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Passing 2000 - Part I

Notes: Today is for #2000

2000 Finds
2000 Finds
#2000Traditional Cache Put Down that GPS! - Part 6 by Jakesnake12013 & USFDad12013
Hint: Tube on the guardrail along Balm-Riverview road.
& Brandon, FL
- November 8, 2014
Needing something unique for #2000, we decided to do a QRC code puzzle, since Frogwarts has his own code for his novels. It gave us a unique solve for the cords, but turned out to be an easy find.
Cache Site
Cache Location
The Clue to the Find

Desert Bookshelf
This is Frogwart's (James Paddock) QRC code
for Desert Bookshelf - the publishing company
for his action-suspense novels

If you enjoy reading, try James' Friends with Books page
[log] Since Frog has his own QRC code as an author, we decided this would be a perfect puzzle for our #2000! TFTH
#2001Traditional Cache Blind Faith by  Jakesnake12013
Hint: Film canister high in the bole of the tree.
We had a great chat with the care-taker, who gave permission for the cache; he enjoys watching the “hunts”. Without Frog, this would have been a DNF for Bear; she’s too short to reach it.
Cache Site Cache
Look very closely at the bottom of the bole.
[log] Frog was tall enough. Log too wet to sign.
#2002Traditional CacheA Little Commerce  by im 4_life
Hint: Magnetic underneath the mailbox.
Clue of 6931 would have been appropriate; we visited the tiny bookstore and thrift store for fun while we were here.
Cache Site cache
[log] Took a "duh" on this one (because of the cords). Find goes to Frog.
#2003Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 274 - Decapitated by MicroManiacs (Driven by quantity not quality)
Hint: The decapitated (dead) palm tree fronds finally gave up this one.
We dug for a long time for this one.
[log] Kept digging and scored.
#2004Traditional Cache bum ba dum bum bum bum bum #2 by theBEHEMOTH
Hint: Tube camo’d with green duct tape – very well-hidden.
Frog scored the find here after we both circled the live palm tree numerous times; the camo was excellent.
The Hunt The Cache Camo Closeup
[log] Coords bounced but we found it.
#2005Traditional Cache home sweet home by footballchris
Hint: Typical LPC
We weren’t sure what was happening at the site, since Home Depot workers were clustered around a red pickup that drove off as we came up.
Cache Site
[log] Typical quick one.TFTNUMBERS.
#2006Traditional Cache Don't Cry For Me Bloomingdale by RBCT109
Hint: LPC
Had muggles putting air in their tires who paid us no attention as we scored a find at the WAWA; a tiny lizard ran over Frog's fingers as he picked up the cache.
[log] Cache and lizard find all in one.


Notes: The 2000 Challenge Cache Day

#2007Traditional Cache Cajun Posse 2000 Challenge   by Hawkhaven
Hint: A clever camo hide at the end of a dirt road walk.
Sun City Center, FL - November 9, 2014
Cache Site The Hide The Cache
To log a challenge cache, you not only need to find it, but you must first meet the challenge that goes with the cache – in this case, you must previously have logged 2000 or more caches.
[log] Beautiful walk on a cool day after a rainstorm. We qualified at 2000 yesterday with Put down that GPS Part 6


Notes: Some Highway 41 – Tamaini Trail caching

#2008Traditional Cache Portly Secret  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Green camo tube in the woods
Hway 41, Sun City Center, Fl
- November 15, 2014
Cache Site Cache
[log] Easy find. Cords right on. TFTH
#2009Traditional Cache BETWEEN THE YELLOW by chucknalice
Hint: Black micro up high.
Looking at the sign between the yellow signs, you have to be tall to reach it.
Cache Location Cache Site
[log] Non reachable for Bear but Frogs have long arms.
#2010Traditional Cache Buckeye's Bugs #1  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: An artifical bee holding a black micro.
This series is beautifully constructed from plastic insects and micros.
Cache Site Cache Cache Closeup
[log] Well duh Bug #1!!
#2011Traditional Cache Buckeye's Bugs #2  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: A purple butterfly moth holding a purple micro.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Cool hide. Like this series!!
#2012Traditional Cache PillEr  by seabreezedrive
Hint: End of the road sign hides a PVC pipe covering a bottle.
We traded for the “Sophie the Siamese Cat” TB here.
Cache camo cache Travel Bug
[log] Clever camo. Took TB.
#2013Traditional Cache Buckeye Birds #2—A bird in the hand is worth...  by PadreJim
Hint: First a camo’d tube decoy, then actually the bird in the hand.

This was our favorite of the day; obviously much effort went into constructing this clever cache with the bird magnetized to the hand.

Decoy Decoy Messsage Cache
[log] Fooled us this time; this decoy doesn't fly! But what an awesome cache!!!
#2014Traditional Cache Skeeter Eater by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Plastic bat lowered from the tree with green almost-invisible string
Another well-constructed favorite of the day.
The Hide
Tiny Black micro in bat's mouth
The Pulley System
The Pulley System in the Trees
The Cache
Lowering the bat
[log] This little cutie finally come down to eat the mosquitos on Bear.
#2015Traditional Cache Buckeye's Bugs #3  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Bug-eyed moth in amidst the spanish moss and leaves on the tree.
This was a tough find but Frog finally scored.
The hide Cache
[log] Man this one lead us a merry chase. But Frog was keen-eyed.


Notes: A Bearfr solo cache after teaching Geocaching at LLT Academy

#2016Traditional Cache Cache N Da Hood "Madison Industrial" by Masterfind
Hint: Easy camo jar in the woods
LLT Academy - November 21, 2014
[log] Stopped for this one after spending a day talking about geocaching at the LLT Academy.


Notes: Finishing up the Buckeye Road Caches

#2017Traditional Cache Buckeye Birds #9—Home Sweet Home 2 by PadreJim
Hint: Nest with gray bison
Buckeye Road, Parrish, FL
- November 23, 2014
Nest Cache
[log] This one couldn't fly away.
#2018Traditional Cache Buckeye's Bugs #5 by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Grasshopper bison, with sap for juice
Cache Cache closeup
[log] Cute little guy emitting juice.
#2019Traditional Cache Buckeye Birds #8—Angry Bird  by PadreJim
Hint: Angry bird with orange matchstick
Angry Bird cache
[log] Cache in 2 pieces but log intact and dry.
#2020Traditional Cache Buckeye Birds #7—Osprey by PadreJim
Hint: Faded white tiny bird with a bison
Cache Site Cache
[log] Quick Bearfr find.
#2021Traditional Cache Buckeye BM  by  Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Black camo jar behind rock at BM
Cache and BM
[log] Quick find. TFTHides
#2022Traditional Cache Buckeye Treasure #2 by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Loc & Loc in the woods
Cache Site Cache
[log] Easy peasey. TFTC
#2023Traditional Cache Buckeye Birds #5—Home Sweet Home by PadreJim
Hint: Tiny birdhouse on a tree under the interstate
[log] Fav of the fat. So cute!
#2024Traditional Cache Buckeye Treasure #1 by  Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Loc & Loc in the woods – use walkway over the ditch
[log] Easy find but harder to retrieve. TF increasing our numbers.
#2025Traditional Cache Buckeye Birds #4—Bird Food by PadreJim
Hint: Pine cone with silver bison handing on a limb
[log] Great camo. Easy find for us.
#2026Traditional CacheLost Snoopy  by tomjanet
Hint: Xmas Snoopy tin
Cache Site Cache
[log] Wasn't expecting that one. Cute cache.
#2027Traditional CacheBuckeye Birds #3—Goldfinch by  PadreJim
Hint: Tiny white finch with bison in downed tree
[log] Definitely grounded and in danger of destruction. Log moldy. We found easily though after tweeking hint.


Notes: Caching on Black Friday - where else?? - Walmart, of course!

#2028Traditional Cache WalHorn LongMart  by  Old Bass Cacher
Hint: Typical LPC but we had to look twice because of camo.
Brandon, FL - November 28, 2014
[log] Good camp for this type. TF giving us a quick one to get the day.


Notes: Picking up a 12 month challenge and few others in the neighborhood

#2029Traditional Cache Challenge: Cache find every month for a year by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Simple matchstick on the fence.
Big Bend, FL
- Novmeber 30, 2014
Cache Site
[log] Realized we had cached for 13 consecutive months starting Nov 2013 so thought a gorgeous day deserved a cache grab.
#2030Traditional Cache walk the waterset  by GreatScott4
Hint: Hanging inside the lake drain.
[log] Clever hide on a beautiful walk. TFTH
#2031Traditional Cache 40's not the end of the road for queenof3  by llednil
Hint: PB Jar in the tree at the end of a .5 mile walk.
The Walk Cache
[log] Construction still blocks road but a .5 mile paved walk led us to the find. Log wet but lovable. Thanks for a beautiful walk.


Notes: Caching after stopping at LLT Academy

#2032Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 267 - Keep your Eye on the Ball 
by MicroManiacs (Driven by quantity not quality)
Hint: Film canister at stop sign
Madison Rd., FL - December 1, 2014
[log] Quick STOP. Container broken. Log wet. Needs maintenance.


