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1726 Onward - Part I
#1726 Traditional Cache In Memoriam In The Memorial Garden by houstonherp Sun City Center, FL - February 8, 2014
Easy find once Bear switched from compass to Geo-sense.
[log] Compass nuts. Used Geo-sense from the Bear. Following Chief Turtle everywhere we go.

These last two were outstanding tricky hides by gj4x4; we love to score on his hides. We know from experience with gj4x4 not to give up; it's there and you can bet you are looking right at it!

#1727 Traditional Cache 24th ST Gate by gj4x4 Sun City Center, FL - February 8, 2014
Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center
[log] Scratched our heads and then Bear went ah-ha!
1727 post 1727 spoiler
#1728 Traditional Cache END OF THE ROAD by gj4x4 Sun City Center, FL - February 8, 2014
Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center
[log] Frogs' hands finally moved right on this one. Sure took 2 old salts long enough!

1728 Hide 1728 View


Finished up the Camp Bayou Learning Center hiking caches and topped the day with two fun gj4x4 challenges. Without gj4x4 we might get old!!!

#1729 Traditional Cache Bayou 10th Anniversary by campbayou.org Camp Bayou Learning Center
& Sun City Center , FL -
February 22, 2014
[log] Great area. Thanks.
#1730 Traditional Cache Tortoise Trail Trick by campbayou.org  
[log] Nice trail system. TFTH
#1731 Traditional Cache River Rambler by campbayou.org  
[log] Really beautiful day for a hike. TF NOT a PG. Left a TB.
#1732 Traditional CacheStop and watch the grass grow  by  gj4x4
Hint: Do posts move, Huh?!
[log] Oh gj this was an evil little "magnetic". Thanks for making FL geocaching so fun.
#1733 Traditional Cache Troubled Water Bridge by gj4x4
Hint: It's not the nuts! Think again.
[log] Being a writer Frog finally saw the thread of the story behind another one of these great hides.


Start and end your day with a gj4x4 hide!!

#1734 Traditional Cache Amazon Trail #1 by gj4x4 Ruskin, FL - February 23, 2014
[log] Found the container; very clever. It needs maintenance so will email owner pictures of the problem.
1734-amazon trail
#1735 Traditional Cache HHMI - .410 @ 2509 1/7 by Hawkhaven  
[log] Clever name. This one had less muggles than the last time we drove by. TFTH
#1736 Traditional Cache 15th & 3rd by gj4x4  
[log] Another Frog find!! Bear better shape up.
1736 fence hide
#1737 Traditional Cache The wall of many faces turn to the Sun by drchris709  
[log] Yup quick 1-1.Tfth . Beautiful Mural - worth the visit.
1737 many faces
#1738 Traditional Cache Ruskin Inlet by gj4x4  
[log] We're on to you now! Bear found the location and Frog spied the secret.
1738 inlet 1738 bolt 1738 surprise



Notes: A 9 cache day in Brandon, FL with 8 caches in the Alderman’s Ford Nature Preserve north of the Alifia River

What started out as a simple challenge cache for having done a 5/5 cache, ended up containing an 8 cache-find day in gorgeous Alderman's Ford Nature Preserve south of Highway 60 in Brandon, FL, near the Alifia River. The trail was smooth, wide and grassed, the day sunny and brisk, the river filled with slowly moving water and giant cypress trees. We finished up with a final challenge cache based on our miles-traveled-to-finds from our stats on geocaching.

#1739 Traditional Cache Cuda- 116 Hanger by cuda2304

Brandon, FL &
Alderman's Ford Nature Preserve -
February 28, 2014

[log] 1st of the day and preserve.
#1740 Traditional Cache Cuda- 117 The Official Bucket by cuda2304  
[log] #2 in this great area
#1741 Traditional Cache Cuda-115 Hanger by cuda2304  
[log] #3 on a beautiful trail in a gorgeous winter day.
#1742 Traditional Cache Cuda-119 Bucket by the River by cuda2304  
[log] #4 under the shade this time.
#1743 Traditional Cache Cuda-118 River view by cuda2304  
[log] Awesome views. Quirky cords but they finally came down to 5ft. Who's lazy here, the river or James (Frogwarts)?

Clover at the River Lazy River?
#1744 Traditional Cache Cuda-121 What the bucket is going on here?  by cuda2304  
[log] #6 on the trail today. A serene hike.
#1745 Traditional Cache Cuda-120 Another bucket? by cuda2304  
[log] Did have to go off trail system by the iris at 386 feet.

Off Trail Iris
#1746 Traditional Cache Challenge 5/5 cache by Bobber! and Pop Pop Cuda
Hint: A challenge cache you can't log unless you've done a 5 Difficulty/5 Terrain cache
[log] Hoped for FTF by 2nd will do. We found Prevaicator’s Cache, a 5/5 in MT on 9/25/14
#1747 Traditional Cache #300 - Theresa the Geomobile Challenge 
by Jakesnake12013 & USFDad12013
Hint: A challenge cache you can't log unless your miles to find total is over 250,000 miles.
[log] Our profile for 1738 caches totals to 1, 691,291 miles.

Miles to Log


Notes: A 17-cache day with no DNFs on a gorgeous spring Florida day south of Sun City Center between Hway 41 and Hway 301.

#1748 Traditional Cache HHMI - Sunshine Village  by Hawkhaven
Hint: Not a 2.0 now that it was replaced and simply hung on the fence
Sun City Center, FL
- March 14, 2014
[log] Really quick find now that it's been replaced. TFTREPLACE.
#1749 Traditional Cache Need A Good Paddling by infiniteMPG & Paddler Found
Hint: Bison hanging on the pole
[log] TFTH and the hint.
#1750 Traditional Cache GRC - Timucua Cache to Eagle #9 by Timucua2010 adopted by rbct109
Hint: A roadside park and tree grab
[log] Quick PG.
#1751 Traditional Cache Easy as 1-2-3 by Hawkhaven
Hint: At Hawk’s place, with a code of 1,2,3 to open the lock on the fake power box.
[log] Thanks Hawk We love the creative ones. Our favorite of the day.
1751 hide
#1752 Traditional Cache Cows and cars by chief040102
Hint: A quickie on the metal barrier – a cracked 3-sided reflector.
[log] Left the 1/4 for the next finder. TF a quick one.
#1753 Traditional Cache Modern Cowboys by Hawkhaven
A huge sandhill crane flew overhead on this one.
[log] Good job to Frog on finding this one. TFTC
#1754 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - The Turn by ^up
Hint: Another power pole/fence combo for numbers.
[log] QPG TFT series. Log is wet.
#1755 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - Valroy by ^up
Hint: A power pole pink-capped playdough container hide with a GPS talk by the resident fruit farmer.
[log] Another quickie. Met the fruit farmer who told us all about how to lay beds with a GPS system.
#1756 Traditional Cache Hitched Up by Hawkhaven
Hint: A clever hide in a sawed-off piece of the hitchin’ post.
[log] Another clever Hawk hide. Thanks.
#1757 Traditional Cache Cockroach Creek Greenway by Hawkhaven
The snake rattled and warned that he did not want to have to eat Frogwarts on this find, so we ran and skipped logging .
[log] Taking a find w/o log today since the cache was guarded by the coils of hell. We moved when he rattled. Picture is taken from afar with a VERY long zoom lenses!!

1751 hide
#1758 Traditional Cache Zengel Zingy Pinny Thingy by Hawkhaven & Abby the Explorer  
[log] Logged this one w/o seeing a snake.
#1759 Traditional Cache Old Scarface by Hawkhaven  
[log] Nice hike to get 4 today. Missing a log. Left a bear and frog for find.
#1760 Traditional Cache Connor's Cache Stash by Lil Landshark
Hint: Hidden in the white plastic fence post.
[log] Yup quick find if you know where to look.
#1761 Traditional Cache 33596/7 by Hawkhaven
Hint: A nano inside another box on pole 7
[log] Cute little guy. TFTH
#1762 Traditional Cache Hidden Away by Hawkhaven
Hint: A bullet in the sign pole.
[log] Definately a high caliber Hawk hide. Thanks.
#1763 Traditional Cache Divine InterFishin' by Riverview CacheAways
Frogwarts finally found this one after the clear lid nearby made us think it had been destroyed.
[log] How about at base of fallen tree. A find clear plastic lid at GC site threw us off.

1751 hide
#1764 Traditional Cache RED DWARF by drchris709
Hint: Bearfr caught the hint with a RED Sun Times newsbox.
[log] Last of the day. Super nova easy. TFTC


Notes: Eleven eggs in our basket today caching east of SCC on SR 674 - a complete Hawkhaven hide day.

