what?  by Drifty & Raptors  
Virtual about Idaho’s first RR
Virtual Sign

[log] Pocatello, ID Interesting history. Email on the way.

#0604 Traditional Cache Psychowingman's First Cache by Psychowingman
adopted by Idaho Cache Hound
Hint: Long piece of rain gutter at the rest stop

[log] Pocatello, ID We liked the container;the brambles are getting thick, so we were glad it was a quick find.

#0605 Traditional Cache Marsh Creek Two Room Hotel by The KayCees
Hint: Birdhouse in flood under the bridge, we had tough time getting to the cche because of the water
Arimo, ID
-May 10,2006
Marsh View
Bird Birdhouse Cache Flooded Location

[log] Arimo, ID We know we found the unique container, but it was completely empty. The area is completely flooded, thus not accessible from the normal route, so this was a challenge. We will email a picture to verify the find.

#0606 Traditional Cache This-N-That by Razzoo
Hint: Hidden in the sagebrush of exit 387
-May 10, 2006

[log] Riverside, UT Quick find; the last of our first day on the way to Tucson. Thanks for the break


We Hit 500 - Part II

Notes: Our second caching day in our trip to Arizona; made it to the Arizona border.

#0607 Virtual Cache Porter Rocks by Hook Dawn Cache
Hint: Virtual at the rock marker

Draper, Utah
- May 11, 2006
Sign Virtual Marker

[log] Draper, UT Start of our second day on the way to Tucson.

#0608 Virtual Cache Weird & Strange  by SLCChico
Hint: Virtual murals under freeway in walking tunnels
Mural 1
Mural 2

[log] Draper, UT Murals are well worth the stop; very interesting carving.

#0609 Traditional Cache SFCN  by Bryster Srpingville, UT
-May 11, 2006
Exchanged bugs

[log] Springville, UT Traded ET for the Travelertag disc

#0610 Virtual Cache Lighthouse in the Desert by SirGerald
Hint: Virtual at the Utah lighthouse commemorating the Daughters of the Pioneers 35 from August 1, 1938; Iceland Days are first Saturday in August.
LighthouseIcelander Assoc Icelander Sign 2
Icelander Rock Sign on rock
Sign 1 Sign 2
Sign 3 Sign 4
Sign 5 Sign 6
Sign 7 Sign 8

[log] Springville, UT Great stop, even if a small ways off the freeway; well worth the time. Thanks.

#0611 Traditional Cache "Always" up for Poker #5  by PeanutsParents
Hint: LP at Walmart
Salem, UT
-May 11, 2006

[log] Salem, UT We have one of these in the same place at home in Helena, MT

#0612 Traditional Cache Daddy, I Gotta Go Potty (Scipio) by lyonden_ut
Hint: LP at DQ
Scipio, UT
-May 11, 2006

[log] Scipio, UT Lots of these everywhere now.

#0613 Traditional Cache Scipio Pass Cache by n7yci
Hint: Old Cedar among fragrant sagebrush
Benchmark cache magnet

[log] Scipio, UT Traded for a colorful El Paso magnet on our way to Tucson.

#0614 Virtual Cache Half Way Home by Lone Cacher
Hint: Virtual about the Organic Act 9/19/1850 and friendship to Mormon people
Filmore, UT
-May 11, 2006
Map Sign

[log] Fillmore, UT This was a lot friendlier place than the Salt Lake City traffic; wish the capital hadn't moved.

#0615 Traditional Cache old cove fort by td and family
Hint: Red rock over fence
Cove Fort, UT
-May 11, 2006

[log] Cove Fort, UT Traded a penquin rock scrimshaw for a really cool heart carbiner

#0616 Virtual Cache Take A Load Off  by  Wheezer & Rockbiter
Beaver, UT
-May 11, 2006
Took picture of Penny in the giant chair that says Beaver Valley Chevron
Chair with Bear

[log] Beaver, UT Logged the cache and had an ice cream break.

#0617 Traditional Cache Hobo's Delight  by SUPER FOX
Hint: Under large black rock near cave.
Paragonah, UT
-May 11, 2006
Cave Wall cave cache
Cave from Inside Cave from Inside 2 Cave from Inside 3

[log] Paragonah, UT A great area to visit, though we found the coords off by about 30 feet. The cache is in need of maintenance - broken container; the find was one of our favorites for this trip.

#0618 Traditional Cache Travelers Pit Stop   by Chevums
Hint: Vermillion Cliffs; uncamo’d decon in tree
Cedar City, UT
-May 11, 2006
Cache Vermillion Cliffs

[log] Cedar City, UT Can't be easier than this. The vermillion cliffs make this an extra special reason to stop here. Thanks for the view and the cache.

#0619 Traditional Cache I-15 Express # 3  by The Natives Are Restless
Hint: Cactus flowers near blackened tree in rocks
Toquerville, UT
-May 11, 2006
Cache Site Cactus Flower

[log] Toquerville, UT We were almost out of rechargables, so the batteries we traded for came in very handy. Our first desert walk this trip with gorgeous cactus flowers.

#0620 Virtual Cache Elvis would be proud of Toquerville by V=Brats
Hint: Virtual at the Old Jail Rock 1860
Marker Old Jail Rock Toquerville Sign

[log] Toquerville, UT Of course - why else?!