Notes: Caching on 301 after an airport drop of friends from MT.

#2033Traditional Cache where the rain by  jackie33619
Hint: Camo PB jar outside the locked fence
US 301 - December 7, 2014
Cache Site TB
All hung up in his travels
Cache with TB
[log] Found after a little bushwhacking. Took TB.


Notes: Caching on a trip to Lakeland, FL to celebrate a special century day - 12/13/14

#2034Traditional Cache V2V 60s Dance  by Hawkhaven
Hint: Bison inside guardrail post - only wire showing
Hwys 674, 37
Sun City Center to Lakeland, FL
- December 13,2014
Note: FIRE ANTS attacked Penny but we managed a special log at 11 AM on 12/13/14
Cache Site Cache Site Closeup
[log] A Frog fund to start the trip up to Lakeland. TFTS at 11:00 am ON 12/13/14
#2035Traditional Cache Rt. 39 DISconnect #1 by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Hint: Small green double pill bottle inside broken post
[log] Quick grab even with a jumpy compass
#2036Traditional CacheV2V It's Really There by Hawkhaven
Hint: Tiny nano inside fence post
Cache Cache in Hand
[log] Bear scored thus little cutie today after Frog passed it by. Great camo; thanks for a non-palmetto hide.
#2037Traditional Cache V2V Rover's Fav  by Hawkhaven
Hint: Bison tucked under cable on the back of utility post
[log] Quick find by Frog on a V2V run to Lakeland
#2038Traditional Cache V2V Live Oak by Hawkhaven
Hint: Ammo Can
Note: Left Police vs. Fire TB
Cache Site Wide Grasshopper
Cache Site Cache
[log] Nice regular hide ;beautiful specimen. Left TB.
#2039Traditional Cache V2V View to the South  by Hawkhaven
Hint: White film canister on ground by post
Cache Site Cache
[log] Quick find in open. Where was this little guy supposed to be?
#2040Traditional Cache V2V Away From Home by Hawkhaven
Hint: Bison attached to fake turtle at base of tree
Note: Giant gorgeous spiders in the tree.
Cache Cache in Hand
Spider Spider 2 Spider 3
[log] Cute container. Log crumbling. Saw giant spiders at the site. Cool.
#2041Traditional Cache V2V Nicked by Hawkhaven
Hint: Film canister at base of yellow marker post
Cache Site Cache
[log] Easy grab in obvious place. Added log since original was missed. Dried out container also..
#2042Traditional Cache V2V Osprey by Hawkhaven
Hint: Tube at base of live pine.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Quicker grab than we expected.
#2043Traditional Cache Bone Valley #48  by bigorangetruck
Hint: Black zip-tie on tree
Cache MIA
[log] Found location tie but no container.
#2044Traditional Cache Digging Phosphate in Bone Valley Earthcache  by Mac
Notes from the Signs:
1) Picture of Frogwarts with the dump bucket
2) 1965, Page Engineering at cost of $190,000 1994 dollars
3) March 14, 1959 by William James Menear
Dig SiteCache Site
Dragline Sign
Log Picture
Citrus Sign
[log] Found on 12/13/14
#2045Traditional Cache Just Off The Beaten Path by MulberryJeeper
Hint: Double pill bottle on guardrail
Cache Site Cache
[log] Quick find on the way to Bd's in Lakeland.
#2046Traditional Cache Welcome to Mulberry #3 by  raybro25
Hint: Large green canister at guardrail
Note: We left the MWGB2014 TB.
[log] Quick find. Left TB.


Christmas in Lakeland
Christmas in Lakeland - The End of our 12/13/14 Caching Trip

Notes: Caching on Hway 41 down to Interstate 275

#2047Traditional Cache Discount Cache by chucknalice
Hint: Large bison under the utility lip on the box
Hway 41, FL - December 17, 2014
Cache Site
[log] Had to switch to GPS to get the site, then it was a quick find.TFTH
#2048Traditional Cache No Rocks Here!   by  Michaelinda
Hint: Coconut under the tree
Cache Site Cache
[log] Tasty find on a deserted road. TFTH
#2049Traditional Cache Formidable Exsectoide   by Michaelinda
Hint: Ant in tree, holding bison
Cache Site Cache
[log] Boy did we take the hard route on this one! But once we got the right site, the find was simple. Cute camo.
#2050Traditional Cache Launch Break by  icuz
Hint: Half Gallon box under the tree.
We took the Outback Caching Token Coin #28
Cache TB
[log] Nice regular find; we took the TB.
#2051Traditional Cache Frog Creek Canteen by flwingnut
Hint: White can with red top under the tree
Took the Turtle 0111 TB and found wild oranges near the site NE of the creek.
[log] Nice walk along the creek. Took the Sea Turtle TB.
#2052Traditional Cache Batter Up! by icuz
Hint: Large green canister well hid in tree.
Contents in good shape
Cache Site Cache
[log] Not sure about the hint, but the camo was really done well on this one. Clever hide.
#2053Traditional Cache Tiki Tack  by icuz
Hint: Camo’d Dole Jar at top - not root - of log.
Took a tiny pen to make into a cache
Bearfr with Cache Cache
The Walk The View
[log] Met a muggle at the picnic bench on the way to this cache; he gave us the details of the rest of the trail.


Notes: Caching in the Riverview, FL area

#2054Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 182 - Lonely Post by MicroManiacs - The Next Generation
Hint: Camo pill bottle on fence
Riverview, FL
- December 19, 2014
Talked about geocaching to the security guard
[log] Easy walk to a find.
#2055Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 186 - Iglesia by MicroManiacs - The Next Generation
Hint: Film canister on Church sign
Cache Site
[log] Visited the "church" to log a find.
#2056Traditional CacheIf you hide it they will come by jackie33619
Hint: Plastic ammo can in woods under log.
Saw beautiful birds in the pond
Cache Mushroom
Tricolor Heron Lake View Heron
[log] Checked out the shrubbery for a while then Frog spotted it. Nice and dry. Dropped 3 bugs.
#2057Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 191 - Bush Whack  by  MicroManiacs - The Next Generation
Hint: Film canister in large cut off palm bed.
Picked up a fake tomato at the site to use for a cache container, and left a “better cords” reference point in Cgeo.
Cache Site Cache Hide
[log] Use stored reference point and name of cache.
#2058Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 266 - It will ruin your Teeth by MicroManiacs
(Driven by quantity not quality)

Hint: Film canister in EO Road DIP sign
James was busy filming the cow muggles
Muggle 1   March of the Muggles Butterfly
[log] Bearfr was a dip for a while on this one but she scored in the end.
#2059Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 192 - Guard Rail by MicroManiacs - The Next Generation
Hint: Film canister on guardrail
Cache Logging
[log] Typical quick pick for a score.
#2060Traditional Cache MicroInvasion 270 - Feeling Gassy  by MicroManiacs
(Driven by quantity not quality)

Hint: LPC
Cache Site Replacement of Cache
[log] Bearfr logged while Frog was occupied.
#2061Traditional Cache Fishing Hole by masterfind
Hint: Magnetic on guardrail
Cache Area Cache Hide
[log] Quick unstick here today.TFTC
#2062Traditional Cache Fishing Hole 2 by masterfind
Hint: Magnetic on guardrail
[log] Same as before. Tks for an easy grab in heavy traffic.
#2063Traditional Cache Fishing Hole 3 by masterfind
Hint: Magnetic on guardrail
[log] Frog hopped on over to get #3
#2064Traditional Cache Gibtown USA by DKB778
Hint: Blue container hanging on palm
Cache owner made it easy access into this vicious saw-tooth palm
Cache General Area Welcome Sign
[log] TF the easy reach.
#2065Traditional Cache Gibtown's "Centro"  by masterfind
Hint: Nano on Free Gratis Spanish news box
Cache Area Cache Sign
[log] TF the free hint. QPG.