#1765 Traditional CacheStop for the Roses by Hawkhaven
SR 674 east of Sun City Center, FL
- March 21, 2014
Picked up one that had been blocked by a muggle in a truck last time.
[log] Almost too easy. TF adding to the numbers.
#1766 Traditional Cache V2V Ode to a Tree by Hawkhaven
Hint: Obviously look to the tree. Bear was too short to get it so Frog saved the day.
[log] Easy find for a bird.
#1767 Traditional Cache V2V Bovine Landscaping by Hawkhaven
Hint: No bovines today but a nice hide in a hollow log with fishing line.
[log] Now this one is more Hawkish. TFTH
#1768 Traditional Cache V2V Easy One by Hawkhaven
Hint: Magnetic on the guardrail. Frog missed it, so Bear scored
[log] Bear beat out Frog for this one.
#1769 Traditional Cache V2V Egg You On by Hawkhaven
Hint: Bushwacked to the egg container in the trees.
[log] Lots of eggs and a totally wet log. We could log though.
#1770 Traditional CacheV2V Big Sky by Hawkhaven
Hint: Had to look at the bottom of the metal fence post to get the touchDOWN
[log] Frog scores a TD.
#1771 Traditional Cache V2V Country Gentrification by Hawkhaven
Hint: Cool one - always check the electric tubing when Hawk caching
- never know when it's not real.
[log] Bear took the lid off the secret here.
#1772 Traditional Cache V2V Rakewing Shoveltail by Hawkhaven
Hint: Our fav of the day. A fighter jet made from plastic shovels and rakes hung in the tree.
[log] Oh heavens cool. Thanks Hawk.

Rakewing Rakewing2
#1773 Traditional Cache V2V Speck in Your Eye by Hawkhaven
Hint: Second fav - Bear scored this little guy – a nano in the reflector.
[log] Can we give it 2 stars? You always make it fun!!

Speck Mushrooms nearby were too cool to miss.Mushrooms Nearby
#1774 Traditional Cache V2V Phosphate! by Hawkhaven
Hint: Are shells phosphate?
[log] Interesting one considering the name.Tfth.

#1775 Traditional Cache V2V Lighter by Hawkhaven
Hint: Drilled into the “lighter” of the two logs.
[log] Last of a good day. Log packed full. We used up our last one so can't replace.


Notes: A 10 cache day along Big Bend Road in Florida after shopping in Brandon. The most amazing thing we saw all day was the turtle!

#1776 Traditional Cache Ball on the BP by finderstimestwo
Hint: A can in the tree near the concrete ball.
Big Bend Road, FL - April 4, 2014
[log] It's not near the ball but we found it nearby.
#1777 Traditional Cache It's raining Cat's and Dogs by finderstimestwo  
[log] QPG
#1778 Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 092 - Health and Auto Care at 301 by MicroManiacs
Hint: In the bole of the tree too high for Bear to reach with a bad shoulder.
[log] Bear knew where it was but needed Frog to reach it.
#1779 Traditional Cache Village Short Stop by llednil  
[log] Soaking wet. Can't log.
#1780 Traditional CacheThe Network Is Beside You by llednil  
[log] Coords off but easy find.
#1781 Traditional Cache bum ba dum bum bum bum bum #4 by theBEHEMOTH  
[log] Easy quick find.TFTH
#1782 Traditional Cache 4 on the Fairway - #1 by llednil  
[log] Bear found it. Log still dry.
#1783 Traditional Cache 4 on the Fairway - #2  by llednil
Hint: Camo’ed pill bottle in slat fence. Found while Frog took a picture of the turtle nearby.
[log] Nice area. Lots of turtles to photograph.
Turtle Scene
Log Duck
#1784 Traditional Cache 4 on the Fairway - #3 by llednil
Hint: Pill bottle hanging on a wire in a PVC tube.
[log] Cute little thing found hanging around by Bear.
#1785 Traditional Cache Stop & Ring The Bell  by llednil
Hint: To the side of  Beall’s in the stop sign.
[log] Final QPG for today


Notes: Solar Blind shopping sent us to Lowe's in Gibsonton, so we decided to hang around the area, nab a few local caches and hike some of the Alafai Nature Preserve for the last two caches.

#1786 Traditional Cache How Lowes Can You Go In Riverview Once Again by Mr. & Mrs. Lighteye
Hint: Behind Lowe's in the trees
Gibsonton, FL
- April 18, 2014
[log] Frog had the best stretch. No muggles.
#1787 Traditional Cache Happy 13th by eeyoresgirl96
Hint: Nice regular size cache in the bushes
[log] Easy find. Beautiful vegetation.
#1788 Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 001 - Sleeping Policemen by MicroManiacs
Hint: "Stop" by the "sign and enjoy the park
[log] Quick PG. TFTH. Nice Park.
#1789 Traditional Cache BSA Series - Backpacking Merit Badge by RBCT109  
[log] Our 1st in preserve. Needs new log.
#1790 Traditional Cache BSA Series - American Heritage Merit Badge by RBCT109  
[log]Right on top of it; says the blind!
Alafai Preserve Bearfr

We will come back another time for the rest of the preserve caches; long hikes and tiny micros in the woods frustrated us for today.


Notes: A grand trip to Highlands Hammock State Park near Sebring, FL. We walked the boardwalks, spying tiny animals such as dragonflies, squirrels who downed wild oranges just for us and showed us how they crack an acorn, huge green bullfrogs, black and red banded snakes sunning on the logs, and millions of tiny lizards playing hide & seek, but unfortunately no gators, finding 10 caches and spending the gorgeous sunny day together.

Highlands Hammock

Squirrel Oranges Flower2
Black Snake Dragonfly King Snake
Dragonfly Wings Flower Hide & Seek
Frog Spiderweb Frog2
ReflectionImage and Reflection
Grader Reflection Down Reflection pointing into the water
#1791 Traditional Cache Fern's Garden by Rabid_Duck
Hint: A bison hung off the boardwalk rail.
Highlands Hammock State Park,
Sebring, FL - April 26, 2014
[log] Great find. Lots of frogs,lizards, and snakes.
#1792 Traditional CacheYellow Rat Snake by Rabid_Duck
Hint: This was a very large bison-type container off the rail.
A great boardwalk; we got two caches and saw lots of tiny lizards, frogs and snakes (non-venomous) along the iridescent butterflies.
[log] #2 today. Lots of lizards, frogs, and snakes.


#1793 Traditional CacheAntique Road Equipment  by Rabid_Duck
Hint: Looked all over the black gears for this tiny black nano before Frog’s finders just happened to touch this one.
Great antique road grader.
[log] Frog scores at last. Great hide
#1794 Traditional Cache Ben by Rabid_Duck
Hint: The little rat (literally) gave us a crazy coord chase.
[log] Bear scored this little one- ugly am I he said
#1795 Traditional Cache Mississippi by Rabid_Duck
Hint: In the trunk of a hollow cypress tree – a clear vial with goodies.
[log] Interesting hide- #2 for us this trail.
#1796 Traditional Cache Young Hammock  by Rabid_Duck
Hint: The GPS kept taking us to the wrong end of the downed tree to find  the white tupperware cache.

[log] Listen to the GPS on this one. Nice to 3 cache hike overall.
#1797 Traditional Cache Just Between Us by GoofyButterfly
Hint: We looked on the wrong side of the road for a while before Frog spotted it – a black cylinder in a broken off three-trunk tree.

[log] GPS ON WRONG SIDE.Easy find however
#1798 Traditional CacheI Thought I Saw a Gator by Auntcack3
Hint: A simple magnetic bridge hide.
We were disappointed that no gators were here or in the park today.
[log] Muggles fishing made it tough
#1799 Traditional CachePyro by Rabid_Duck
Hint: A clever hide with an extra link of chain on the fence, which unlocked to hide a tiny nano with log.
Our favorite of the day for making us think, and the one we consider our 10th ANNIVERSARY OF GEOCACHING CACHE!
[log] Immensely enjoyable natural hide. Thanks for making us think!!!
#1800 Traditional Cache Cracker Trail Museum
by Jake's GrandMa and GrandPa and Cruiser Two TB
Bone Mizell’s (Morgan Bonapart Mizell) tribute to the cattle drive which originated here.
[log] Found. Will email
Cracker Trail Bone Mizell


Notes: A birthday trip for Penny turning 63 to Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park with friends Janice & Art Rousseau. This turned out to be a fabulous wildlife location for both viewing and photography. Manatees in crystal clear spring water at 4 feet, alligators sunning on the logs, deer, bobcats, a brand new baby Florida panther, turtles in the creek, otters playing joyfully in the springs, and even a 54 year old hippo left over from the 1970's movie days. Swans, flamingoes flashing orange in the sun, storks, ducks, spoonbills, hawks, eagles, and a trio of red fox rounded out the day. The $13.00 park fee included 2 boat tours to and from the springs, which are open 365 days a year with both captive and wild animals.

Homosassa Springs Homosassa Springs
Alligator Baby Alligators
Bird Deer
Falcon Bath Fish
Flamingoes Manatee in the Springs
River Otter Spoonbill
Bobcat Fox
Hippo Owl
Eagle with Flag


#1801 Traditional Cache Picnic at the Park by Citrus County Visitors & Convention Bureau Homosassa Springs
State Wildlife Park
- May 5, 2014
A regular ammo-box cache to introduce our friends Janice & Art Rousseau to geocaching.
[log] Found with friends Art and Janice.
#1802 Traditional CacheHomosassa Springs by Team RedCow  
[log] Found it on a trip to celebrate Bearfr's 63rd birthday.