Notes: We broke from our driving to explore Zion National Park

Butte Butte 2 Butte 3
Sand Bud Sand Bud
Paintbrush Paintbrush Closeup
Paintbrush Closeup
Creek Purple Flower
Marshmallow Unknown Plant Paintbrush
#0621 Traditional Cache Baad Bridge  by Baad Daata
Hint: Metal can w wire in cylindrical hole in rock. Both an old and new bridge.
Zion NP, UT
- May 11, 2006
Bad Bridge cache Good Bridge

[log] Zion National Park, UT Old bridge, new bridge - which one has the hide. Clever hide. Enjoyed this one a lot.

#0622 Virtual Cache The "Bishop" Southern Utah Pioneers by Top Sleuth & SideKick Jo
Hint: Wonderful garden virtual
Kanub, UT
- May 11,2006
Cache Site Marker Sign
Exploration Sign

[log] Kanub, UT What a wonderful garden! Picture with GPS and Frogwarts to follow soon.

#0623 Traditional Cache Mollies Nipple  by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
Hint: Green PCV hanging in the tree plus 2 benchmarks
Mollie's Nipple
Benchmark R138 Benchmark site Benchmark R138 2
Survey marker Cache Survey Marker 2

[log] Kanub, UT Found it just a sunset, so we have both day and night nipple pictures. Thanks for the extra benchmarks too.

#0624 Traditional Cache 2oldfarts do it again by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
Hint: Under green warning survelliance box; took Grand Canyon FDC stamp, plus logged a benchmark.
Benchmark K229 cache cache site

[log] Kanub, UT Ah, clever muggle-free equipment. Traded for the first day stamp and will move the Snowbird TB on to Phoenix to see the grandparents.

#0625 Traditional Cache Hoo Doo 's by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
Hint: Benchmark plus a sandstone cairn cache
Cache Cairn

[log] Kanub, UT Wish we had had time to hike here in the daytime; hit the cache at sundown. Beautiful area

#0626 Traditional Cache All Fenced In  by Team Dragonfire
Hint: Magnetic box on cattle guard

[log] Kanub, UT In the dark no less with a flashlight on our way to Page for the night. Traded for the magnetic hematite.

#0627 Traditional Cache Utah-Arizona Connection by Wily Javelina
Hint: Took hematite from tube between border signs
- May 11, 2006
Utah Sign Arizona sign

[log] Utah/AZ Border The last one for the second day of our trip to Phoenix; special due to the border crossing. Found it with a flashlight in the spooky dark - no wildlife thank heavens.


Notes: Third and final day of the trip; we made it down to Tucson, AZ

#0628 Traditional Cache The Cardsharp by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
Hint: Altoid tin behind ice machine
Page, AZ - May 12, 2006

[log] Page, AZ Very nice trade goods in this cache; traded screwdriver for soap strips. Largest cache container of this type we've run onto.

#0629 Virtual Cache Valentine's Bridge by Team Sundancer and Poison Ivy
Hint: Virtual at suspension bridge; originally Tanner’s Crossing
Cameron, AZ - May 12, 2006
Suspension Bridge Tanner's Landing

[log] Cameron, AZ Thank heavens for this virtual to break the long drive from Page to Flagstaff. Interesting history.

#0630 Traditional Cache Unravel a Mini Cache by StellaStars
Hint: At the knitting store, under a ledge by the door.
Flagstaff, AZ - May 12, 2006
Cache Site

[log] Flagstaff, AZ One of favorites from this MT to Tucson trip. Bearfr of course participates in this as well, and the hide was very clever.

#0631 Traditional Cache NAU (not another urban cache) reincarnated
by Team AZCOWilliams & The Hill Boys
Hint: Altoid tin under bus stop seat

[log] Flagstaff, AZ Got lucky; the area was closed for graduation so no muggles or traffic!

#0632 Traditional Cache FOX RANCH TB STOP  by Flag_Mtn_Hkrs
Hint: Hollow oak stump
Mormon Lake, AZ
-May 12, 2006

[log] Mormon Lake, AZ Traded for the Lucky Ducky TB.

#0633 Traditional Cache Hop Off, Hop On <--> ( Exit 306 ) by Flag_Mtn_Hkrs
Hint: in road off the exit by fence line; saw a tiny black lizard

[log] Mormon Lake, AZ A tiny black lizard became our friend for life when we nabbed this one.

#0634 Virtual Cache McGuireville South 2 by Team Joco
Hint: Virtual about Tohono O’odam history
Arizona Rest Area
-May 12.2006
McGuireville sign

[log] AZ Rest Area Stopped for info on the way to Tucson.

#0635 Traditional Cache Welcome to New River by Azcachemeister with Highpointer
Hint: Hole in guardrail wooden post
New River, AZ
-May 12.2006
Cache site

[log] New River, AZ Those mice, huh?! Good one.

#0636 Traditional Cache Chutes and Ladders by Azoutdrs
Hint: On Metal-like ladder on wall in Happy Valley strip mall in Phoenix
Ladder Cache site

[log] New River, AZ Grabbed food and this cache; neat hide location.

#0637 Traditional Cache Adventure by Azoutdrs
Hint: Bottle cap jar in tiny landscape rocks
Bottletop Cache Site Bottlecap Cache

[log] New River, AZ This was one of the best we did on a 126 cache trip to Tucson from Montana; talk about looking right at it! Very clever hide in a great location needing stealth or not.

#0638 Traditional Cache Off Your Rocker in Phoenix  by AzCactus
Hint: At Cracker Barrel behind tin Ford sign
Phoenix, AZ
-May 12.2006
Cache site

[log] Phoenix, AZ Had never seen misters before; Frogwarts knew right where to go for this one.