Notes: Caching on Wauchula Road in Parrish, FL

#2066Traditional Cache SR62-24W  by kingnonna
Hint: Camo’d cigar tube
Parrish, FL - December 21, 2014
Looking Cache
[log] Camo'd well but still there. TFTSERIES
#2067Traditional Cache Who killed Gettis Lee? by kingnonna
Hint:Camo tube with skull in guardrail
[log] Interesting camo. TF making a typical hide fun
#2068Traditional Cache SR62-23W by kingnonna
Hint: Camo Tube at base of tree.
Cow muggles watched us closely
Cache The Muggles
[log] Frog was closer to the ground than Bear so the find goes to him.
#2069Traditional Cache SR62-22W by kingnonna
Hint: Well-camo’d narrow glass jar in palm tree
Hunting Cache
[log] This one was hidden well; passed over several times before we scored.
#2070Traditional Cache SR 62-21AW by kingnonna
Hint: Square container with no lid hid in edge of stump
We found the container on top of the stump and re-hid it under the stump ledge.
Cache Site cache Logging
[log] Container in open with no lid. We re-hid as best we could.
Gator DNF Gator 2
We DNF the next cache - The Ole Fishing Hole, but we saw our first wild gator in this area.
#2071Traditional Cache 12.5% on 62  by kingnonna
Hint: Log bag only in 1 of 8 pipes over the culvert
We left a birch bark container with a new log for the bag, and added a wire to catch on the end of the pipe
New Hide New Hide Concealed
[log] Found only a log bag at site. Will email owner with details if new container and hide method.
#2072Traditional Cache SR62-20W by kingnonna
Hint: Green camo tube at base of tree
[log] Frog forded the water to make the grab. TF this series
#2073Traditional Cache 20% on SR 62 by kingnonna
Hint: Two caches here at 1 of 5 pipes over the culvert
We watched the workers at the Alafia River Farms growing strawberries. We choose to log the film canister and left the Gourmet Pencil canister for the next finder to log.
Alafia River Farms Cache
[log] Two caches at this one. We chose one to log. TFTH
#2074Traditional Cache SR62-19BW by kingnonna
Hint: Film canister zip-tied to tree near telephone pole.
[log] QPG but soaked. Other 2nd log just damp.
#2075Traditional CacheSR62-19AW by kingnonna
Hint: Orange/Brown gallon container at base of tree
[log] Good thing it wasn't a snake; had our eyes in the clouds


Notes:Caching on CR 579, FL

#2076Traditional Cache Seeker #152 - Caching on the County Line #20 by Seekerfamily
Hint: Large RX bottle in palm
CR579, FL
- December 22, 2014
[log] First cache on a soft gray day.
#2077Traditional Cache Saffold Connector #10 by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Green Rx bottle at guardrail
[log] Good thing it Very quick jump out of car cache. TFTH
#2078Traditional CacheSaffold Connector #3 (Lake View)   by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Gray capped Rx bottle in break in chain link fence pipe
Our favorite of the day
Cache Site Cache
[log] Clever,clever love the hint!!
#2079Traditional Cache Saffold Connector #2  by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Orange matchstick on guardrail
[log] Easy find even with unreliable GPS coverage.
#2080Traditional Cache SR62-19W by kingnonna
Hint: Black RX in tree with ziploc
Not Right Place
Not the right place
[log] Yah good thing it wasn't a tree snake.
#2081Traditional Cache NO FISHING by kingnonna
Hint: Large silver bison on chain link fence
[log] Quick look and log. TFTH
#2082Traditional Cache SR62-18W by kingnonna
Hint: Camo’d glass jar behind tree.
Cache Logging
[log] Easy find by Bearfr today. TFTSERIES
#2083Traditional CacheSaffold Connector #4 by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Green matchstick on guardrail
[log] Hard to see but Frog has good geosense - and long fingers.
#2084Traditional Cache Saffold Connection #5 by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Green Rx bottle at base of survey post
[log] Quick one with a jumbo log!


Notes: A new achievement!! 24 caches in 5.5 hours!

24 caches in 6 hours
#2085Traditional Cache Loop the loop #4 by vidorspider
Hint: Plastic jar at base of tree

Grange Hall Loop , Bunker Hill Rd, & SR62
Sun City Center to Parrish, FL
- December 26, 2014

Cache Cache Site
[log] Quick find. TF not another micro. Nice to find a regular for a change
#2086Traditional Cache Loop the loop #3 by vidorspider
Hint: Plastic jar to left of trail
Beautiful straight wide grassy trail for joint walking
Bearfr on the Trail Pond The Walk
[log] Just waiting for those looking the right direction. TFTH
#2087Traditional Cache Loop the loop #2  by vidorspider
Hint: Gallon jar behind tree
We went over the fence rather than use the walk-in filled with weeds & brambles
Reserve Cache
[log] A bit of a cord cache here but a great trekking area. Thanks
#2088Traditional Cache West Connector #N by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint:Green matchstick at bottom of fence
This was near orange groves
Cache Orange Groves
[log] Quick jump out and grab. Interesting watching the radish pickers nearby.
#2089Traditional Cache West Connector #K by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Silver RX bottle in top of fence post
[log] Neat placement. Thanks for a nice road tour.
#2090Traditional Cache West Connector #J by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: Tan matchstick in Saw Palmetto
This was a well-camo'd hard find for us. Nearby we saw 2 wild pigs and their baby lying by the side of the road.
Cache Pigs
[log] This Florida hide took a while but Frog scored.
#2091Traditional Cache West Connector #H by TheWeatherWarrior
Hint: At base of direction sign
Picked up the Hummer Travel Tag here
Cache Site Cache Across the Way
[log] Tape gone but cache intact and dry. Took hummingbird TB
#2092Traditional Cache Triumph Speedtriple on Taylor Grade by SpeedTriple
Hint: Key Box on guardrail
Bearfr was so intent on the find, that when Frogwarts said " Watch the gator" (invisible of course) she jumped a foot. She hadn't even noticed the water nearby the guardrail.
Cache Site Cache E fork of the Manatee River Sign
[log] QPG today on a beautiful fall day.
#2093Traditional Cache Red or White??? by rwsherlock & His Princess
Hint: Birdhouse with fake bird & snake inside
Our favorite of the day. A wooden birdhouse with a tiny fake bird peering out, a fake snake guarding the large RX pill bottle cache inside by permission of the owner.
Winery Sign Cache

Cache Site

The Red & White Winery

Inside the Cache
The Guardian of the Cache
Left TB
We left this TB for other visitors
[log] Awesomely cute cache. Thanks to CO and property owner.
#2094Traditional CacheNot in the Pitts by kingnonna
Hint: On guardrail
Bearfr took a tiny stone in trade. We too saw the mysterious gravestone memorial, then watched the anhinga fly over the pond while a flock of black vultures watched nearby from the shore.
Cache Site Cache
Memorial River Sign
River Vultures
Anhinga flying
[log] Easy find on a beautiful pond. TFTH
#2095Traditional CacheWoofer's Woods by kingnonna
Hint: Rx bottle in top of direction sign post
Cache Location Bunker Hill Road sign Cache
[log] Clever hide on a beautiful fall day.
#2096Traditional CacheDuette Volunteer Fire and Rescue 2 by kingnonna
Hint: Magnetic in large rusted pipe
We also logged a Needs Maintenance log here since the cache was full of ants and unsignable.
Cache Pine Trees
[log] Easy find but cache is full of fire ants.
#2097Traditional CacheIn the Heart of Duette by kingnonna
Hint: White pill bottle on guardrail
Oops - A Bearfr grab and she forgot to take a picture
[log] Quick grab on a FL winter day.
#2098Traditional CacheSR62-13WA by gabbycacher
Hint: Pill bottle in Palmetto
We couldn't figure out the "non-native" hint since the tree looked like a native saw palmetto to us. Nearby, the herd of longhorns were fascinating; are we in Texas, Dorothy?
Longhorn Mr. Broken Horn Mr. Spunky
[log] Quick pick. Hint??
#2099Traditional CacheSR62-13BW by kingnonna
Hint: Tiny green bison on fence
[log] Went "OH" on this one. Tks again for the series.
#2100Traditional CacheGo-pher It Starting Line by kingnonna
Hint: Camo duct tape pouch under sign-in platform
This was the start of a great 4-cache hike in the Southfork preserve
Southfork Sign Sign
Southfork Sign Sign
Sign in Book Sign In SignCache  
[log] TFHINT. Wonderful trail.
#2101Traditional CacheHalf-Way to Gopher-It by kingnonna
Hint: Magnetic at mailbox
On the way to the cache at the mailbox near the house ruins, we saw a gorgeous mossy pine tree and a wild armadillo.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Saw a wild armadillo on the hike to this one!
#2102Traditional CacheGo-Pher It! by kingnonna
Hint: Plastic container behind tree
We missed the V in the trail to go to cache #3, so ended up at the final. Tried bushwacking by GPS back to #3, but the brush and nasty vines were too thick. In the end, we ended up backtracking to the V and taking the other trail to the #3 cache. It turned out awesome, since we saw 7 more wild armadillos on the way!
[log] Missed #3 but scored on this one. Will pick up #3 on the way back. TF a lovely winter walk
#2103Traditional CacheOn the Way to Go-Pher It #2 by kingnonna
Hint: Blue square gallon container behind mossy tree
On our trip back and forth between caches 3 and 4 in this series, we came upon 7 more armadillos who were very busy rooting for bugs and grubs. One little guy was so busy he didn't notice Frogwarts taking pictures, even though the camera made a noise with each click of the shutter. All of a sudden, he looked up, realized he was a foot from James; his eyes got really wide, he jumped up in the air, reveresed direction mid-air, and toke off "like a scared rabbit" as they say. So funny!
On the Trail with Armadillos Armadillo 2
Armadillo 1 Cache
[log] Saw 7 more close up armadillos on the back here. TFTseries
#2104Traditional CacheSR62-14W by kingnonna
Hint: Camo tube at fence post base in weeds
[log] Easy peasey today. Love thus series
#2105Traditional CacheSR62-15W by kingnonna
Hint: Green rubber duck on guardrail
We used a nearby screw on the guardrail to extract the tiny log.
[log] Cute container!!
#2106Traditional CacheNot Salty and Crunchy Yet by kingnonna
Hint: Glass jar on guardrail
This cache was at the Jones Potato Farm; they grow potatoes for Frito-Lay - who makes Bearfr's favorite Lays potato chips.
Jones Potato Farm Cache
[log] Interesting Frito Lay hide. Tks for bringing us here.
#2107Traditional CacheSR62-16W by kingnonna
Hint: Red Folgers can behind tree
[log] Quick visit to a soaked log book.Took picture for log.
24 caches in 6 hours
24 caches in 6 hours
#2108Traditional CacheLoop the loop #1 by vidorspider
Hint: Tiny blue topped container at base of tree
The container here was filled with tiny "melt-em" beads. This cache cinched our completion of 24 caches in 6 hours - actually 5 1/2!
Cache Cache Contents
[log] Last of a 24 caches in 6 hours record!!