Notes: South of SCC along Highway 41, we set out to find some challenge caches for which we built Bookmark Lists.

#1803 Traditional Cache Numbers: Caches in 5 countries not US Challenge by Hawkhaven
Hint: A hard to find guardrail bison.

South of Sun City Center
on Highway 41
- May 9, 2014
[log] We qualify see our BM lists on profile.
#1804 Traditional Cache World's Smallest Multi by Hawkhaven
Hint: Stage 1 –contact lenses case; voila stage 2.
[log] Found stage 2 w/o stage 1.

#1805 Traditional Cache Numbers: Caches in 3 National Forests Challenge by Hawkhaven

List of Caches in 3 National Forests (all Montana)
[log] We qualify see our BM lists on profile.
#1806 Traditional Cache Numbers: 10 States in a Year Challenge by Hawkhaven

List of Caches in 10 states in a year(12 days actually)
[log] We qualify see our BM lists on profile.Shawn, the owner of the nearby fruit stand, brought this one out to us.  She rescued it from the existing guard rail when the county started replacing them and will return it when they are done.
#1807 Traditional Cache Fun in the Hayloft  by Hawkhaven
Hint: So green hanging on the fence where the boys could watch.
[log] Definitely blatant further south.
Fun in the Hayloft
#1808 Traditional Cache Port Manatee by Hawkhaven
Hint: A magnetic on the Port Manatee sign; hard because of the evergreens.
[log] Hard access with muggles
Port Manatee
#1809 Traditional Cache Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Challenge II  by Michaelinda
List of Caches starting with the letters in Supercalifragilistic
An easy in the woods find.
[log] Yay! Not a guardrail! TFTC. SEE BM list in profile.
#1810 Traditional Cache County Line Find by chief040102

Hint: A regular cache; don’t try for this in rainy season.
[log] TF a quick last find of the day.


Notes: A caching trip to finish the challenge caches on Route 41

#1811 Traditional Cache Numbers: Cached in 1/2 of United States Challenge by Hawkhaven
Hint: A 4.5 LPC??
Sun City Center
North on Hway 41
- May 11, 2014
[log] How about a D1 for us today. Yay. TFTS. We have cached all continental US except Indiana and Ohio. See the map on our profile page.
#1812 Traditional Cache Acronym by ZoweeMindy
Hint: PAF on tag on fence with a phone number to call for the second stage. Best ever.
[log] We had such fun with this. Clever CO.
Fence Acronymn Final Site
#1813 Traditional Cache So Incognito by GreatScott4
Hint: Hanging in the water grate.
[log] When we lived in MT we called this a Leonata after the cacher that did this a lot.
#1814 Traditional Cache Numbers: Least Used Letters in Titles Challenge by Hawkhaven
Hint: A simple bison on the guardrail.
[log] Easy peasy this AM.see BM list on profile.
#1815 Traditional Cache MiraBay Village PNG by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Bison attached to the bottom of the rebar in the parking rail.
[log] Bear tried the wrong one; Frog tried the right one. Clever hide.
Rebar Hide
#1816 Traditional Cache Numbers: 100 Finds Challenge  by Hawkhaven
Hint: Like all the rest in this series.
[log] At 1816 when found.
#1817 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - Close to the Source by ^up
[log] Looked all over. Found on ground. Replaced in better place but CO should check placement. .


Notes: Ruskin west of 41

#1818 Traditional Cache Ruskin Inet #3 by gj4x4
Install a triangle brace on the bridge structure. Hide a bison behind it with a retractable cord and only a tiny white tidbit to be visible.  How does the CO think of this stuff.

Ruskin, FL - May 16, 2014
[log] Clever as usual. Vandalism of bridge is sad.
Cache Hide

#1819 Traditional Cache Ruskin Inet #2 by gj4x4

Hint: Bear was thrilled to find the guardrail bolt that had been decapitated, a nano attached to the head with a magnetic bottom that would hold tight to the rest of the bolt.  So So Clever!! And a 2 for 1 for a challenge cache nearby to top that.
[log] Oh goodie!! Bear found it and qualified for Lonely cache by 2 days. Last found here 12/14/13. Thanks GJ.
#1820 Traditional Cache Numbers: The Lonely Cache by Hawkhaven
Hint: Simple magnetic guardrail hide.
[log] Qualified today by 2 days over 6 months on Ruskin #2
#1821 Traditional Cache High Tide by gj4x4

Hint: Not the screw head on the subdivision wall which we saw first, but the capped pipe with a u-shaped equalizer pipe.  Take off the cap, retrieve the fishing line, remove the u-shaped top and fish in the two remaining pipes for the prize.

[log] Great fishing today after no bites for a while. Thanks for all your cleverness.
#1822 Traditional Cache The 4 BodyGaurds by drchris709

Hint: Bison drilled into a rock in bowl of 4 palmetto trees.

[log] Think unknown not usual. Nice area TFTC.
Little Harbor Beach Bodyguard Hide Birds on beach
4 Bodyguards, Little Harbor Beach & Birds


Notes: Dade City Fl while attending the Hummingbird Festival at the Pioneer Museum. No hummers, but lots of Birds of Prey.

Beautiful examples of plants on the Pioneer Museum Grounds

Lily Shrimp Plant

Lily, Shrimp Plant, Ti Plant

Ti Plant


Rescue Animals from the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, shown at the Pioneer Museum

Cara Cara
A Florida Cara-Cara

Barred Owl
Mystic, a Barred Owl

Red Shouldered Hawk
Rusty, a juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk

Hybrid Falcon
Shaheen, a male Hybrid Falcon

Eastern Screech Owl
Wooki, a female Eastern Screech Owl

#1823 Traditional Cache Peek-A-Boo, I See You by Eagle Dad
Hint: Simple clear vial in crotch of the large tree. Shared it with Art & Janice.
Dade City, FL - May 17, 2014
[log] Quick easy one. TF the fun.
#1824 Traditional Cache Geppetto's Son by capt.roberts
Hint: Clever sawed in two log with a locking twist to hide the large bison inside.  Took the scenic route thru the woods from the car.
[log] Found with Art & Janice at Hummingbird festival.
Gepettos Son


Notes: Along Del Webb and Teco roads in Sun City Center. Our favorite was the nature trail on #1827.

#1825 Traditional Cache V2V Not Another One of These!  by Hawkhaven  
Hint: Film Canister in the ground receptible.
Sun City Center, FL - May 23, 2014
[log] Film Canister in the ground receptible.
#1826 Traditional Cache V2V Guarding Upper Creek by Hawkhaven  
Hint: Red duct tape container on the guardrail
[log] Quick #2 for the morning. Thanks for the series
#1827 Traditional Cache It oughta been easier by vidorspider
Hint: In the woods near the Eagle Audobon viewing station called window in the woods.
[log] Wonderful walking trail that we didn't know about. Thanks for a great hide.

Butterfly Ducks
Feeders Lake
Squirrel 2 Squirrel
#1828 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - John Rose by ^up & others  
Hint: Hanging in a tree
[log] Quick find with hint and cache notes..


Notes: Tried some caches in Brandon to get our cache for May 24 stat.

#1829 Traditional Cache First American Eagle on the Verizon  by Smiling Little Perch
Hint: Easy one on the back of the Freedom Memorial.
Brandon, FL - May 24, 2014
[log] Quick grab in a beautiful memorial. Thanks.

Eagle Statue
#1830 Traditional Cache The Outpost by Fur and Krystal
Hint: Had to find the barrier break across from the Nature Trail bridge; simple camo canister at the end of a nature trail walk.
[log] Nice.walk thru woods. Start off Parkway.
#1831 Traditional Cache Come Flow with me!  by Smiling Little Perch
Hint: Magnetic on the fourth of 8 bridge struts
[log] Found the half.

Park Memorial
Lake Agave Flower
Gardenia Gardenia Panorama


Notes: Tried some new caches by Ye Krewe Briones ( 8) - Four were easy and 4 stumped us - We'll be back!

#1832 Traditional Cache Don't break the law!!! by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: That third bolt doesn’t go through, does it.
Ruskin, FL - May 30, 2014
[log] Ahha- had one like this in MT.
#1833 Traditional Cache Mountain Garbage by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: The can isn’t garbage yet, but is deteriorating
[log] TFTC But seems likely to disappear. Container is breaking down
#1834 Traditional Cache 26385 32716... WHAT? by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Nicely put together tin can.
[log] Found this one quickly. Nice container.
#1835 Traditional Cache Beaudette Park  by chief040102
Hint: Bear finally spotted the camo inside the tree ring – no help from the GPSer.
[log] No Gps for a while but geosence prevailed. TFTH
#1836 Traditional Cache company for my jugless friend  by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Cache underneath a beer bottle bottom
[log] Quick one here though not what we expected.