#0639 Traditional Cache I AM THE BOSS by AZJEDI
Hint: Black wrapped bison capsule in Elk’s mouth at Sportman’s Surplus
Cache site at Elk Statue

[log] Phoenix, AZ Bearfr homed right in on this one by feel; clever hide, and so muggle-laden!

#0640 Traditional Cache Love Bug TB Hotel & Treasure Chest  by Kaweah
Hint: Sprinker box with lock; traded tbs.
Cache site Palm Tree Lake

[log] Phoenix, AZ Dropped the Snowbird TB for the grandparents to find and picked up Pompellion II (Sail the 7 Seas)

#0641 Virtual Cache Sacaton South by Wolfb8 and MO & GO
Hint: Virtual about the Gadsen Purchase
Gadsen Purchase sign

[log] Phoenix, AZ Stopped for the info on the way to Tucson.

#0642 Traditional Cache Kolossal Kollection of Key Keepers by We C*M
Hint: Can in dusty desert

[log] Phoenix, AZ TNLNSL from the dusty desert.

#0643 Traditional Cache Math Cache by AzRob
Hint: Magnetic on Dangerous – High Voltage sign on power box, with wierd old lock hanging in nearby tree.
Cache Wierd Lock

[log] Phoenix, AZ Should have been the weird old rusty,mossy lock in the tree, but the cache owner was much more clever.

#0644 Traditional Cache I-8 / I-10 Travel Bug Motel  by We C*M
Hint: Sand covered plastic jar – took Baha TB
Eloy, AZ
-May 12.2006

[log] Eloy, AZ Nabbed Baha Bug TB from this camo desert cache.



Notes: Doing some caching in Tucson

#0645 Traditional Cache Barrio Viejo by tugies
Hint: Magnetic at Teatro Carmen
Tucson, Arizona - May 13, 2006

[log] Our first Tucson cache.

#0646 Virtual Cache Field of Dreams by Gaiter Man
Hint: Virtual in Tucson Arizona
Fountain of Youth sign El Tiradito sign

[log] What an interesting site; so many intriquing things to look at and explore - especially the mural.

#0647 Traditional Cache By Design  by Wily Javelina
Hint: Under railing above the palm trees; this was a vast favorite of Arizona. Thanks to Frogwarts for finally looking UP.
Cache Site on Rail
Look up at the rail

[log] We were told that to be a real cacher in Arizona, you have to be able to do a Wily Havelina cache, and this one proved it; Frogwarts finally saw the light.

#0648 Traditional Cache Green Valley Travel Bug Exchange by Trivial Pursuers
Hint: No snakes to be seen, just a nearby golf ball.

[log] Hit this one at dusk on the way back from visiting my Dad at La Posada; fortunately, no snakes in the desert tonight. Frogwarts traded for his millionth golf ball.


Notes: After finishing our caching for the day, we headed out to the Sonoran Desert Museum, a place that would turn out to be a perenial favorite place of ours to visit. The temperature was so hot that the Museum recommended drinking 8 oz. of water per 1/2 hour of our visit and provided drinking fountains to re-fill water bottles!

The Desert Adobe
The Sonoran Desert
Adobe architecture
Barrel Cactus Bird
Hawk Hummingbird
Purple FlowerPrimrose
Ram Portrait Ram Desending
Parrot Yellow Bird 2
Saquaro blooms Flower
Saguaro Saguaro in Bloom
Tulip Tree Yellow Cactus Flower
Yellow Cactus Flower Yellow Cactus Flower
Coati drinking Cave toad
Frog Coati Prairie Dog
Dove Dragonfly Century Plant
MarshmallowPink Cactus Orange Flower
Lantana Morning GloryCholla
Rattlesnake Snake skeleton Rattlesnake 2
White Flowers Red Flower Plant Red Flower
Roadrunner River Otter Dove
Bobcat Bottlebrush Yellow Bird
#0649 Traditional Cache Greasewood Travel Bug Drop by The Crazy H Crew Tucson, Arizona - May 15, 2006
Took cross-country trip on foot across desert near Pima Community College – about .2 hike.

[log] The first of three desert hikes today near Pima College; of course we took the scenic long way out and back. Dropped off two bugs, Golfer's Least Used Tool and Stinky Baby.

#0650 Traditional Cache  Lard Wood by Team Critter  

About .8 hike on a Folf course


Cache Folf

[log] Walked about .8 of a mile in the gorgeous evening desert; took the Disc no Data TB and exchanged frogs

#0651 Traditional Cache My Own Private Arizona by Wily Javelina  
Short .4 hike near PCC.

[log] Our second Wily cache, and very appropriate; Frogwarts picked up the Frog TB. This was our last desert walk of the evening.

#0652 Traditional CacheFossilized Hat Pins!!!!  by Krohs
Hint: Tiny metal fossil tim under rocks in Sentenial Park.
Took the high trail the hard way; beat the plak closure by 13 min to 8 PM.

[log] Bearfr's GPS took us on the scenic route for this one; down, not up Bearfr!, so we barely beat dark and the park closure - 13 min left. Cool park and terrain. Thanks for bringing us here.



#0653 Puzzle Cache "The Murderer" by The Cache Bugz
Hint: In rocks at base of Museum on UA Campus
Tucson, Arizona - May 16, 2006

[log] Did the solving before we left Montana, so had to hit this while in Tucson.

#0654 Traditional Cache Quilts We Make!  by Geo Gypsy (Adopted by ShadowAce)
Hint: Wrote on green, gold, & brown quilt with the date.

[log] Of course a Bearfr favorite, since she's the quilter in the family. The material we signed was reminiscent of Montana too - green, gold, and brown swirl. Neat to think we'll be included in an Arizona quilt some day.