Notes: A Florida hike for some outback caches in the conservation area

#2109Traditional Cache Gate Or Bait  by infiniteMPG
Hint: Green matchstick hooked to break in fence.
South of Sun City Center, FL
- December 27, 2014
We heard a large animal, possibly a wild pig or deer, in the brush twice on the way to the cache.
Cache Cache Hidden
[log] Cache intact but on the ground. Replaced it more securely as best we could. Lovely walk on a sunny winter day
#2110Traditional Cache Wet Forks by infiniteMPG
Hint: Large brown quart cylinder at base of tree.
Cache Cache Closeup
[log] Cache intact and in place. Wet fork was packed mud so an easy traverse TF a delightful hike
Sadly we then walked all the way to the third cache – Gilley’s Branch to a DNF. A recent tree fall across the river has been cut down so cache may have disappeared at that time. We used both original and adjusted cords with no luck.
The View
The View from Wet Forks
Gilley's Branch Site
Gilley's Branch DNF Site
The Walk Back
The Walk Back


Notes: A Bearfr solo cache

#2111Traditional Cache T.C. North Stars in Riverview  by cosmoandwanda
Hint: Matchstick used as perch in tiny birdhouse
US301 in Riverview, FL
- December 30, 2014
View 1 at Cache Site Cache View 2 at Cache Site
[log] This one's such a cutie perched for all the world to see.


Notes: Notes: Caching together on US 301 at Riverview, FL

#2112Traditional CacheCristina's Camp by  Jakesnake12013 & USFDad12013
Hint: Tiny bison in crook of tree
US301 in Riverview, FL
- December 30, 2014
Cache Site Cache
[log] Well I brought the Frog along with me to give this one another try since the cords are so bouncy and he generally has sharper eyes. Of course he walked the cords around for a minute or so, determined that he needed to be in the middle of the various trees, walked up to one and found it the first place he looked. The log was waterlogged so bad that all the ink had faded, so we replaced it with a fresh one. Great camo hide. Thanks.
#2113Traditional Cache The River-View by Smiling Little Perch
Hint: Camo duct tape patch under airconditioner
We emailed the plaque saying to the owner as requested.
Cache Site Cache Cache Plaque
The Muggles
The Muggles
[log] Quick find on a drizzly day.TFTH.
#2114Traditional Cache "Books, Books, and more Books"... by Wyldberri & Dude
Hint: Tiny bottle in camo pouch by drainspout
Cache Site Cache Find
[log] 3rd time w no muggles the charm!
#2115Traditional Cache Already Been Chewed In Riverview by Mr. & Mrs. Lighteye
Hint: Green matchstick buried under the leaves
Thank heavens for Frog and his walking stick; no hands in there for Bear.
Cache Cache after Revelation
[log] Frogwarts "revealed" this one with a stick.


Notes: A nature preserve caching hike off Leonard Lee Rd, Wimamau, FL

#2116Traditional Cache Going Out on a Limb by TheCachingNinja & Lowcountry Landsharks
Hint: Black bison hung out on a limb of a climbable tree covered with ferns
Wimamau, FL
- January 1, 2015
Frog climbed up the tree to the limb to get this for us; the ferns on the tree were stupendous.
Cache Site Logging Cache Site Closeup
Out on a Limb Cache The Little Manatee River
[log] Had a beautiful cool day hike in; saw some kayakers unloading as we started in. Awesome cache location and well well camo'd hide. Thanks for a great one and our last needed American Holiday find day.
#2117Traditional Cache Little Manatee Whispers by infiniteMPG
Hint: A camo lock-n-lock hidden extremely well under dead palmetto fronds near a regular 2 x4 board
We enjoyed this series of 4 ( 3 finds and 1 DNF) immensely; hiking in the Florida “outback” is so beautiful. This cache is remote enough (?? only a 1/2 mile hike on a flat trail) that it is only found roughly once a year. We were the first finders since 1/29/2012!
The Cache Hide Bear and the FindCache Contents
The New Hint
We left a hint for the next yearly cacher on the board nearby
Trail Flowers
Leaves in the Water Cache Site Underwater
[log] I think we examined every palmetto within 50 ft, then finally Bear scored the well deeply hidden find. Contents were dry with the cache in fine condition and right on cords by "board feet" . Great hike, day and cache. Thanks!!


Notes: We took time Saturday to grab the challenge cache we qualified for on Thursday.

#2118Traditional Cache Numbers: American Family Holidays Challenge   by Hawkhaven adopted by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: A bison on the back side of the metal staircase
Ruskin, FL - January 3, 2015
A tricky “easy cache” because the cords are off more than 50ft to the North of the cache. We finished qualifying for this cache last Thursday by caching on the last of the 7 standard American Holidays: New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Cache Site Cache
[log] See bookmark list for our quals. Cords are definitely more than 50' too far north.



#2119Traditional Cache Power ^Up - Gibsonton South by ^up
Hint: A green double screw cap capsule hung on branch by fence.
Symes Rd., Brandon, FL - January 4, 2015
A quick cache to score another day in the cache every day for 366 days challenge.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Easy find -tks for another caching day marked off.


Notes: A trip to Clearwater Marine Rescue – we have to cache right?!

Clearwater Marine Rescue & Aquarium
Dedicated to " Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release" of injured sea animals in Clearwater, Florida.
Home of Dolphin Tale 1 and 2's Rufus, Winter and Hope.
Engaged in the treatment of stranded and injured sea animals from all the Florida coasts

We had a most amazing day meeting the animals, listening to information about all the different marine species and their injuries, participating in trainer question and answer sessions, and learning about marine animal saftey in general.
Eel with Crab
Moray Eel with Hermit Crab
Rufus 1 and 2
Rufus 1 and 2 = the movie Rufus
Moray Eel
Moray Eel
Trainer with Hope
Hope with Trainer
Winter - notice no tail flukes
Lionfish 2

Sea Otter
Sea Otter

Lionfish 1
Giant Hemit Crab
Giant Hermit Crab
Nurse Sharks
Nurse Sharks
Sea Life Friends
No friends - the Sea Urchin will try to eat the Hermit Crab if not separated by the glass panel
Ray 2
Ray in Pool
Ray 1
Manta Ray swimming
Ray P2
Cattle-Nose Ray
Sea Turtle Diving Sea Turtle 1
Sea Turtles playing in the tank
Sea Turtle 2
Sea Turtle P1
Sea Turtle P2
Feeding Time
Harold - movie alias "Mavis"
Sea Turtle P3
Injured Sea Turtle
- no front flippers

#2120Traditional Cache BLUE STAR   by Daisy51
Hint: A key box on the sign for the Blue Star memorial to the soldiers
Clearwater, FL - January 9, 2015
Blue Star Sign
Location Cache Site Cache
[log] Quick pick on the way home from Clearwater Marine Rescue. Thanks for this from a vet.
#2121Traditional Cache Picnic at the five Palms   by  jcgold22
Hint: A clear plastic tub in the bushes between the last two trees.
View Cache Site Cache
View of Bridge
Note the Skyway Bridge in the distance
Flags Hermit Crabs
[log] Frog caught on before Bear did here. TFTC



#2122Traditional CacheWaterset Border by chapterbook
Hint: A green tin outside the barbed wire fence at the start of the lake trail
Big Bend Road, Fl - January 16, 2015
Exchanged Wakefife Geocoin for On the Lamb FarmtagZ
Cache Site Cache
See the green?
Cache Contents
[log] Walked around the cords for a while here then Bear poked in the right spot. Definitely don't have to tangle with barbed wire but our phone cords were slightly off. TF a beautiful area.
#2123Traditional Cache waterset circle by chapterbook
Hint: A lok-n-lok on the fitness walk
Cache Site Cache TB
Picked up Red Headed Stranger TB
[log] Easy find for the Frog. Tks for bringing us back to this gorgeous area.
#2124Traditional Cache Olivia's Cove  by jndavis701
Hint: A film canister at the South Cove clubhouse fence
[log] Had to be sneaky but an easy find. TFTH


Notes: Ending a caching hiatus of over a week!