Notes: We set out to finish the last day left in May for hitting a cache to complete our stats.

#1837 Traditional Cache Old Fashioned Graffiti  by  Hawkhaven
Hint: Part of the tree; we re-located because of a severe any problem.
Ruskin, FL - May 31, 2014
[log] This finishes us for every day in May. Container was ant covered so we knocked them off and readjusted the placement just slightly to avoid the anthill. Thanks for a nice morning walk and old-fashioned graffiti
#1838 Traditional Cache Royal Empress by Hawkhaven
Hint: Quick find under the rail of the fence.
[log] Quickie on a beautiful morning.
#1839 Traditional Cache The Wide mouth cover up! part 2 by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint:A wide mouth can top that we swear was not there yesterday.
[log] How we missed this yesterday??? Who knows. Easy find today. TF a nice series.
#1840 Traditional Cache make mine a beer...NOT! by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Beer Bottle top that we swear was not there yesterday.
[log] Cleaning up the rest of the series today.
#1841 Traditional Cache Don't give Meds to the Fishes by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Prescription bottle top that we swear was not there yesterday.
[log] Easy find today. Where was it yesterday?


Notes: 6/11/14 Did a couple of caches to add June 11 to our stats.

#1842 Traditional Cache Buckeye Birds #13—Tweety’s Revenge by PadreJim
Hint: Pill bottle in palm
Sun City Center, FL - June 11, 2014
[log] June 11 goes down for our stats. TFTC
#1843 Traditional Cache Buckeye Birds #12—Big Bird by PadreJim
Hint: Camo’d Tupperware
[log] Found it even though GPS was nuts.


Notes: We are >=1@ day caching to fill our missing days on the Geo-Calendar.

#1844 Traditional Cache V2V 4 Quarts Low in SCC by Hawkhaven
Hint: Post in woods with a water cache, holes at the bottom to plug.

Sun City Center, FL - June 21, 2014
Sun City Center - June 23, 2014
[log] Log soaked so we will email a photo for proof.

1844-Location 1844 Log 1844 Cache
#1845 Traditional Cache "CAN" you cross the rough crossing? by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Typical “garbage” can hidden in rough
Sun City Center - June 28, 2014
[log] Worked too hard in bushes then spotted it elsewhere. TF this series.

1845 Can 1845 Location
#1846 Traditional Cache Wall of many faces lost a soda! by Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Surprised the “soda” was still there.
Sun City Center - July 7, 2014
[log] The usual. Thanks for putting out new caches so we can cache on missing days.

1846-Wall of Many Faces

ARGH! We missed June 30th!!!

#1847 Traditional Cache County Line Post by chief040102
Hint: Cypress rotted knob that looked so natural
Sun City Center - July 8, 2014
[log] OMG make it a 3.5. Very clever hide. Frog deserves kudos for finding this one!!!
#1848 Traditional Cache Hissing Cockroach by Hawkhaven
Hint: Climbed the fence rather than walk to the access point in the heat.
Sun City Center - July 8, 2014
[log] Easy find. Nice container. Access point coords would be good.
#1849 Traditional Cache SB1 by seabreezedrive
Hint: Coords showed wrong end and wrong side of guardrail.
Sun City Center - July 8, 2014
[log] Coords off 100 ft and right for us. Just used hint until found. Nice fish spot..


Notes: We had a gorgeous day to celebrate the start of Frog's 65th birthday weekend; Fort Pierce on the opposite Florida coast from Sun City Center drew us with a multitude of different attractions. First was spending the sunrise hours on the beach at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, a rocky beach covered in sea grape bushes drooping with pendulous bunches of green grape-like fruit pods, shore birds and paddleboarders, leading to a trail through the Coastal Hummock forest .

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

Islet Beach Paddleboarder Coastline
Islet Beach Flower Shorebird Sea Grape

From there it was on to the UDT Naval Seal Museum to learn that the original SEALs had no rebreather equipment, but simply held their breath for as much as 6 minutes and swam with trunks, a knife and a pouch. The history of these valiant men was fascinating.


UDT Naval Seal Museum

Seal 1> Seal 4
Seal 2 Seal 3 Seal 5 Seal 6

Our third stop was the Heathcote Botanical Gardens - home of over 100 Bonai trees, some cultivated for over 45 years in Florida. The rainforest section there was a delight, sporting a temperature drop of 10 degrees simply by walking into a different section of vegetation.

Heathcote Gardens

Heathcote Flamingo Plant Banana Tree>

Our fourth and final stop was the Harbour Beach Oceanograpic Institute, where we were treated to a personal tour of all the marine life animal science and its use in medical research, as well as a truly organic fish farm which uses no chemicals to raise fish for consumption. All in all just the kind of nature that Frog and Bear love. Happy Birthday Frog.

Harbour Beach Ocenograpic Institute

Huge Hermit CrabHermit Crab
#1850 Traditional CacheORGT: Fort Pierce Inlet State Park by FloridaParkService
Hint: Coords were almost impossible because of undergrowth over trail, but Frog spotted it finally.

Fort Pierce, FL
Inlet State Park
- July 11, 2014
[log] Wandered with phone coords for a while then Frog spotted it. TFTH BEAUTIFUL MORNING.
#1851 Traditional Cache Coastal Hammock Trail at Fort Pierce Inlet SP by Joshism
Hint: Easy find near the trail; very interesting botanical information from the guide.
[log] Easy #2 for the park. Beautiful trail with interesting tree info.


Notes: Continuing on with our quest to fill in missing caching days in the July calendar.

#1852 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - Middle Ground by ^up
Hint: Climbed the fence to get this; it’s not posted No Trespass and assume the fence was not there originally.
Apollo Beach, FL
- July 18, 2014
[log] Have to climb fence but not posted. Beautiful morning.
#1853 Traditional Cache "Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate"  by ZoweeMindy
Apollo Beach, FL
- July 19, 2014
Such a beautiful path around a reed-edged pond surrounded by huge live oaks, missing only a hundred rope swings for the children
[log] Enjoyed the puzzle and even more the beautiful scenery on the walk to the cache this gorgeous cool morning. The huge oak is amazing. Wanted to put up a rope swing like when we were little.

Pond Bearfr at Pond Pond2
#1854 Traditional Cache Geo"K"aching Tools of the Trade #12 by RBCT109
Hint: Typical LP
Big Bend Road, FL
- July 20, 2014
[log] Easy grab in a gorgeous morning.
#1855 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - The Source by ^up
Hint: Cleared the spiderwebs along the fence, then found the camo’d jar quickly.
Big Bend Road, FL
- July 20, 2014
[log] Not as tricky as we expected. TFTSeries.
#1856 Traditional Cache Odds are...  by theBEHEMOTH and GuateMeHa
Hint: A bison in the barrier pole on fish line, with a metal hook to retrieve.  Rated too high.
US 301, FL
- July 21, 2014
[log] Found it right off the bat. TF a cool one.

#1857 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - US 301 by  ^up
Hint: Plastic container hooked to chain on the fence.
US 301, FL
- July 22, 2014
[log] Easy find on a gorgeous bottom fog sun-lit morning.
#1858 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - Pembroke Rd by ^up
Hint: Plastic container at base of pole.
Big Bend Road
- July 26,2014
[log] Quick find in a dew lite morning
#1859 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - East Bound & Down by ^up
Hint: Geo X on the rocks that hid the cache
[log] Geo x helped with this find
#1860 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - Parkington Drive by ^up
Hint: Dark camo’d film canister in weeds
[log] Blind,,look and ye shall see
#1861 Traditional CacheMicroInvasion 070 - Fenceline by MicroManiacs
Hint: Down the road from an abandoned house with a connected mother-in-law’s house.
[log] Don't blink or you might miss this one.Thanks for helping clean up our missing geo days.
#1862 Traditional Cache bullfrog way by greatscott4
Hint: Used a pine needle to hook it to pull out.
Big Bend Road
-July 27, 2014
[log] Extraction scores!
1865 Cache Hide
Namesake keeping watch on the cache
#1863 Traditional Cache 7 Red by llednil
Hint: Two red containers screwed together that looked like a pipe when magnetized to back of Redbox.
[log] Bear scores! Crafty placement
#1864 Traditional Cache Magnolia Avenue by Hawkhaven
Hint: Bison inside fence cap.
[log] Yup. Frog hit it on first try
#1865 Traditional Cache Fox In The Hole by finderstimestwo
Hint: Plastic container fit perfectly in the hole in the concrete pole.
[log] Wow perfect hiding spot
1865 Cache Hide
#1866 Traditional Cache King Sam by llednil
Hint: Film canister squished; was placed in empty cigarette box by a previous finder. Typical LP.
[log] Cache here but needs help. Run over and squished


1726 Onward - Part II

This starts our August 2014 with 7 Souvenir Hunt caching days and finishes our missing cache days for August.