#0655 Traditional Cache Pecan Groves  by the woodcutter and Pathfinder & Snoopy
Hint: A roadrunner! Log in electric circuit box.
Electric Box Cache Pecan Groves

[log] Saw a real roadrunner!!! Alas, too quick for pictures. Clever hide.

#0656 Traditional Cache Beaming in Sahuarita by Trivial Pursuers
Hint: Lake path at Rancho Sahuarita
Rancho Sahuarita Lake 1
The Lake cache site

[log] Lots of muggles nearing sundown, but we got her done. Took a tiny sunflower and left a frog.

#0657 Traditional Cache Rancho BikePath Cache  by starmon
Hint: Park in Rancho Sahuarita; in sprinkler control by drainage.

[log] Got some great lake at sunset pictures. Had a crazy time avoiding the neighbors on this one.

#0658 Traditional Cache Radio Flyer by Las Tres Chupacabras
Hint: Under jumping chollo at model radio flyers’ field

[log] Jumping Chollos! Managed to avoid all the bites.


Notes: We took a break from caching and made a trip across the border into Mexico for some sightseeing and tourist purchases; unfortunately, there were no caches close enough nearby to log caching in a foreign country.

Nogales Mtns
The Nogales Mountains

Notes: Heading home to Montana after a successful house and job hunting trip, caching we go.

#0659 Traditional Cache Sacaton north  by Wolfb8 (libby)
Hint: Magnetic on LP; got ant bites for our effort.
Phoenix, AZ
- May 17, 2006

[log]Phoenix, AZ Oh my - Bearfr didn't watch and stood too long in the wrong place; ended up with 6 fire ant bites for her stupidity. Logged the cache, and high tailed it to the hydrocortisone in the first aid kit.

#0660 Traditional Cache Daily Spectator by Inter-Galactic Ice Weasels
Hint: Under the footrest on bleachers; took a wooden geocoin.
Tempe, AZ
May 17, 2006
The Wooden Geocoin

[log] Tempe, AZ Found an interesting wooden geocoin. Fortunate that any necessary gymnastics where done in private this early in the morning.

#0661 Traditional Cache Peggys'Mystery cache  by Cactusart kids
Hint: Tiny lizard pics
New River, AZ
May 17, 2006
Palo Verde Scrapbook Souvenir

[log]New River, AZ We took tons of tiny lizard pics while here

#0662 Traditional Cache Outlet by AZJEDI & CountryFolks
Hint: Altoid on power box at outlet mall.

[log] New River, AZ The log was completely soaked; we dried it out as best we could and left a new dry log in a tiny ziploc for the next cachers as the old one would possibly rip if written on.

#0663 Traditional Cache Honor System  by Cactusart kids
Hint: Mint tin under old tin can
Rock Springs, AZ
May 17, 2006

[log] Rock Springs, AZ Now here's a new way to camo an old idea; clever!

#0664 Traditional Cache Badger Springs TB Hotel  by TEAM Huntingbum adopted by jeananjoe
Hint: Large black popcorn tin; we took insect bite kit.
Badger Springs, AZ
May 17, 2006

[log] Badger Springs, AZ Traded for the insect bite kit since this was Bearfr's fire ant bite day.

#0665 Traditional Cache Cordes Junction by  graldrich
Hint: Green matchbox in pine was hard to see
Cordes Junction, AZ
May 17, 2006

[log] Cordes Junction, AZ Amazing how things blend in sometimes.

#0666 Traditional Cache The Old Winery by imcfly
Hint: At the old winery pulloff
Cherry, AZ
May 17, 2006

[log] Cherry, AZ Traded for the plastic palo verde tree for the scrapbook Bearfr will make of our Montan to Tucson trip.

#0667 Traditional Cache Guard on the Bridge  by SEEMORE4X4
Hint: At Beaver Creek welcome sing on metal guard rail
Camp Verde, AZ
May 17, 2006
Beaver Creek Welcom Sign

[log] Camp Verde, AZ Thought the sign was as cool as the cache.

#0668 Virtual Cache McGuireville North  by Team Evil Fish
Hint: Virtual on geology
AZ Rest Stop, AZ
May 17, 2006
Sign 1
Sign 2
Sign 3

[log] Arizona Rest Stop Hit the second of these on the way home to Montana.

#0669 Traditional Cache The Penguin at 17 & 179 by karanmatt
Hint: Penguin tin on interstate sign at exit. Had a panhandler muggle with a tiny dog.
Mormon Lake, AZ
May 17, 2006

[log] Mormon Lake, AZ Muggles walking dogs - why here, but we persevered.

#0670 Traditional Cache Schnebly Micro  by azjammin
Hint: Tiny mint tin on bridge.
Penny skinned her elbow and knee on asphalt scree.
Rock Steps

[log] Mormon Lake, AZ It wasn't Bearfr's day - first fire ants, then a fall on asphalt, but caching is still worth it all, she says. Just watch that scree on the way to the cache.

#0671 Traditional Cache Munds Mini #1 - Oakwood by TeXAZ
Hint: Magnetic on tank near green lego bench

[log] Mormon Lake, AZ Clever, clever hint, but we have grandchildren!

#0672 Multi Cache 25 on 66  by Wily Javelina
Hint: Magnetic on sign near train 25 on Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ
May 17, 2006

[log] Flagstaff, AZ Our third and last Wily before leaving Arizona, and we loved it. The puzzle was clever, and the final location really cool.