#2125Traditional Cache Shut Yer Trap!   by infiniteMPG
Hint: Magnetic on Sea Hut Restaurant sign
Rudonia, FL - January 23, 2015
Cache Site Sign
[log] Almost too easy. TF our first find of the day.
#2126Traditional Cache Tierra Ceia Bay View by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Magnetic on HE Boyd Bridge sign, not at the S end of the bridge
We saw a pelican take-off at the Bayou, and found a whole cockle shell and numerous small shells among the choppy waves on the beach.
Tierra Ceia Bay Enjoying the View
How small is Bearfr
How small is Bearfr in nature?!
Mangrove Bayou Mangrove 2
[log] TF a quick pic and beautiful views of a choppy bay in the wind. Gorgeous day.
#2127Traditional CacheBayshore Micro  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Silver large bison on mangrove bush.
[log] Thanks for breaking our Bayshore DNF trend!!
#2128Traditional Cache 77 Sunset Strip by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo jar in palm tree stump.
We left 2 TBs
Cache Site Cache
[log] Beam me up Scotty works here. TF a cool hide.
#2129Traditional Cache Felinicity - Missy   by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Black bison in tree on frontage road to 275
Cache Rubber Tree ?
The bark was almost like spongy rubber; wonder what kind of tree this is.
[log] Had a keen eye in the forest! Needs a new log - impossible to log on.
#2130Traditional Cache Felinicity - Spooky   by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo jar in tree crook – not a 2/2
[log] Harder to get to than to spot. TFTS.
#2131Traditional Cache E-Z Find in Rubonia by chucknalice
Hint: Black cup in palm at guardrail
Sign Cache Cache Site
[log] The angle is everything here. TFTH
#2132Traditional Cache Mossy Revisited   by Michaelinda
Hint: Ammo can in moss at utility box pole
Bear found this after getting Frog to take flower pictures for her.
Cache Site Cache Flowers
[log] A real cache!! TF a nice hide.
#2133Traditional Cache Janet's Matchstick   by tomjanet
Hint: Camo tube on back of utility pole #12988
One of our favorites of the day.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Clever hide - best of the day.
#2134Traditional Cache Hard Workin' Dawgs   by Hawkhaven adopted by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Pill bottle under wooden bridge at the Southern Guide Dogs Training Center
Sign Cache
[log] Frog caught the lowdown in this one while Bear was walking cords.
#2135Traditional Cache Find Me or Parrish Trying by  infiniteMPG
Hint: Rubbermaid under moss behind the tree with the great hole at the base.
The nearby cows were eating tomatoes spread over the field. This was a great one to end our caching day with.
The Cows Geese Crossing
Cache Site Not Cache Contents
It really Wasn't in the tree hole, so where was it??
[log] Well duh. We live when we get to feel silly sometimes at how hard we worked. TSMFORAGREATONE


Passing 2000 - Part II

Notes: Ending a caching hiatus of over a week again!! We had such a lovely hiking day in the preserve doing a new set of 11 caches set out by ZoweeMindy to join her Earthcache. The weather was warm and sunny with a cool breeze, the path was wide and well-marked, and wildlife was abundant everywhere - raccoons, osprey busy fishing, turkey vultures touring the skies, ducks busy diving for plunder, and butterflies sunning themselves for our enjoyment. What a great venture out we had in the Cockroach Bay Preserve!

#2136Traditional Cache CBP - Mossy Oak  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Ammo Can under the moss
Cockroach Bay Preserve, Ruskin, FL
-January 30, 2015
We saw 2 huge ospreys at a pole nest.
Cache Daisy Osprey
[log] Our first of the trail hike day. Really pristine cache. Thanks for a reason to come to a beautiful preserve.
#2137Traditional Cache CBP - Ain't Pretending  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Bison in skull under moss
Cache Camo
A tiny skull camo'd with moss holding a bison inside.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Loving the camo on this one! Gonna be a neat cachin' day.
#2138Traditional Cache Tampa Bay Estuary  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Earthcache with 4 questions

1) A drowned river valley estuary of brackish water formed when a fresh water lake met the bay.
2) We saw a huge river delta area covered with bushes, a marsh area with seagrass and 4 bird species, and shallow open water – both fresh and brackish.
3) The homes and commericial construction company site contribute to polluted run-off and the power plant in the distance contributes both run-off and heat to the estuary.
4) One only has to look at the wide diversity of animal and plant life living here to know why it needs to be preserved, as well as protecting the coastline from erosion.
View 2 View 1 View 3
River Delta Osprey Logging
[log] Beautiful osprey during today. Will email answers at the end of our hike.
#2139Traditional Cache CBP - Pining for You  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Bison in pine tree
This one reminded us of Montana
The Hunt The Trail & Site Cache
[log] Quick one in a gorgeous tree that reminded us of our native Montana.
#2140Traditional Cache CBP - Higher Ground by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Bison inside a piece of wood at base of oak tree on a mound
Delta Habitat Mangroves Delta Habitat 2
Cache Placement Cache Site Cache
[log] More great camo hides!!!
#2141Traditional Cache CBP - Treesnarl by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Baby ammo box hanging from a tree under moss
Cache Site Cache
Yay - quite the Ammo Can!
[log] Ahhh good one! Loving this series.
#2142Traditional Cache CBP - Out on a limb  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Test tube wired to tree limb
No climbing required. Nearby we saw pelicans and vultures sharing a formation in their flying.
Cache Log Berries
Pelicans flying in formation
Crab 2
Tiny crab emerging from his hole
[log] HAHa on me ;l was ready to climb.
#2143Traditional Cache CBP - Oakenthorn by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Camo’d plastic jar hanging on the back of an oak
[log] Couldn't miss this one. Saw 4 pelicans flying in formation with 8 vultures on the way.
#2144Traditional Cache CBP - No Horses by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Bison in hole in fence post
Cache Site 2 Berries
Cache Site Cache
[log] Bear's been right on today. TFACUTIE.
#2145Traditional CacheCBP - Well, Well, Well  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Tiny magnetic tin on blue well cap
Heron Logging Duck
[log] Quickest grab today. Tks for all the fun.
#2146Traditional CacheCBP - Needle little help?  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Pine cone with bison hanging in a pine tree.
The pine cone was the only one on the tree and didn’t fit with the seed pods, but a similar pine nearby had a zillion cones, so who knows.
Cache Site Pine Seeds
Only One
The Only One on the Tree
The Cache Indeed!
[log] Hum that looks strange. Could it be? Yup!
#2147Traditional CacheCBP - Welcome to Cockroach Bay  by ZoweeMindy
Hint: Bison in a piece of concrete at the base of the Welcome to Cockroach Bay Preserve sign
Cache Site
The cache and its placement
Bird Welcome Sign Butterfly
Open Seed Pod
Interesting closed seed pods (center) that split open (above) to emit huge seeds
Unopened Seed Pod  Plant Seed
The seeds emitted thatlooked like tiny orange peppers
Osprey Nest
Ospreys taking a break from their hunting near their pole nest.
Twin Ospreys Twin Ospreys 2
[log] Last one of the day. Thank you for a beautiful series in a great walking preserve- so many exciting bird sitings.


Notes: Went back to Cockroach Bay Preserve with a better camera to get shots of the osprey pair, and picked up the Web Cam Challenge cache on the way home.

#2148Traditional Cache The Webcam Challenge 01 by Michaelinda
Hint: Tiny camo two-sided pill bottle at base of RR crossing sign
Hway 41, Ruskin, FL - January 31, 2015
Sign Cache
Home Base Landing on Nest
Protect the Nest From Below
Coming in for Landing Landing on Other Osprey
[log] Quick grab while out by Cockroach Preserve. Have done UM webcam in Missoula MT and Bethany Beach WC in Delaware.


Notes: Bearfr hit a solo cache while shopping to pick up another geo-day.

#2149Traditional Cache Saint Versa Place Urban Oak #7  by oakfolks
Easy grab behind the tree
Brandon, FL - February 1, 2015
Cache View Cache Site Cache
[log] Thanks for s quick find to grab the day. Beautiful area.


Notes: A trip to Tarpon Springs Brooker Creek Preserve yielded 5 caches and a delightful hiking day.

#2150Traditional Cache Brooker Creek Preserve  by Brooker Creek
Hint:A three part Earthcache based on the Education Center conservation signs.
Brooker Creek Preserve
Tarpon Springs, FL
-February 7, 2015
Had a marvelous walk in this preserve, gaining info for the Earthcache log and observing all the varieties of plant species in the preserve. Wildlife, however, appeared to be taking a mid-day snooze.

1) You can reduce water use, recycle motor oil, dispose of toxic chemicals properly, compost your yard waste, and use drought-tolerant plants and permeable paving materials in landscaping with less use of fertilizer and pesticides to promote good watershed health. You can also work with your neighbors to develop habitats for native wildlife and plants that include food, shelter, water and nesting.
2) Many plants depend on fire to open seed pods and cones and aid in the spread of new plants. Fires also burn away dead vegetation, replenish nutrients, clear the soil for seed germination and stimulate new growth by opening areas to sunshine.
3) Swamps absorb rainfall, recharge aquifers and control floods.
Brooker Creek Preserve TrailsMap of Preserve
Brooker Creek Trail Map Welcome
Sign 2 Sign 1 Sign3
Note the add-on wiggly eyes on all the signs!