PuzzlerThis is our first of the 7 Souvenirs for August – The Puzzler.
We had a list of 100 Animal caches on our profile to score
#1867 Traditional Cache Numbers: 100 Caches with Animal Names Challenge by Hawkhaven
Hint: Bison on the guardrail

Highway 41, FL
- August 9, 2014

[log] Got a missing Geo day, a puzzle and an August souvenir to boot! List is on profile.


Nature Lover
Second of the 7 Souvenirs for August – The Nature Lover. 
#1868 Traditional Cache The Sandbar by Hawkhaven

Tampa Bay
- EG Simmons Park
- August 10, 2014

Met RBCT109 at the sandbar, along with a great blue heron and only the tracks of a large raccoon.
[log] 2nd August souvenir. Answers to follow.

1a) Lead Tree and Melaleuca
1b) Invaded areas tend to become monocultures with greatly reduced habitat diversity.
2) Picture summited with log.
3) At the present rate, in another 50 years with the prevailing tides in the Bay, sand will continue to accumulate on the sandbar, extending it towards one part of the farthest spit and possibly connecting and closing off the bayou from the Bay, forming a brackish lake area.
Scenery Day Pass Rainbow
Bayou Raccoon Tracks Find


#1869 Traditional Cache 7X13=28 by ZoweeMindy

Highway 41, FL
- August 11, 2014

Second puzzle of the 7 Souvenirs for August; got a hint from the CO that Bearfr could reach it, but she still had to look at each branch from both sides to find the teeny thing. Great hide!!
[log] Yes found it with a CO hint _ even then it hid well.
Cache Can you see it
Third of the  7 Souvenirs for August – The Socializer. 
#1870 Traditional Cache Meet Up: Tropical Breezes and Bahama Cocktail  by TheWeatherWarrior

Brandon, FL
- August 14, 2014

Had a great meal, met ZoweeMindy and Weather Warrior, saw RBCT109, and talked many other friendly cachers.

[log]#1870 Dropped our bug in person and let everybody take a picture of our travel tag.

Bahama Breeze  


ExplorerInternational Day 2014
Fourth of the 7 Souvenirs for August – The Explorer. 
Also got us a souvenir for International Geocaching Day 2014.
#1871 Traditional Cache Cuda-105 I had to do it by cuda2304
Hint:A tiny nano inside the shopping card corral.

Brandon, FL
- August 16, 2014

[log] QPG on International Geo day.


SightseerInt. Geo Day 2014
Fifth of the 7 Souvenirs for August – The Sightseer
Also International Geocaching Day 2014
#1872 Traditional Cache Sugar Mill by The 5 hobos

Ellenton, FL
- August 16, 2014

Interesting ruins of the old Sugar Cane Mill .

[log] Our 5th August souvenir!
TF an interesting history cache and an easy multi. The remains are very cool.

Oh say can you see?!


Sixth and Seventh of the 7 Souvenirs for August – The Collector and the Achiever.
#1873 Traditional Cache TFGT: Silent Flight  by Manatee_County_NRD

Rye Nature Preserve
- August 17, 2014

[log] Easy find. Interesting container. Beautiful morning.

Owl Cache


#1874 Traditional Cache "Slow Speed, Fast Speed, or Short Speed" by Mrs.Treadmark
Hint: Speed Limit sign film canister.

Rye Nature Preserve
- August 17, 2014

[log] Soaked log unloggable even if you write at 15mph.

#1875 Traditional Cache Ryed on In  by kingnonna
Hint: Huge camo’d canister in the woods off the Red Trail

Rye Nature Preserve
- August 17, 2014

[log] Huge cache at the end a beautiful morning walk. Entire cache soaked.

Rye Nature Preserve with the Manatee River

River River2

A tiny hidden cove on the river.

River 3 Light>

#1876 Traditional CacheGeo"K"aching Tools of the Trade #21 by RBCT109
Hint: Red magnetic on back of RedBox

Wimauma, FL
- August 23, 2014

[log] Frog had the laser eyes on this one, but had to wait for muggles. Thanks RB for another day checked off the list.

#1877 Traditional Cache Cross County Greenway - Bonita Dr  by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint:Tiny purple Tupperware at base of destroyed fence.

US 301 & Bonita Drive, FL
- August 25, 2014

[log] Detoured around a cool spider and web to nab this cache before it gets archived. TFTH

Spider Spiders
#1878 Traditional Cache Little Manatee Bridge by Kyleperkins33572
Hint: Camoed lock box on the bridge.

US 301 & Safford Rd, FL
- August 27, 2014

[log]Gorgeous morning for a quick find.

#1879 Railroad Museum, Rail Yard by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Pill Bottle in palm.

US 301 & Willow Rd, FL
- August 29, 2014

[log]Thank goodness for hint; muggles everywhere.
See http://www.frrm.org/about.html for more information about the Museum

#1880 Two Ponds by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Bison in Fence Top.

Big Bend Road & Waterset, FL
- August 30, 2014

[log] Quick find today since the coords behaved better. Thanks to the CO for the maintenance check.

Magnolia Pods Magnolia Seeds
Cache Pond Cache Area


NOTES: We will fill in our 10 missing Geocaching dates for September with these caches

#1881 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - 24th Street  by ^up
Hint: Green pill bottle at base of tower.
Ruskin, FL - September 9, 2014
Bearfr went solo on this one
[log] Nice walk in for a quick pick to log the day.


We picked up a couple quick caches for the day off a trail that boardered the back of the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary- one of our chosen destinations for the day.

Suncoast Primate Santuary

Suncoast Officail Sign Suncoast Sign
Gator Gator 2
Monkey 1 Gator 2
Tortoise 2
#1882 Traditional Cache Monkey Business by Mr. Cachefinder
Hint: Bison in tree.
Palm Harbour, FL - September 13, 2014

[log] Easy find once the bike muggles passed.
#1883 Traditional Cache Mae's New Home by dertiu8
Hint: Bison in tree.
Palm Harbour, FL - September 13, 2014
No picking and eating here! We want to live to cache again!Mushrooms Mushrooms 2
[log] After circling multiple times Bingo in plain site. TFTH


We decided on a Grand Illusion Crew caching day on Moccasin Wallow Road today starting with BSB caches ( Between Snakes and Bugs)

#1884 Traditional Cache BSB #4  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo container clipped to fence and tree.
Moccasin Wallow Road, Fl
- September 14, 2014
[log] Quick find w accurate coords. Thanks for s good start to the caching day.
#1885 Traditional Cache BSB #3 by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Lock Container open on ground
[log] Sopping wet unloggable with pen. Easy find at coords. Small trinkets. TNLN
#1886 Traditional Cache BSB #2 by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo jar in tree
[log] Container was unlocked and soaked. We locked it up but didn't have dry log.
#1887 Traditional Cache BSB #1 by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Bison hidden in piece of wood. Our favorite of the day.
Penny with Cache Cache Closeup
[log] We loved this one! Almost missed it at first glance.
#1888 Traditional Cache Wood Warblers by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo in tree.
[log] Quick spot by the Bear. TFT Series.Bison in tree.
#1889 Traditional Cache State Birds by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo container under tree roots
[log] Fun puzzle. Interesting info to solve. TFTH
#1890 Traditional Cache Snake Bite #1  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo container deep in woods
[log] First clue down in fun series. Thanks.
#1891 Traditional Cache  Snake Bite #2 by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo container deep in woods
[log] Walked circles around this one to the find. No clue visible. Couldn't log on totally wet paper



Notes: Continuing our quest to finish the Moccasin Wallow Road caches and get another Sept. day.

#1892 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - It begins by ^up
Hint: Easy peasy fence as usual.
Moccasin Wallow Road, FL
- September 19, 2014
[log] Nice to see the beginning of this series. TF all the hides.
DNQ Traditional Cache Hawkhaven's 400 Challenge by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Cute little birdhouse, but everything was drenched.
Found out later that we don't qualify for this challenge find, since it is not having found 400 caches, but 400 in a month.
[note] Found the cute container. Logs were on the ground completely soaked. We didn't try to write, simply replaced them in container.
#1893 Traditional Cache Manatee TB Portal by Jakesnake12013 & USFDad12013
Hint: Container deep in woods; use the yellow stone building as a guide for where to enter across the road.
[log] Pushed through the jungle to score.
#1894 Traditional Cache K is the Way by chucknalice  
Had to smuggle the cache past the FedEx guy to log it, then celebrated with good coffee.
[log]Had a FedEx muggle but grabbed it in hiding. Log soaked.
#1895Traditional Cache Moses Hole: Launch Point  by PadreJim  
Took the scenic route, but there it was. Nice hide.
Tiera Ciela Preserve Washing Shells
[log] Thanks for a well done cache with a dry log. Enjoyed the walk.
#1896 Traditional Cache Bishop Box by chief040102  
Nicely done Official Geocaching box, log and explanation card – and DRY! Picked up the Sir Hops Along TB.
Road to Nowhere Bearfr with Cache
[log] Nice walk to a nice find. Took the TB to pass along.
#1897 Traditional Cache Jeremiah by Hawhhaven
Hint: The rat has it – must have eaten the bullfrog.
Lantana near the cache Jerimiah
[log] Cool hide but what happened to the bullfrog - he morphed.
#1898 Traditional Cache Frogzilla by infiniteMPG   
Scenery was gorgeous at this little bridge.