#0673 Traditional Cache Flag Mini #1 - A Park In A Park by TeXAZ
Hint: High up in picnic shelter
Cenntenial Sign

[log] Flagstaff, AZ Got to think tall on this one.


Notes: Second day of heading for Montana; made it to Salt Lake City, UT

#0674 Traditional Cache Home Run by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
Hint: Tiny orange box buried in orange sand under a rock.
Page, AZ- May 18, 2006
Carnival sign Tracks
Bird Tracks in the Sand

[log] Page, AZ The carny was muggling the site on our way to Tucson, so we hit it again on the way home; clever camo.

#0675 Traditional Cache Emma Dean Cache by Gang of Lizards
Hint: Up inside boat from bottom.
Cache Trade we took

[log] Page, AZ Frogwarts wanted the tiny origami frog bad enough to be clever enough to find this one; great hide.

#0676 Traditional Cache A Dam Good View by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
Gorgeous views of the dam and Lake Powell
RiverRiver 2Lake Powell Dam

[log] Page, AZ We took a tiny black spider and had such a wonderful time exploring the scenery and the desert here, complete with baby lizards. Thanks for stopping our homeward rush - it was well worth the time.

#0677 Traditional Cache Road Kill  by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)  
Hint: Stuffed animal under concrete with cache in hidden pocket – not real road kill

[log] Kanub, UT First we read the info and went eyew, but we are so glad we reconsidered on the way home. What a clever, clever cache; one of our favorites out of 126 this trip to Tucson and back from Montana. You guys are great; thanks for the hide

#0678 Traditional Cache Candid Cache by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
Hint: Coords showed above tunnel; actually in tunnel under the road on the wall near Houserock Valley.
Kanub, UT- May 18, 2006
Tunnel Desert Cache

[log] Kanub, UT Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. Got some fabulous pictures from the cache location!

#0679 Traditional Cache ALL CHOKED UP by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
Took a.5 mile hike up choke canyon with fossils and huge boulders.
Fossil Lichen Stone Formation

[log] Kanub, UT This hike was the highlight of our Arizona trip; thank you so much for bringing us to this neat area. We found fossils, took lizard pictures, and traded for a butterfly bookmark.

#0680 Virtual Cache Kanab History Cache #1 by David
Hint: Virtual at monument
Kanub Virtual

[log] Kanub, UT This is Bearfr with the monument.

#0681 Traditional Cache All "Zoned" Out  by The Nutty Ducks
Hint: LP
Cedar City, UT- May 18, 2006

[log] Cedar City, UT Wonder why we found this one so fast? Maybe cause we own one.

#0682 Traditional Cache Word of Mouth by sorensenØ
Hint: Rubbermaid hanging on cord between two walls

[log] Cedar City, UT Interesting, interesting! Where could it be.

#0683 Traditional Cache Hot Eats And Cool Treats  by Chevums and Bass-n-it-up
Hint: LP at DQ

[log] Cedar City, UT Quick find then on to ice cream.

#0684 Traditional Cache AHH SHMOKE  by BASS-N-IT-UP
Hint: Inside chimney vent door

[log] Cedar City, UT Bearfr saw the smoke on this one. Took Little Green Sprout TB home to Montana with us.

#0685 Traditional Cache Rock Bottom by Chevums
Hint: Fake rock

[log] Cedar City, UT Resident muggle came out to make sure we had found it. Amazing hide even when we knew what we were looking for.

#0686 Traditional Cache Money for my Hunny  by Chevums
Hint: Sprinkler head

[log] Cedar City, UT Great way to do this one and protect the log. Thanks.

#0687 Puzzle Cache Need A Mint   by The Family Fun Troop
Hint: Reflector over mint tin on billboard support

[log] Cedar City, UT We were careful to leave this cache as secure as was.

#0688 Virtual Cache 1st Cedar Encampment  by Chevums
Hint: Virtual on the 1981 Iron Mission Camp
Sign Cache

[log] Cedar City, UT Stopped on the way home to Montana.

#0689 Traditional Cache 20 to 89 by robinhood7
Hint: Next to cattle guard
Highway 20, UT- May 18, 2006

[log] Highway 20, UT A quick find.

#0690 Traditional Cache Upper Park by monroe gang
Hint: Little girl put it under the wood as we walked up
Scipio, UT- May 18, 2006

[log] Scipio, UT Curiouser and curiouser - as we drove up a tiny girl put the cache back in its hiding place, looked at us and ran away to a nearby house.

#0691 Traditional Cache The Love Shack  by monroe gang
Hint: Old homestead

[log] Scipio, UT TNLN saw no snakes.

#0692 Traditional Cache lower park  by monroe gang
Hint: Ammo box

[log] Scipio, UT Added a red frog with black marks to the Frogwarts collection.

#0693 Traditional Cache Foo-Foo by monroe gang, cain_gang
Hint: Under the old plow, after climbing the fence

[log] Scipio, UT Saw no lovers except us on this one.

#0694 Traditional Cache Jen's tunnel cache  by tunesmm, luke, jen, nan, and suz
Hint: Water Tunnel under I 15
Nephi, UT- May 18, 2006

[log] Nephi, UT What a cleverly hid tunnel. Took the Monkasaurus TB home to Montana to visit Jack Horner at the Museum of the Rockies

#0695 Traditional Cache coffe can cache  by styrk9
Hint: Red can with gold bear
Salem, UT- May 18, 2006

[log] Salem, UT Bearfr has 180 bears in her collection, so she left the tiny gold bear for the next child to come along.

#0696 Traditional Cache "Always" up for Poker #4 by PeanutsParents
Hint: LP
Springville, UT- May 18, 2006

[log] Springville, UT Second in the series for us.