EC Part 2
Part 2 for the Earthcache


EC Part 1
Part 1 for the Earthcache

EC Part 3
Part 3 for the Earthcache

Swamp Pine Forest Reflection
Reflection in the swamp
Cypress Knee Closeup
Tree knee closeup
Lichen Bat House Closeup
Bat House on stilts
Bird's Eye View
The view from the bird blind

[log] Walked the beautiful 1.5 mile path in search of beauty and knowledge. Answers to follow. Thanks for a lovely afternoon.
#2151Traditional Cache County Line Cache by  WW.Wilma
Hint: A clever nano in the benchmark post
Logged Benchmark "Speed" AL0364 as well
Cache Site Nearby Benchmark
[log] Thinking small helps.TFTH
#2152Traditional CacheRaw Honey and Hot Boiled P-Nuts  by  WW.Wilma
Hint: A loc-and-loc in the guardrail near the boiled peanut & fruit stand
Logging the Cache
[log] Roasted peanut tempted the stop for this one.
#2153Traditional Cache BCBP: "The Beginning"   by FloridaPanther
Hint: A green&brown bison in the tree
Two caches in the Brooker Creek Buffer Preserve nearby
Cache Site Cache
[log] A Frog find on this one. No bugs in evidence.
#2154Traditional Cache BCBP: "Nature's Hideaway"   by FloridaPanther
Hint: A camo’d test tube in a downed tree stump
Swamp Back to Cache
Can't find it? Putting your back to the cache, you'll see this great tree with bunches of decoy holes.
Swamp 2
[log] Almost ready to leave and Frog said well duh!!!!! Glad its still here.


Notes: Valentine's weekend brought us a total of 14 caches, one from a trip to Big Bend to celebrate a new cacher birth with a name like our Allyson, and a Baker's Dozen on a delightful hike in the chilly sunshine through Emerson Point Preserve near Palmetto, FL, which treated us to birds galore as well as fun caches.

#2155Traditional Cache Allison's Nest Egg by jndavis701
Hint: What? a pink egg in where?

Big Bend, FL - February 13, 2015
Hordes of black egrets on the lake shore nearby
Bird Panorama
Cache Site Anhinga Swimming Cache Site Lake
Cache Cache Closeup FTF
[log] Yah!!! Our first FTF since moving from Montana. It's 3:01 PM. TFTH and congrats on Allison. Our granddaughter spells it with a Y, so she is Allyson also.

#2156Traditional Cache Geo-Logical Time 09  by infiniteMPG
Hint: Follow the beach walk to the bole in the tree and spy a camo pill bottle

Emerson Point Preserve
Palmetto, FL
-February 14, 2015
The clue is "7" to find the right location here.
Beach 2 SignThe Beach
Decoy Hiding Place In this case, obvious was not the word; look a little closer. Cache
Mangroves Sea-Grape roots Mangrove Roots
[log] Fun hide on a beautiful beach walk. Crisp 55 degrees today.
#2157Traditional Cache TFGT: Flight in the Estuary by Manatee_County_NRD
Hint: The sea-grape hides a loc-n-loc on the Circle trail
Cache Site Cache
Logging Bird Info
Heron Heron Closeup 2 Heron Closeup
[log] Beautiful area for a hide. TFTC
#2158Traditional Cache Sandbagger by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Camo Jar in the live oak
"1880" and 18"60" helped us solve this puzzle
[log] Easy find but Very visible. Re-hid so the clearing going on in the area does not cause it to be muggled.
#2159Traditional Cache Mosquito de la Barrera by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Black bison in the tree
We stopped near the nursery for this one after taking close-up shots of a gorgeous snowy egret in the drainage ditch nearby
Cache Container Cache Nano
Note the tiny gray nono
[log] Wanted to work too hard on this one. Loved the camo!
#2160Traditional Cache PMS - # 11  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Green bison on a nail on the fence
Snowy Egret Egret Flying Egret Tail in Sun
[log] Started the series here today while at Emerson Point. TFTHs.
#2161Traditional Cache TCD's Emerson Entry by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Mosquito- what else?!
With a cache name like this, what else would be hanging in the tree
Cache Butterfly
[log] Quick walk from parking and grab between bikers.
#2162Traditional Cache TFGT: Flight of the Roseate Spoonbill  by Manatee_County_NRD
Hint: Loc-n-loc hidden by concrete slabs near the bike path
This was our Letterbox for the day
cache Logging
Ducks Feeding
Bee Bees
[log] After a walk around the lake we nabbed this one amidst tons of muggles.
#2163Traditional Cache TCD's CITO 2007 Cache  by Team Cache Divers
Hint: Camo jar behind the multi-rooted oak
We took a beautiful walk around the lake and on the boardwalk to locate this one.
Boardwalk cache Logging
[log] Awesome cache site!! Lively walk along the preserve trails today. TFTC
#2164Traditional CachePMS - # 12    by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Green square tube duct taped to the tree
Second time was the charm here; don't know how we missed it the first time by.
Cache Original Log Replacement Log
[log] Log soaked;took picture for owner. Replaced with fresh log in baggie.
#2165Traditional CachePMS - # 10  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Gray bison on fish line in tree
The nearby private property's owner helped us with the find that was right before our eyes!
Snead Island Sign Cache
[log] Property owner hint helped in this one. Clever hide. Thanks.
#2166Traditional CacheEl Puente by Team Cache Divers
Hint: Magnetic on guardrail
This was near the Yacht Club and Marina, with scenic views of giant saw palms
Cache Site Nearby Palms
[log] Qpg. Gorgeous saw palms nearby. TFTC
#2167Traditional Cache Holy Canopy  by PatriotBoz
Hint: Well-camo'd tube in tree well
We loved the "Look for the green giant(tree)with a green beard(trailing ferns)" hint that was given here
Cache Site Cache
[log] Really nice camo and well disguised hint.
#2168Traditional CachePMS - # 09 by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Tiny purple tube at base of pole by palm farm
[log] Quick grab with a purple twist.


Notes: A break from the cold sent us to Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge, beach walking, and caches at Fort DeSoto.

#2169Traditional Cache You Are Here! by Orbitalmax
Hint:Ammo can under dead saw fronds
Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge
Fort Desoto, FL
-February 21, 2015
The entrance to Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge and Fort Desoto Park
Sign Refuge Sign
Cache Site Heron
[log] Tks for the good description and cache.
#2170Traditional Cache Winter Olympics - Bobsled-Men's by jedireitz
Hint: Jan under tock across from the boat ramp & anchor
Couldn’t get coords here for the longest time, but finally viola.
Near the Cache Cache
[log] Finally got 4G to get location access. TFTH
#2171Traditional CacheSummer Olympics - Swimming by jedireitz
Hint: Jan under moss at base of tree
This tree had amazingly thick, long moss going completely to the ground.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Easy find. TFTH
#2172Traditional Cache Head Shrinkers Geocache by Head Shrinkers
Hint: Not the palm entangled in another tree, but the palm nearby. Plastic jar under hollowed out wood.
We loved the hand of the one tree “shrinking” the other palm nearby the actual cache location.
Cache Cache Site Cache Site Closeup
Location Nearby The Hand
[log] Had the wrong palm at first. Tks for a lovely trail.
#2173Traditional Cache THE TWO TOWERS by Faithwalker & DaMama
Hint: Rubbermaid under cut in the weathered tree
On this half-mile beach walk we saw a heron “fisherman-watching” and two ospreys guarding a nest of babies.
The Ship
Cache Location Bridge View Cache
Shell Collection The Two Towers Penny with Shells
Heron Watching Heron Strut
Ospey Head On Two Osprey Single Osprey
Osprey on Nest Osprey Feeding Osprey Flying
[log] Clever natural cache camo after a gorgeous shelling walk on the beach. Who could want anything more.
#2174Traditional Cache Dog Beach by Robert
Hint: Fishing tackle?/Ammo can under dead saw fronds
[log] In MT we use these for ammo rather than fishing gear. Nice hide.TFTC
#2175Traditional Cache A Fisherman's Rescue 
by Placed by machzender Adopted By URMushy
Hint: Plastic box under dead saw fronds
[log] Done three hides similar to this today. Tks for bringing us to a great beach.
#2176Traditional Cache Fort De Soto by Michaud Gang
Hint: Virtual based on the history of the refurbished guns at Fort DeSoto

1) Guns were bought from England in 1898 and installed at the Fort on 3/19/1982
2) They weigh 17 tons each
3) Their range is 10,000 yards or 5.68 miles
4) They are 6” or 40 caliber

Clue Sign
[log] Answers to follow by email.