Frog Creek Sign Peace Frog Creek Pads
Frog Creek Pads Closeup Peace 2
[log] Frog scores appropriately on this one. TFTH


Notes: Since it poured for 36 hours, we did a quick stop between cloudbursts to pick up a cache to log the day.

#1899 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - Growing by ^up
Ruskin, FL - September 20, 2014
Quick clever find between rain showers in fence top with a pill bottle that just fit.
[log] Second to find - in the rain. Needed one for the day.


Notes: Don't give a hoot about the rain puddles! Let's Cache the Hoot series

#1900 Traditional Cache American Hoot  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Pill bottle with owl duct tape in plain site.
Valroy Road, FL - September 21, 2014
[log] QPG almost too easy.
We tried for Conservacion Hoot after this one - no luck in 2 tries, but got great spider and lizard pictures Spider Lizard
#1901Traditional CacheHoot and Poot by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Another pill bottle but not in plain sight – took a little looking.
[log] #2 for the quick taking. TFTH
Next we tried Florida Hoot Owl twice but no go - just more pics of a Banana Spider Banana Spider Banana Spider wo Web
#1902 Traditional Cache DYRG a Hoot? by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Couldn’t find the pill bottle until Frog’s head bumped into it.
[log] Walked a circle on this one then bumped into it accidently.
#1903 Traditional Cache Hoot and a Toot  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Bearfr found the owl duct tape envelope in the fence right off.
[log] Must be improving hootwise. Fast find here
#1904 Traditional Cache Hoot Gibson by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Another pill bottle hide.
[log] QPG here. We had a Hoot Gibson remodel our kitchen.
#1905 Traditional Cache Quite a Hoot by Hawkhaven
Hint: Lock in lock setting between two branches.
[log]Frog got the honors here. Now we go for a 2nd try on two we DNF.


Notes: Bearfr soloed to get Sept. 22 done, while grocery shopping.

#1906 Traditional CacheMusic Row by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Orange matchstick on the palm tree props.
US 301, FL - September 22, 2014
[log] Phone coords were a beach ball but the trusty old GPS zeroed right in. Bearfr soled on the way to shopping to get this for 9/22.


Notes: We scored 4 to grab the day.

#1907 Traditional Cache Geo"K"aching Tools of the Trade #27 by RBCT109
Hint: M&M container inside a pipe at bottom of sign
Brandon, FL
- September, 26, 2014
[log] Didn't have to use a TOTT to reach even.
#1908 Traditional Cache Don't be damned by im_4_life
Hint: Magnetic on rail at end of Hoover
[log] Cords were doing a happy dance; thanks for the hint.
#1909 Traditional Cache Experience, Knowledge, Skills by jndavis701
Hint: Black container hidden in a tree root.
[log] No log and soaked but we saw the light as to where it hid.
#1910 Traditional Cache It's A Girl Series - Baby Registry #1 by IzzysMom&Dad
Hint: LPC in bushes in divider
[log] No log and soaked but we saw the light as to where it hid.


Notes: A 10 cache day, with the first a solo cache by Bearfr

#1911 Traditional Cache  Matt Zone by jndavis701
Hint: Bearfr saw the “light” - LPC

Big Bend, FL & Balm Road
- September 28, 2014

Cache Sit
[log] Thanks Needed a quick one to light the day.
#1912 Traditional Cache Not another brick in the wall by Davids1161
Hint: Fake plastic utility pole in ground
Yellow Flower Cache Site Red Flower
Bear with Find Cache Cache Hide
[log] Bearfr spotted this - definite "not brick" Thanks for a good hide.

#1913 Traditional Cache Don't Kick Yourself! by jndavis701
Hint: Rx bottle inside fence top at soccer field
Soccer Park
[log] Easy find. Difficult retrieval but Frog scored
#1914 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - Balm-Riverview by ^up
Hint: Box at bottom of fence pole, camo paint peeled off, bubble of water inside baggie.
[log] Found cache CAMO gone, log in bubble of water inside. Could not retrieve WO destroying.
#1915 Traditional Cache Cross County Greenway - Balm (north) by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Pill Container hidden in guardrail on creek bridge.
[log] Thanks for another quick grab in a busy road.
#1916 Traditional Cache L5 by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Orange matchstick at the bottom of not the “stop” sign, but the “road” sign.
[log] 672 -13600 helped.
#1917 Traditional Cache Cross County Greenway - Balm Boyette Rd (South) by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Camo green pill bottle in tree bole.
[log] Definitely 25 feet north of cords. Easy find once in right area
#1918 Traditional Cache Power ^Up - Balm-Boyette (Park & Trail) by ^up w/ others
Hint: Orange matchstick container at the bottom of witness post for TECO, across small gully at edge of pull-in.
Witness Post
[log] Quick grab after jumping water . Log soaked
#1919 Traditional Cache Cross County Greenway - Balm (south) by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Gray large camo’ed pill bottle on ground within the trees.
log] Quick find. Cords right on.
#1920 Traditional Cache  MicroInvasion 066 - Lemon Balm by MicroManiacs
Hint: Film canister at base of sign along side strawberry fields.
Bear at Sign Strawberry Fields
[log] Easy find for the Bear.


Notes: A trip to the St. Petersburg Curry Festival - Jamaican Curry that is - yielded a cache for Oct 4th.

#1921Traditional Cache Ouch, That Hurt!  by phimoo
Hint: Look SE not SW. Gray green bison hanging in the bushes.
St. Petersburg, FL
- October 4, 2014

Notes: We saw the sailboats from the Festival site, and fed the tiny squirrel wee pieces of funnel cake for his dessert.

Squirrel2 Squirrel
[log] Bear spotted it while Frog was using the hint.


Notes: We celebrated International Earthcache Day at Robinson Preserve with an earthcache and more caching on Anne Marie Island

#1922Traditional Cache Welcome to Robinson Preserve by Granny Sue and Sweet William
Hint: Box under trees near the Victorian house.
Robinson Preserve
& Anne Marie Island, FL
- October 12, 2014
The Bay Robinson Preserve
Bradenton, FL
Purple Flower
Sailboat 1 Sign Sailboat 2
Anhinga Anhinga in Sunlight Green Heron
Heron Grass Heron2
Mangrove Roots Horseshoe Crab Sea Grape
Estuary Ibis Preserve
Spoonbill Stork Spoonbill 2
[log] Easy find after the Earth cache hike. TFTH
#1923Traditional Cache Palma Sola Botanical by enCompassbill & BoltsFan
Hint: Fence post top by Botanical Gardens sign.

Paloma Botanical Gardens
Paloma Park Blossom Blossom
Chinese Flowers Orange Flowers Lizard
Botanical Park

De Soto HistoryDe Soto National Park
and Memorial
was our next stop
to pick up
a National Passport Stamp
De Soto Plaque
[log] Frog was Mr. Smarty Pants in this one!. Really nice hide and gorgeous area.
#1924Traditional Cache Numbers & letters by Y2KOTA
Hint: Magnetic numbers/letters on electric box.
[log] Frog and Bear had one of these in Montana. TF a good one
Int. Earthcache Day 2014
International Earthcache Day 2014
#1925Traditional Cache convenience cache by GreatScott4
Hint: In trees on the ground behind Circle K sign
[log] Easy find. Lots if pretty muggles on the bench
#1926Traditional Cache Beach Weather by infiniteMPG
Hint: Inside drainspout
We walked on the aquamarine bay with a white sand beach after the find.
[log] Bear noodled this one w/o getting wet.
#1927Traditional Cache High Tide by Team Montague
Hint: Left of the highway, inside hollow tree stump about 6 ft up
Hollow Tree hide
[log] Frog went up; Bear stayed down to log
#1928Traditional Cache Welcome to Coquina Beach by Pfadfinder_FL
Hint: Bison hung under the huge sea grape tree near the Welcome sign
[log] Easy find with parking! Cool surroundings
#1929Traditional Cache #018 - Longboat Pass-Welcome to North Longboat Key by  Pfadfinder_FL
Hint: Magnetic on guardrail at bridge
[log] What else would it be here? TFTC and a quick find
#1930Traditional Cache 100 Broadway by infiniteMPG
Hint: Decon container under the beach boardwalk.
As Bear crawled under to do the retrieve, the Wandering Willies appeared to second log.
[log] Met Wandering Willies at the GZ.
#1931Traditional Cache Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay by cooley994 and lkhull72
Hint: Wood 2x4 straddling the beam under the pier, complete with spider
The Willies showed up here too, just as Bear waded out with the find.
Hide Location Wandering Willies Cache
[log] Wandering Willies followed us to this one. Really clever hide. Favorite of the day.
#1932Traditional Cache Down By The Bay by cooley994 and lkhull72
Hint: Fake lizard on rebar inside of utility pole. Frog said “ Well, hello ugly little thing” as he looked down in
We returned with the Willies while they logged, because we forgot to take a picture, and had the pleasure of hearing Mrs. Willie scream.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Wins the bizarre of the day award. Thanks for a cool quick find.
#1933Traditional Cache Bayside by cooley994 and lkhull72
Hint: Fake black crab under rock with embedded shell
Wandering Willies beat us to this one while we did Down by the Bay
Willie with Cache Crab Cache
[log] Ewhuu! Cute hide!!!
#1934Traditional Cache #022 - Life's a Beach ..... really by Pfadfinder_FL
Hint: Lock box under palm
[log] Easy find. #13 for the day
Int. Earthcache Day 2014
International Earthcache Day 2014
#1935Traditional Cache Life in the Salt Marsh by team_nell
Frogwarts and Bearfr on Life in the Salt Marsh. 10/12/14