#0697 Traditional Cache BYOP-Do You Want Gas or Grub?  by PeanutsParents
Hint: Fortunately NOT the LP with the wasps’ nest. White nano.
24 in 24
Achievement of 24 caches in 24 hours
Spanish Forks, UT
- May 18, 2006

[log] Spanish Forks, UT Bizarre - Mapsource showed this one at the same exit as Poker #4, when it's really 10 miles up the road - but it was right where the GPS put it. We were so lucky! - DO NOT check out the nearby lightpost box; it has a live wasp nest. Fortunately, they were sluggish at dusk, so we didn't get stung. By the way, the log is completely full.

#0698 Virtual Cache A Square Deal by Number 6
Hint: Virtual about 1895 history
Salt Lake City, UT
- May 18, 2006

[log] Salt Lake City, UT Interesting historical object; wish we had had time to stay for the craft fair that was being set up.

#0699 Traditional Cache Tour of Duty (TBs)  by Number 6
Hint: Locked box under bule spruce at Little America; had to go on the internet to get the lock code.

[log] Salt Lake City, UT Interesting historical object; wish we had had time to stay for the craft fair that was being set up.


We Hit 500 - Part III
#0700 Traditional Cache James (cache) Penney by Rubicon2002
Hint: Small Ziploc in sprinkler.
Salt Lake City, UT
- May 18, 2006
Beautiful purple flowers nearby.
Cache Site

[log] Salt Lake City, UT Don't know the history of the cache name, but since we are James and Penny, we had to make this our 700th cache, while on a trip to Tuscon. Log was slightly damp.

#0701 Traditional Cache Rock Pile Cache by shorty skater4
Hint: Ammo can in rocks; took a geocaching patch

[log] Salt Lake City, UT Traded for a cool geocaching patch. Wonder if this cache will survive the construction nearby.

#0702 Traditional Cache The Stairway to Nowhere by seventheaven
Hint: Concrete stairs
Centerville, UT
- May 18, 2006
Concrete Stairs

[log] Centerville, UT Where do they lead?

#0703 Traditional Cache "66"  by JeepCruzer
Hint: By the canal, not the fast food places. The 66 station had an AW drive-in.

[log] Centerville, UT We were confused with the location until we spotted the gas station and A&W on the way out.

#0704 Traditional Cache SEARCH but do not DESTROY by Gidzagubbagoos
Hint: Tiny pinecone that it took a toothpick to retrieve the log
Layton, UT
- May 18, 2006

[log] Layton, UT Loved this one; we were extra careful 'cause we thought it was cool.

#0705 Traditional Cache Rocks, Rocks, Rocks by ruaniteit
Hint: Fake gray rock in rocks at base of tree – saw the owner peek out.

[log] Layton, UT Muggle checked to make sure we had really found it. Amazing how it hid even when we knew what we were looking for.

#0706 Traditional Cache Gailey Cache by ruaniteit
Hint: Red boat float in tree; who needs a hint with no camo

[log] Layton, UT Amazing that this has not been muggled!

#0707 Traditional Cache West Nile Virus by ruaniteit
Hint: Quart jar hanging inside black PVC
Cache Site

[log] Layton, UT One of our trip favorites; clever hide.

#0708 Traditional Cache Bicentennial by Hamsteeman and family
Hint: Black Tupperware hard to find under the bushes
Clearfield, UT
- May 18, 2006

[log] Clearfield, UT Boy did the owner camo this one good; we looked for quite awhile, but Bearfr is persistant.

#0709 Traditional Cache Hooper Canal State Quarters+ Cache by Srananbrada
Hint: Under huge tree by canal. Traded MN for AL that we needed.
Ogden, UT
- May 18, 2006
Cache site

[log]Ogden, UT How Cool! - we have been missing the Alabama state quarter from our collection for three years, so were thrilled to trade for it. Thanks for setting this one up, and we are so glad it has been muggle free so far.

#0710 Traditional Cache Devils Creek by The KayCees
Hint: Off Devil’s Creek exit
Arimo, ID
- May 18, 2006

[log] Arimo, UT TNLNSL

#0711 Traditional Cache TU-BE or not TU-BE by Bwana Kidogo
Hint: Container held inside blue tube with tension rod.
Shelby, ID
- May 18, 2006

[log] Shelby, ID Just clever word play! Really cool hide method.

#0712 Traditional Cache The Best Of The Western by Chevums
Hint: An afterthought on logging – the PVC wouldn’t open to log.
Cedar City, UT
- May 18, 2006

[log] Cedar City, UTThanks to the owners for their kindness; we described the cache, but could not log it due to mechanical difficulties. They are gracious enough to extend us a find anyway.

#0713 Traditional Cache Butte I-15 Overlook by MTGeoPirates Butte, MT
- May 18, 2006

[log]Butte, MT Our 125th cache for our trip to Arizona and back; a fitting tribute to coming home. Thanks for opening up Butte caching again.

Notes: End of the Arizona Trip


#0714Traditional Cache 101 DALMATIANS #29 (IZZY) by Slate Kittery, Maine - June 2, 2006

Notes: Penny’s solo trip to Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, Maine

NH-ME Bridge closeup NH-ME Bridge Bridge View of Harbour
Cache Site ME Harbour Cache Site Flowers

[log] Walked across the bridge from Portsmouth to get our first Maine cache. Discovered I had no pen, so since my name is Penny, I left a 2002 penny as evidence and took a picture of the cache to email to the owner when I get back to Montana. Thanks for a quick one for visitors!