Notes: A quick cache on a shopping day in Brandon

#2177Traditional Cache Close to the END of Providence by jndavis701
Hint: At the bottom of the Dead End pole
Brandon, FL - March 6, 2014
Cache Site Logging
[log] Got this right off. TFTH


Notes: A Bearfr solo find

#2178Traditional Cache Brewski  by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: In the second??? beer bottle.
US 301 South of SCC, FL - March 7, 2014
This was such a great hide; three levels to find the actual log to write on.
Cache Site Cache Contens- Where oh where is the log?Cache Contents
Details Cache Closeup
[log] Bear here solo on #2178 for us. Got it on the second brew! Great one. Thanks as usual for good caches. Got this right off. TFTHGot this right off. TFTH


Notes: Cleaning up some recently maintained previous DNFs

#2179Traditional Cache King of the Hill - Live in Ruskin, Fla by geos815Hint: Box on the Neighborhood Watch Sign South of Sun City Center, FL
- March 13, 2015
Cache Site Cruising the Cache
[log] Easy grab but the King has left the hill for now.
#2180Traditional Cache Buckeye Blues by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Blue topped test tube in hole in fence
[log] Easy find today.TFTH
#2181Traditional CacheBuckeye Road #3 by Team Fishfry
Hint: Camo’d plastic jar behind tree
Nice walk in sun with a cool breeze. We disturbed a vulture feeding on a wild boar carcass.
Cache View Cache
[log] Pleasant walk to the cache - warm sun and cool breeze. Nearby vulture feeding on dead remains of a wild boar.
#2182Traditional Cache Looking for Gettis Lee by kingnonna
Hint: Pill bottle w skeleton o guardrail
This only USED TO BE a magnetic.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Easy find regardless of hint.TFTC
#2183Traditional Cache SR62-21W by kingnonna
Hint: Pill bottle high in tree
Good thing Frog is taller than Bear; she would have had to climb the fence.
[log] Good thing Frog is taller than Bear. TFTH
#2184Traditional Cache  The Ole Fishing Hole on 62 by kingnonna
Hint: Geo rock at bottom of fence post by pond.
No gator today.
Cache Site Cache
Bloom 2 Cactus Bloom
[log] First clever camo of the day. Thanks for bringing us back here. No gator today.
#2185Traditional Cache SR62-17W by kingnonna
Hint: Silver bison on fence
Cache Site
[log] Second time was a quick grab.


Notes: Celebrating PI day and scoring two new souvenirs

PI day Mystery Cache
PI day (3/14/15) Mystery Cache
#2186Traditional Cache Circle of Life??? by infiniteMPG
Hint: Green matchstick high in the Circle of Palms

Bradenton, FL - March 14, 2015
Cache Site Closer Up Closeup
5 is BIGGER than 18
[log] Score on PI day. TF the puzzle and a beautiful area.
#2187Traditional Cache Conquistador's Retreat    by NickEvansPhoto
Hint: Green camo’d jar by tree – after bushwacking palm circle
Cache Cache Location
Cache View The TrekBushwacking
[log] Hope for the Bear! Found it after 5 minutes of bushwhacking and wet feet.
PI day Event
PI day (3/14/15) Event
#2188Traditional Cache Pi VS Pie  by Team Cache Divers
Hint: PI day event at Perkins
Had a great time meeting cachers from Georgia, Illinois and the local area. Plus superb Coconut Cream and Carmel Apple Pie! Team Cache Divers always put on a great event. Learned about an event on April 1st when Headquarters will be here also.
Event Site Event Participants
Trackable 2 Trackable 1Trackable logged at the PI Day Event Trackable 3
[log] Attended - huge event!!


Notes: Caching while exploring the Chihuly Museum and Glass Hot Shop

Chihuly 1 The Dale Chihuly Glass Collection

Chihuly 3
Chihuly 7
Chihuly 2 Chihuly 5 Chihuly 4
Chihuly 12 Chihuly 9 Glass anemones
suspended in the ceiling
Chihuly 6
Chihuly 8A 12 foot rowboat filled
with huge glass marbles.
Chihuly 11The glass sea-floor

Glass Art by other renowed glass artists
Glass Art 1Richard Royal Glass Art 3Marc Petrovic Glass Art 2Jason Christian
Glass Art 5 Glass Art 4Raven Skyriver Glass Art 6Kerrick Johnson

The Glass Hot Shop
Glass Shop Mural
Mural Art
Glass BlowingAn example of a finished piece Glass Blowing
Glass Blowing in progress
#2189Traditional Cache Baywood Park by JRMan
Hint: Small jar in the hobbit hole under the bush
St. Petersburg, FL - March 21, 2015
Cache Site and Cache
[log] Felt like a hobbit coming home on this one. Nice hide .Thanks
#2190Traditional Cache Bambam's Booboo by sesdns
Hint: Piece of bamboo at base of palm
Also didn’t see the hide; cords were bouncing and we looked at many nearby places that fit the hint before Frog spotted this. Clever camo
Park Cache
[log] We were ready to give it up and voila! Clever container. Tks for a good one.
#2191Traditional CacheOld Town Clock  by JRMan
Hint: Pile of rocks under the clock tower
Cache Site Plaque Cache Site Cache
[log] Easy find while visiting the Glass Center. Tftc Took bug.
#2192Traditional Cache City Directory by JRMan
Hint: Duct tape pouch under the City Directory by all the cafes
Cache Site
[log] Quick grab.TFTC
#2193Traditional Cache Don't Be A Dip Stick! by  infiniteMPG
Hint: Bison in the Thru Traffic Merge Left sign
This was fun because Bearfr’s age helped us with Stage 2 – quite by accident. This is a fantastic location with clever owners who like plays on words. The wings are great too.
Cache Location Clues
Total to Bearfr's age
Sign Sign2
[log] Great place to bring us to. TFTH. Really enjoyed the multi.
#2194Traditional Cache Doggie Cache by phimoo
Hint: Bison wrapped in wood and stuck in tree branch bole.
Super evil camo hide; Bear spied it in the tree bole, but it took Frog to reach it, and stand on a log to replace! Our fav of the day.
Cache TreeSee Hide Cache Location
Cache Cache Components Replacing Cache
[log] Found by the bear but only retreved by the Frog. Bear too short. You have the right tree but the camo is mega. Tks for one that took two trys!!


Notes: On March 22 we spent the day at the Lowry Park Zoo, seeing an amazing 1000 animals within metro Tampa

Who Are These Guys?TowersZebra Roll
Chimp Bear Chimp 2
Elephant with babies Clouded Leopard Elephant Reach
Flower Flamingoes Flower2
Crocodile Manatees Gator 1
Scarlet Ibis Staghorn Squirrel Monkey
Rhino Red Wolf Penquin Swin
Terrapin Stork 2 Tortoise
Mandrill Gator 2
Lionfish Pelican Landing Lorakeet

Ostrich Face

Banana Plant Barred Owl Bats
Bats 2 Bird Eagle
Giraffe Parrot Penguin
Meerkat Flower James Flamingo
Preening Shrimp Shoebill stork
Spoonbill Sloth Bear Spoonbill2
Stork 3 Ipaki2 Stork
Wallaby Wallaby 2 Wild Turkey
Ipaki Zebra Pelican

Notes: Caching after a great trip to Lowry Park Zoo and before lunch at Jason’s Deli

#2195Traditional Cache Perfect 10 Lunch by Jakesnake12013 & USFDad12013
Hint: Green container at the bottom of sign near Chipote Grill
Tampa, FL - March 22, 2015
Cache Location Cache
[log] Quick grab on the way to lunch


Notes: Boredom on a Sunday – simply Cache!

#2196Traditional Cache BEACH cache by chucknalice
Hint: Not the post, but a fishing line nearby with a film canister attached.
Apollo Beach, FL - March 29, 2015
Our Muggle View from the Cache Site Keeping Watch for other Muggles
[log] Lots of muggles today slowed down the search but we got it. Replaced the soggy log.



#2197Traditional Cache Assimilate or Die by BigMahma-adopted by infiniteMPG
Hint: Inside the rocks means INSIDE the rock pillar – lift the top.
Sarasota, FL - April 1, 2015
Cache Site Cache
View Lily Pad Lake Lake Flowers
[log] Love the clue!
#2198Traditional Cache ICU, Do You See Me? by infiniteMPG
Hint: Bolt with a matchstick in the top of a fence post.
Cache Cache Site
[log] Quick grab in a beautiful wetland area. TFTH.
#2199Traditional Cache ABBY NORMAL by infiniteMPG
Hint: Lock n Lock under the moss at the base of the tree
[log] Shoes rather than sandals help on this one. Interesting clue. TFTH
#2200Traditional Cache Tick-Tock the Croc  by infiniteMPG
Hint: Croc style duck tape pouch on the railing at the top of the stairs.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Great clue. Neat camo. Hitting caches on our way to Meet the Lackeys.
#2201Traditional Cache Pretty Chilly Tonight by infiniteMPG
Hint: Post a hint? – Yah the post on the mailbox with a nano at Chilis
Cache Site Cache
[log] Should follow hints when given. Great hide. Thanks. We added a new log.
#2202Traditional Cache Square Won by infiniteMPG
Hint: Duct tape pouch on the metal fence by Ed’s Tavern.
Cache The View
[log] Trial and error prevailed!
#2203Traditional Cache Meet the Lackeys! by AKprincesswarrior
Hint: Sign the paper Ed’s Tavern menu to log the Meet the Headquarters Lackeys event
Had a great time visiting with all three lackeys, getting 4 new trackables as swag and enjoying dinner with the Chief Turtles.