1) Cord grass in fringe around the water. The tidal mud flat had about 20% plant coverage due to probable high salinity. The high marsh near the sign had 95% coverage with grasses, bushes plants.
2) Picture will be posted tonight.
3) Answer in log.
4) Plants prevent erosion, and provide protection for both vertebrate and invertebrate water life during tidal flows in and out.
Earthcache Site
[log] Saw dragonflies, feeding fish, white ibis, a great blue heron,numerous anhingas, and a fishing stork on our walk around the Spoonbill Trail - which lived up to its name and gave us great pictures. We will email info and post pictures tonight. The tide was out at 8:48 am, with only the cord grass roots under water. Look SE not SW. Gray green bison hanging in the bushes.


Notes: Grabbing another geo day

#1936Traditional Cache The Wide mouth cover up!   by  Ye Krewe Briones
Hint: Wide mouth can top attached to cache.
Panter Trace,
US 301, FL
- October 13, 2014
It was not there during Bear’s first try after a torrential rain, then tonight with Frog was almost too easy.
[log] Second try w/o flood waters was a success.


Notes: Caching for numbers in Parrish, FL

#1937Traditional Cache Florida Railroad  by SpeedTriple
Hint: Key case on the train
Parrish, FL
- October 18, 2014
Cache Site Train
Fern Wall
[log] Got this one even with muggles.
#1938Traditional Cache Everythings Up to Date in........Parrish?? by Hawkhaven
Hint: Nano inside the stop-sign post.
[log] Bear grabbed the wee one. Loved the decoy.
#1939Traditional Cache Down Town Brown by Hawkhaven
Hint: ˝ size film canister magnetized to the Brown’s Farmers’ Market sign, but found on the ground.
Farmers Market Cache Site
[log] The mighty had fallen but was retrieved.
#1940Traditional Cache Why Not in Parrish? by kingnonna
Hint: Tiny pill box on the fire hydrant next to the school.
[log] Quick pickup w/o getting wet.
#1941Traditional Cache Generally Geocaching is a Hoot  by Hawkhaven adopted by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Hoot film canister on Dead End road sign.
Saw some beautiful read flowers here.
Cache Flower Cache Site
[log] Yay hoot it is.
#1942Traditional CacheMasters Cache by benmanbk
Hint: Tupperware behind a palm in the fronds.
We were glad it was not a tiny micro in the woods again; we saw a gorgeous heron in the lake inside the subdivision.
Heron Heron 2
[log] Thank goodness for size on this one. Dropped TB.
#1943Traditional CacheI Ran a Wheel off the Hootin' Cachemobile 
by Hawkhaven adopted by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Film canister attached to a model race car in the Spanish moss.
Glad the race car was large; we must have turned over a million pieces of moss.
[log] Very unusual hide. Made us look at everything.
#1944Traditional Cache It's a Hoot to Lift Them by Hawkhaven adopted by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Hoot duct tape inside a LP
[log] You know what on this one.
#1945Traditional Cache FFC!  by Gringo871
Hint: Green nano inside Dead End road sign at Auto Parts.
[log] Nice camo on this one.TFTH
#1946Traditional Cache Mini, Midi, Maxi North by kingnonna
Hint: LP
We grabbed and replaced this while two cars’ occupants wondered what we were doing!
[log] Typical but full of muggles.
#1947Traditional Cache Summer Olympics - Rugby Sevens  by jedireitz
Hint: Tiny box in the bush hedge behind Walgreens.
[log] Thank goodness for hints. GPS walked in circles.
#1948Traditional Cache Prime Time 2 Find  by infiniteMPG
Hint: Wire inside fence cap.
We saw a Bat House on the walk around the lake.
Bat House Bat House Closeup
[log] Beautiful walk around the end of a tiny lake to a nice hide. Saw a bat house on the way.
#1949Traditional CacheShop til ya drop!  by Speed and Trixie
Hint: LP
A tiny green frog was guarding the cache inside the LP; Frog mistook him for the cache at first. Cache was totally soaked; Frog had to shake off the water.
Frog at Cache Frog 2
[log] Quick parking lot grab.
#1950Traditional Cache Blue and Yellow Striped Pachydiplax Longipennis by Michaelinda
Hint: Wooden blue and yellow striped bee hanging in a tree.
We were expecting a lizard, not a bee; shows how much Latin we know.
Blue Dasher Bee
[log] Wasn't the species we expected but what do we know. Thanks for a quick one.
#1951Traditional Cache Celebrating Liberty  by kingnonna
Hint: Camo’ed ammo can at the POW memorial.
We traded a mini screwdriver set for two small shells and left an alligator toy for the kids.
Memorial 2 Memorial
[log] Wonderful memorial to all our heroes.
#1952Traditional Cache Hootin' Florida Hide by Hawkhaven adopted by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Tiny blue hoot container peeking out of the palm fronds.
[log] How blind we are until we see the light. TF a fun last one of the day- #16.


Notes: Caching on a trip to Bradenton, FL

#1953Traditional Cache B Mork and Mindy by WebLizard
Hint: Nano at the Manatee statue.
South Florida Museum,
Bradenton, FL
- October 19, 2014
South Florida Museum Snooky Cache Site
[log] Snooty's cache was gone but his statue helped us find another.
South Florida Museum Nature Exhibits
Anhinga Bobcat Deer
Feeding Time Sabertooth Manatee Exhibit
Gator Turtle Great Armadillo


Notes: Our second day on Anna Maria Island for caching and snorkeling

#1954Traditional Cache Bow Wow by Team LADR
Hint: Camo jar in a dead palm tree circle
Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, FL
- October 24, 2014
[log] Our guess on the hint was right.
#1955Traditional Cache  beachy by optimasprimedead
Hint: Small white container at the bottom of a pole
Amazing Tricolor herons and gigantic intact shells.
Fishing Brid Bird Companions
Heron Flying Site Heron Reflection
Tricolor Heron by James Shelling Tricolor Heron by Penny
[log] Saw amazing bird life and shell finds while retrieving cache. Canister needs main thence. Lid broken.
#1956Traditional Cache Edge of the wet lands by Y2KOTA
Hint: Vial in dead tree inside the wetlands edge.
Flower at Site Cache
[log] Nice woods walk on a beautiful morning. Quick grab. TF a nice hide.
#1957Traditional Cache Perico Bayou by infiniteMPG
Hint: Orange matchstick under the bayou bridge.
Cache Retrieval Cache Perico Bayou
[log] Persisted thru the long stretch.
#1958Traditional Cache Little Miss Muffet  by Team LADR
Hint: Small inside moss clump hanging on fish line from tree. Piece of wood held the end of the line down on the ground.
A favorite point for today.
Cache Jame with Cache
[log] Clever clever clever. Literally got hooked on the cache. Great one.
#1959Traditional Cache TFGT: A Flight to the Rookery by Manatee_County_NRD
Hint: Lock box below the telephone pole.
[log] Quick walk and grab. #6 for the morning. Thanks for the hide.
#1960Traditional Cache A needle in a pine needle stack by Y2KOTA
Hint:Camo box inside a stump and under twigs
[log] Frog scores!.
#1961Traditional Cache Day at the beach by Y2KOTA
Hint: Green bison in tree
[log] Don't look down. TFTC
#1962Traditional Cache Trees of Memory by Team AquaBoomers
Hint: Coconut with an inserted pill bottle, chained to the tree with a green plastic-coated chain.
Retrieval Cache Site
Cache Site 2 Cache
Flower Closeup Flowering Tree
Penny with her memory tree James with his memory tree
[log] Clever "micro".
#1963Traditional Cache Thank You For Sponsoring Us WSBR by imac1616
Hint: Pirate chest at White Sands Motel.
Cache Cache Closeup
[log] Use the hint. We worked too hard at first.
#1964Traditional Cache Sandy Bar by infiniteMPG & Paddler Found
Hint: Camo duct taped box in hole on post of boardwalk.
[log] Bear scores by a "slim" margin. Hard to "extract"..
#1965Traditional Cache Anna Maria Island Historical Museum by Abailia
Hint: Pirate chest within the building.
Heron at garage Sign Heron with statue
[log] Interesting cache site with helpful people.
#1966Traditional Cache TFGT: First Flights by Manatee_County_NRD
Hint: Lock box under the bush behind a rock.
Cache site Pelicans at site Cache site view
[log] Met the closest resident and Molly the dog muggle while logging.
#1967Traditional Cache Unbelievable View by couldb8
Hint: Camo jar under the boardwalk bridge
A muggle said hi from the bridge as we were logging!
Jellyfish Beach Flower
Cache View TB
[log] Quick find after we mistakenly walked thru the beach burrs in bare feet!
#1968Traditional Cache Skyway View by Team AquaBoomers
Hint: Another coconut tied to the seagrape tree along the railing.
Saw the huge dock pavilion at the end of the dock.
[log] Another “nutty” find. TF the series.