#0715Virtual Cache C's at Ft. Constitution (Again) by KMnO4 Portsmouth, New Hampshire
- June 3, 2006

Had to take an expensive taxi ride to find a virtual cache to snag the NH souvenir, since two tries on a pesty micro near the hotel were unsuccessful.

Cache virtual clue NH Harbour

[log] Braved the rain to get a NH cache before leaving for home in Montana. Got the info easily, but got chased off by the Coast Guard when I tried to take a lighthouse picture off the point. Apparently, only the blue line area is open to the public; the rest of the station is restricted. But the history at the fort and the cache was worth it. Thanks.


#0716 Traditional Cache Alley Ca(t)che by Tifoon Helena, Montana - June 5, 2006


[log] Beautiful evening walk to an area we weren't expecting. Great hide. TNLNSL. Thanks for giving us a chance to hunt in our home area!


#0717 Traditional Cache I 15 North - MM 178 by helena5 Jefferson City, Montana
and back country Montana wilderness
- June 16, 2006

[log] Jefferson City, MT #717 Zipped over from I15 South by way of Jefferson City to pick this one up on the way back to Helena. Nice rest area.

#0718 Traditional Cache I 15 South - MM179 by helena5  

[log] Jefferson City, MT Beautiful afternoon for a tiny oasis; found the cache with no problems.

#0719 Traditional Cache Buttons and Beads by soylentpink
Hint: Up in the Tucker & Davis Gulch area near Mt. Ascension Park
Cache Site View from cache

[log] Montana What a great Friday afternoon hike; yes, it is a steep hill, but Bearfr made it - Frogwarts went slow for her. We do suggest a hiking stick; ours were a big help. We found the altitude to be 5141 ft, not 5741; needless to say, Bearfr didn't miss that last 600 ft in elevation. This is a very interesting cliff area, and the coords are right on. Thanks to Soylent Pink for a new area and some great exercise.

#0720 Traditional Cache A MICRO(wave) Cache by helena5
Hint: Off Hway 12 going west from Helena up to the microwave tower

[log] Montana Beautiful day for a drive; we didn't even know this was a public road. The meadow was full of wildflowers and the views are gorgeous. Met O'Connellz on the way up and left both a South Ontario and a Georgia geocoin.
#721 Montana So how did you find this gorgeous mountain plateau, Solyent Pink? We definitely needed our topo map but we could drive right to it. It is definitely a 4W road - no major clearance issues, but it would be very hard on street tires. The views were absolutely incredible from a million directions; we can see why this would be a great anniversary trip. Thanks for a new area to us.

#0721 Traditional Cache 23rd Anniversary Cache by soylentpink  
Bird Lily with Bug Bluebonnets
White Flower Yellow Flower 2 yellow flower
Green Gentian Butterfly Lily

[log] So how did you find this gorgeous mountain plateau, Solyent Pink? We definitely needed our topo map but we could drive right to it. It is definitely a 4W road - no major clearance issues, but it would be very hard on street tires. The views were absolutely incredible from a million directions; we can see why this would be a great anniversary trip. Thanks for a new area to us.

#0722 Traditional Cache Squirrel Cache by Mtjeeper
Had tried this road before, but was too icy in the winter; even in the summer the dropoffs made Frogwarts’ legs tingle.

[log] Montana We have a kitten named Squirrel, and now we have a cache find named squirrel. We had much better luck with the road in June than we did last October - no ice this time. From Helena, we clocked the mileage as 55 miles one way, so this was one of our longest drives to get a cache. The wildflowers and views were terrific.




Notes:Trip to Yellowstone on the holiday weekend

Mammoth Hot SpringsGrand Canyon of the Yellowstone
45 Sign Mammoth Boiling Sign
caldron 4 Buffalo at Hot Spring Running River
Buffalo closeup 2 Buffalo 2 Buffalo Closeup 3
Marmot 2 Buffalo Moose
Paint Pot Elk Paint Pot 2
Sheepherder's Cliff Marmot 1 Yellowstone River
Upper Falls 1 Upper Falls 2 Upper Falls 3
#0723Traditional Cache Tikirose's Thorns by Tikirose and Eric
Yellowstone Park, MT
- July 3, 2006

[log] Yellowstone Park, MT Our vacation trip to Yellowstone on the holiday weekend. Nice area; interesting fence. Traded for the tribal hat pin, since Bearfr has a collection.

#0724Traditional Cache Yankee Jim Rock Walk #2 by GadgetGrandma  

[log] Yellowstone Park, MT Had to avoid about 11,000 muggles camping at the site, but found it with no difficuly thanks to the hint. It was a good time to get in and out swiftly. Traded for a necklace and stickers for our trip scrapbook.

#0725Virtual Cache Perplexing Parallel by tuba2tr  

[log] Yellowstone Park, MT Our first Yellowstone virtual; will email the answers.

#0726 Virtual Cache Canyon Colors by Sarguys2 & family Yellowstone Park, WY
- July 3, 2006

[log] Yellowstone Park, WY Gorgeous stop; will email our answers.

#0727 Virtual Cache Valley of Eden by tiki-man  

[log] Yellowstone Park, WY Saw herds of bison on our way through to Red Lodge.

#0728 Traditional Cache Top of the World Geocache by  thewaterman
Bearfr waited and worried in the car, since Frogswarts was soon out of site over the edge of the hill, with no way to call for help – since he left the phone in the car. But no worries, he got the cache safely.
Top of the World cache

[log] Yellowstone Park, WY What a hike. Wind, sleet, cold, tired. Worth it. Thanks for this cache. TNLNSL.

#0729 Virtual Cache History at 9000 Feet by Tandembiker Bozeman, MT - July 3, 2006
History at 9000 feet cache

[log]Yellowstone Park, MT Great place to stop and stretch the legs; incredible views.

#0730 Traditional Cache Bozeman Trail 1 by MtnCrawlers  

[log] Bozeman, MT Traded a Hong Kong coin for a Mexican dollar. Nice stop on the way up from the Top of the World.

#0731 Traditional Cache ORANGE CRUSH Cache by Jitterbug205 & Horseman  

[log] Bozeman, MT Took us about 10 minutes from start to finish; GPS was very accurate, but we just missed it in the first search by.

#0732 Traditional Cache The Pin Tin by Jitterbug205 & Horseman  

[log] Bozeman, MT Our last cache of our Yellowstone trip; made this one harder than it had to be. Traded a flag pin for the "We're not lost" pin - it seemed appropriate.



#0733 Traditional Cache Circle Rock  by ClancyCrawlers Montana - July 14, 2006


[log] We had to recon and decide which path of numerous to start with, but had no trouble finding the cache. The natural feature is well worth the visit; it's especially cool from below after you've found it. We have driven here many times and never looked up at this particular spot. Do watch which path to take down; one leads into a private campground. Thanks ClancyCrawlers.


Ours #60 Event CacheMontana Geo Memories by frogwarts & bearfr Helena, Montana - July 22, 2006


Log Sheet Games
Math Cache Finds
Zac,Kim, Wanda Cheyenne
GeoPanther Mr. Solyent Pink
Wildburg and Soylent Pink Wrench & Wench
Photo of Geo Friends

[cache log in memory of our great friend yumitori, master of the haiku]

Late into the night,
Laboring over my poems;
A nightingale cries.


#0734 Traditional Cache Remember the Miners by jaxonlee Walkerville, Montana - July 29, 2006


[log] Interesting history. Original log is full; we logged on a piece of paper the previous cacher left.


#0735 Traditional Cache HGBP - York by Smiling Dog York, Montana - August 1, 2006


[log] First to find, and what a delightful surprise tucked away in the hills. Just the kind of geocaching surprise we love. We would love to know the history of the place a little further, and what the cache initials stand for. We did feel the terrain was more like a 3.5 going up, but we found an alternate easier trail coming down that was definitely a 2, although not as obvious a starting place from the coords. We enjoyed this #735 for us immensely on a cool August evening.


Notes:Another Missoula Caching Trip with 15 finds.

#0736 Traditional Cache Cache on a Mission #1 - St. Ignatius
by yumitori (adopted by leonata)
St. Ignatius, MT
& Missoula, MT
- August 20, 2006

[log] St. Ignatius, MT First of a 15 day caching trip on the way back from the Dive Fest at Blue Bay on Flathead Lake to Helena. Easy find, but lots of muggles ona Sunday.

#0737 Puzzle Cache Ramblers Hostel  by yumitori  

[log] Missoula, MT Had to guess at what words to decode since they didn't download to the PDA, and got it on the first try at the cache! Left a green jeep and took the Maryland to Maryland TB. #738 Missoula, MT Never seen a REAL one before; great work on the hide.

#0738 Traditional Cache Stoned!  by mttroutslyr  


#0739 Traditional Cache New Meadows by iamaninja  

[log] Missoula, MT Sneaky hint, but we think off the box! #740 Missoula, MT

#0740 Traditional Cache Just Horsin' Around  by Raynebeau  

[log] Missoula, MT We loved this one; it was one of the favorites in a 15 cache day.

#0741 Traditional Cache  Big Bus by cameljocky  

[log] Missoula, MT Cameljockey, cameljockey, we're finally getting you figured out. Cool hide.

#0742 Traditional Cache Diamond  by cameljocky  

[log] Missoula, MT Very sneaky; liked it a lot, and put it back just so. Thanks for a cool one.

#0743 Traditional Cache max's treasure  by jwillyd  

[log] Missoula, MT Thank heavens the muggles weren't home! Grabbed Baby Steps TB and left a green jeep.

#0744 Traditional Cache Moose Can Gully  by FourJs/truejbird  

[log] Missoula, MT One of the day's favorites, even uphill. A clever hide on a shady trail on a hot day. Thanks.

#0745 Traditional Cache South (Hills) Park: Micros for the Masses VI  by Leonata  

[log] Missoula, MT Nice hide, but way too easy; lose the hint to make it more of a challenge says Frogwarts and Bearfr.

#0746 Traditional Cache Wallyworld At The Zoo  by FourJs  

[log] Missoula, MT Well, had to have a lifeline tell us "Yes, it's still there" before we took our blinders off and saw what was right in front of our eyeballs the whole time. Wow, how easy it is to be blind on a simple one sometimes! Juicy hide for a hot day.

#0747 Traditional Cache On The Border by cameljocky  

[log] Missoula, MT Oh, did we love the cleverness on this one! Used the tool and all. We do love your caches!

#0748 Traditional Cache Finntroll's Old Home  by cerulean_2  

[log] Missoula, MT He's right; it's right there to find, even in the midst of the "senior picture taking" event going on, and find it we did. Water's not a problem now.

#0749 Traditional Cache Down The Trail - Micro Mania VII by yumitori (Adopted by Wooley Moran)  

[log] Missoula, MT No signal, a signal, move the location, bounce, bounce, bounce, but finally it was really there - thanks friend!


Bob Marshall Wilderness
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