Notes: A solo cache by Bear while shopping

#1969Traditional Cache Ryan's Rock by  jndavis701
Hint: Geo rock in plant at Taco Bell
US 301 & Gibsonton Rd., FL
- October 25, 2014
[log] Nice hide. Grabbed between muggle clumps.


Notes: Cleaning up the Erie Road area in Parrish, FL

#1970Traditional Cache Ola Mae Sims by Hawkhaven
Hint: Magnetic on bathroom outside vents.
Parrish, FL
October 26, 2014
Park Sign Cache Site
[log] Oh a mouse what a cutie. Looked at this lowly spot three times before we spotted it.
#1971Traditional Cache Eerie Road #6 by petefav
Hint: Blue capped pill bottle in palm near the reflector
Cache Site Reflector
[log] Bear couldn't reach this high but Frig spotted it by feel.
#1972Traditional Cache Eerie Road #5 by petefav
Hint: White film canister on guard rail at bridge.
[log] We found it on the ground and rehid.
#1973Traditional Cache Ancient Oaks by TheJKs & GuyFromOH & TropicalRage
Hint: Ammo can behind the tree on a very nice walking trail near the lake
We saw a tri-color heron as we entered the Ancient Oaks subdivision.
Cache Site View Cache
[log] Ah a regular for a nice change of pace.
#1974Traditional Cache Eerie Road #3 by petefav
Hint: Film canister at utility pole.
[log] Easy find; container broken. TF the series.
#1975Traditional Cache Buffalo Creek Park by Team Bingo
Hint: White jar in woods by the caution tape for the back road entering the Golf Course
[log] Got it before the signs. Use the tape to guide you.
#1976Traditional Cache Eerie Road #1 by petefav
Hint: Camo matchstick container taped to tree with green duck tape under hanging moss.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Frog was here but Bear scored the find. Great placement.
#1977Traditional Cache Eerie Road #2 by petefav
Hint: Camo matchstick in bole of tree under dark brown moss
Cache Site Cache
[log] Still snug; Bear scores again.
#1978Traditional Cache Roo Brew for Two by infiniteMPG
Hint: Red pouch velcroed behind the entrance sign to the bar area of the restaurant.
We sat on the bench to log and talked to the valet about geocaching after the find.
[log] Lots of muggles but still an easy grab


Notes: Finished the last third of Anna Maria Island

#1979Traditional Cache In the Palm of Your Hand by BabaOso13
Hint: Film canister in palm.
Anna Maria Island
Bradenton, FL
- October 31, 2014
Found a complete non-broken spiral conch shell.
Beach Sunrise Waves

Sunrise 2

Site Sign Shelling Penny with Shell
[log] Quick grab on the way to be the lone inhabitants of the beach this Halloween morning.
#1980Traditional Cache Pelican-Can by infiniteMPG
Hint: Film canister in picnic table leg.
Checked out the Mote Aquarium and Sea tours while we were in this park with the neat sea-life art.
Park Art
Park 1 Park 2
Park 4 Park 3
[log] Good hunt. Interesting.animal facts nearby. Log almost full.
#1981Traditional Cache #019 - New Pass - Welcome to South Longboat Key by Pfadfinder_FL
Hint: Magnetic on guard rail
Bear found this one.
[log] Was right where it should be.
#1982Traditional Cache Quick Point by Aviator
Hint: Camo jar behind the Uplands sign, sitting in a palm branch.
Found a dollar by the cache-site, and got some amazing crab and bird pictures.
Sign Site of the Cache
Cache Site
Cache Tree
Mangrove Roots
Mangrove Roots
Bird Fiddler Crab
Fiddler Crab
Big vs Small Nature vs. Man
Great Blue Heron
Egret Heron Egret 3
Lone Pelican Flying Bird Pelicans
[log] Logged the cache and found a dollar.
#1983Traditional Cache #027 - Tour de LBK #3 - Thanks for Shade by Pfadfinder_FL
Hint: Orange capsule in bole of huge tree
Tree Cache Site Cache
[log] Parked out of traffic and grabbed. TFTH
#1984Traditional Cache Bicentennial Park by Aviator with co pilot
Hint: Camo jar behind a tree.
Had a long search for the correct plaque; it has to SAY benefactors on it, before you can use the directions in the hint. You definitely don’t need to go in the vegetation.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Make sure sign says Benefactors before using hint. Hide is not in vegetation. Beautiful park.
#1985Traditional Cache Hello from Minnesota by Team_Baker
Hint: Ammo can under beach boardwalk.
Frog found a double bear-claw shell on the beach here.
Cache Site View Lizard Cache
[log] Our first Florida ammo cache. TF a hide at a nice place to wade.
#1986Traditional Cache #071 - Cache with Sprinkles by Pfadfinder
Hint:Sprinkler lying on the ground
Awfully close to the construction site at Bayfront Park.
[log] Expected one thing, got another. Beware of construction muggles.
#1987Traditional CachePick a Knick-Knack by Aviator
Hint: Green canister on ground at base of tree.
This is near area #5 on the map – a picnic table area.
[log] Thank heavens for maps; coords bounced a lot.
#1988Traditional Cache Longboat Key Chain Cache by Aviator with co pilot
Hint: Camo’d RX bottle in the middle sea grape plant.
The pavilion is #10 on the map.
[log] Two sea grapes down. Third the charm! TFTH. BEAUTIFUL park and easy walking.
#1989Traditional CacheThe Trees Have "EYES" by Aviatort
Hint: Plastic jar camo’d and hid in the tree.
Frog soloed on this one; it’s near area B on the map.
Resting area Cache Area Cache
[log] Wonderful park. Great location for a cache.


Notes: Headed down to the Ellenton - Palmento area of Florida to attempt 2000

#1990Traditional Cache Shut Yer Trap, Too!  by infiniteMPG
Duct tape pouch under steak on the Crab Shack 2 sign.

Ellenton & Palmento, Fl
- November 1, 2014
Cache Site
[log] Still there so far. A little damp.
#1991Traditional Cache ORGT: Gamble Plantation Historic State Park by FloridaParkService
Hint: Plastic loc-loc at the huge garden planter.
We took pictures of the mama & baby squirrel sunning on the bench nearby.
Cache Site Gamble Plantation Bamboo Stand
Squirrels Baby Squirrel Baby and Mama
[log] Quick cache after a walk from parking. Interesting stand of bamboo nearby.
#1992Traditional Cache VHF by Hawkhaven adopted by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Film canister on the entrance sign to the EarthBox research center.
Vegetable, Herbs & Flowers galore here!!
Cache Site
[log] Oh boy. Bear's a gardener!
#1993Traditional Cache Jayco & Karissa Cache #2 - Dusty Branch Fort by Jayco & Karissa
Hint: Bison on the barbed wire fence
We fought thru the woods to get this one, but could not open the lid.
[log] Too busy looking for stickers to see cache right in front of us. Can't open the micro.
#1994Traditional Cache Ride the Blue Surf by couldb8
Hint: Blue bison just hanging on the fence.
We looked all over the obvious places, then opened our eyes to the really “obvious”.
[log] Made it too hard and then had a duh moment.
#1995Traditional Cache 931 Again! by Michaelinda
Hint: Rx bottle camo’d and hid in the tree.
It was above Bear’s head and required sticking her fingers in a hole, but she braved it to score the find. The name was in the door across from the find, behind the shopping mall.
Cache Cache Tree Name 931
[log] Bear found it even though she's short with stubby fingers. Thanks for setting an easy one.
#1996Traditional Cache Palmetto Traffic Circle to No Where by Team Bingo
Hint: LPC at traffic circle by Walmart
No reason, just aesthetic.
[log] Yup easy peasey.
#1997Traditional Cache PEP Project by DangerousDale
Hint: Blue can was in plain sight behind the tree in the P.E.P. Nature Preserve
Sign for Preserve
[log] Right on coords so Not muggled.
#1998Traditional Cache Cap and Gown by infiniteMPG
Hint: Plastic jar camo’d and hid in the tree near the Convention Center
[log] Thought we would loss power but made the grab!
#1999Traditional Cache Lincoln Community Park 2 by DangerousDale
Hint: Magnetic on guard rail.
Cache was right by all the traffic stopping for the light.
[log] Easy find among a million muggles.


Bob Marshall Wilderness
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