Chief Turtles

Chief Turtles - our dinner partners

Event Site

The event site

The Lackeys

The Headquarters Lackeys here to film a documentary about the Florida Geo-Tour

[log] Meet the Lackeys and everyone else.


Notes: A trip to Fort Desota to cache. A great day of caches, hiking, beach walking, and shell collecting in 85 degree sunshine. Bearfr has the sunburn on her feet to prove it.

The Fort DeSoto Park Map

Fort DeSoto Park with our today's cache finds as red dots.

#2204Traditional Cache Summer Olympics - Water Motorsports by jedireitz
Hint: Pill bottle in saw palmetto.
St. Petersburg, FL
- April 3, 2015
Great nearby art tower of wood and concrete made us think of honoring POWs.
Cache site Tower Info
Cache Tower
[log] Found easily after reading logs. TFTH
#2205Traditional Cache Winter Olympics - Figure Skating-Men's by jedireitz
Hint: Plastic jar UNDER the saw palmetto.
Took the 1000 finds geocoin
Cache Geocoin
[log] Tried to make this palm hard then got smart. Nice hide. Picked up the coin
#2206Traditional CacheTHE ROAD LESS TRAVELED by TEAM 1108, CGLENN & ANDOMOJO Hint: Pill bottle in saw palmetto
This saw palmetto was being strangled by a Strangling Fig on the Barrier-Free Nature Trail near the Fort DeSoto park headquarters. Interesting voice boxes along the trail narrated the walk.
The Cache - see it?
Strangler Fig
The Strangler Fig
Cactus Flower
Even in Florida we still find cactus when we cache!
[log] Not too hard today says the Bear. TFTC
#2207Traditional Cache Out On A Limb by Orbitalmax
Hint: Rubbermaid zip-tied to the limb of an oak.
Left Brown Monkey TB
Cache Cactus Flower Cache Closeup
[log] Being literal really helped here. Nice hide.
#2208Traditional Cache Bob the Skull by BlueWind
Hint: Ammo Can concealed at base of trees.
Meet Team Bernie at the site and left the AKPrincessWarrior lackey tag for their daughter to pick up and move, then headed out to the beach and shelling.
The Beach Cache Site Bearfr at the Beach
[log] Met Team Bernie at the site. Dropped AkPrincessWarrior TB
#2209Traditional Cache Trump Stump Towers by Orbitalmax
Hint: Ammo can in a tree copse with two set of cool stumps
Team Bernie beat us to this one!
Cache Site Cache Boy does this cache ever need maintenance, but it must be long-lived to have time for the bottom to rust out!
The Second Stump Wildlife Help A foundation with a float stop to provide water for the native wildlife nearby; we saw 2 raccoons waddling off into the woods.
[log] Cool stump! Container bottom rusted out.
#2210Traditional Cache Northern Pines? by vanderlost/usmce8
Hint: Pill bottle in tree bole of giant pine tree
Good thing Frog is tall – at least taller than Bear, to reach this one; lots of picnicking muggles nearby
Cache Site Cache Replacing the Cache
[log] Only Frog could get to this one. Bear too small.
#2211Traditional Cache Green Flash by BlueWind
Hint: Ammo box under large bare tree
Funny huge tree nearby with a man’s rubber boot upside down high in the branches; an huge osprey nest in the neighbor tree, but no occupants. We left the ScatterMyCaches lackey tag TB.
Nearby the Cache Cache Shells
Osprey Nest The Boot Heron
[log] Took the end if the road trail and found it spot in. Left ScatterMyCaches TB
#2212Traditional Cache Gettin' Educated by brunyon1022
Hint: Ammo can in the saw palmettos near the beach
History of the old building foundations from Fort DeSoto nearby were interesting and the beach was superb.
Cache Site The Fort Foundations
Fort DeSoto foundations - the remnants of the original buildings housing the troops.
Heading Toward the Beach The Beach
[log] Last of the day, now for more beach. TFTH


Notes: Picked a few on the way to Costco

#2213Traditional Cache Close to the POWER of Providence by jndavis701
Hint: Tiny black tube on the edge of the wall near the water view.
Brandon, FL - April 10, 2015
Cache Site View Ducks
[log] Easy find, hard log retrieve. The scenery made it worth it. Beautiful lake full of ducks. TFTH.
#DNFTraditional Cache Close to the EDGE of Providence Lake  by jndavis701
Hint: Can't find if it's not there!!
Cache Stealer?
Is this the cache stealer?
View Cache Missing at Site
Cache was missing in the tree bole
[log] DNF gz bare
#2214Traditional Cache Close to the vVESTerly of Providence by jndavis701
Hint: Black pill case at base of roots on the Westerly wall.
Cache Site Cache
[log] Nice to see this one back. TFTH
#2215Traditional Cache Close to the HeART of Providence by jndavis701
Hint: Not on the bus stop pillar near the Hart sign, but the column of the ivy-covered wall nearby
Cache Site NOT
Cache Site? - NOT
Cache Site YES
Cache Site? - YES
[log] Bus-ed. Only found it after we stopped thinking we knew where it was. Green thumb clue good.


Notes: We took a week long trip from Florida north to visit our kids in Virginia Beach, VA,  Monck’s Corner, SC and Annapolis MD. Of course we had to cache!

DAY 1 - on our way to Walterboro, SC

#2216Traditional Cache Rocking out in Waldo by horseshoechamp
Hint: Duct tape pouch on huge rocking chair
Waldo, FL - April 11, 2015
Finding Waldo Sign Rehiding
Here is Waldo Sharing Searching
Looking The Find The Cache
[log] Frog found the cache even before Bear got it up in cgeo!!
#2217Traditional Cache Hampton's Finest by gimpyfl
Hint: Camo duct-taped loc-n-loc in saw palmetto
Hampton, FL - April 11, 2015
Left 1000 finds Geocoin
Cache Site Cache
[log] Look up young man. TF a great hide. Left a geocoin.
#2218Traditional CacheLegion's Last Defense by gimpyfl
Hint: Magnetic on hub of artillery gun
South of Starke, FL - April 11, 2015
Cache Site Muggle
[log] Great place for a cache! Stopped on the way up to SC. TFTH.
#2219Traditional Cache The Coleman House by GatoRx and meadowmuffin
Hint: Pouch on top edge of gazebo by Coleman House
Baldwin, FL - April 11, 2015
Sign Coleman House Flag
Cache Site Cache
[log] Great place for a cache! Stopped on the way up to SC. TFTH.
#2220Traditional Cache No Bail Out Taken by NorrisCrew
Hint: Plastic container in tree in woods
Callahan, FL - April 11, 2015
Cache Site Cache
[log] Nice hide in the woods. Traded Lackey TB for a phone case.
#2221Traditional Cache Jesus Loves You and Caching Too by a cool kid
Hint: Pill bottle on guardrail; took 3 tiny beads on a safety pin.
Callahan, FL - April 11, 2015
[log] Quick and easy grabbefore jumping on I95. TFTH


Notes: DAY 2 - heading for our son Matt's in Virginia Beach, VA

#2222Traditional Cache North Bound Road Trip Rest Area  by Roxiegirl21
Hint: Plastic box under the tree at beautiful NC rest stop.
Rest Area near Rocky Mount, NC
- April 12, 2015
Picked up Solfest TB
[log] Dog muggles but easy find. Took TB to VA


Notes: DAY 3 - caching with our son Matt and grandson Greyson

#2223Traditional Cache Kylee's Cache by cmurray0023
Hint: Bolt in car barrier.
Virginia Beach, VA- April 13, 2015
OUR FAV of the entire trip!!
Joy of the Find Dad, Greyson & Grandma
Greyson found the fake bolt cache while caching with Grandpa, Grandma and Daddy.Cache Logging
[log] Took grandson Greyson to find this really clever hide.
#2224Traditional Cache Airborne Ranger Supply Drop by steve-n-kim
Hint: Teeny ammo can chained to a tree in woods near Matt’s house.
Virginia Beach, VA- April 13, 2015
Beware of the poison ivy in these woods. Saw 3 foot long green snake.
Cache Cache Contents Encounter
Snake 3
Snake in the Woods
Snake 4
[log] Yup cool hint sort'a!


Notes: DAY 4 - on our way to Annapolis, MD to visit our daughter Jamie

#2225Traditional Cache Don't get stung by Ray by Kivotos
Hint: LP at Sting Ray’s
VA NE Pennisula
on US13N SE of Cape Charles
- April 14, 2015
Location Site Cache
[log] Yup quick and expected but a neat place to stop. TFTH. On our way to visit daughter near Annapolis.
#2226Traditional Cache Old McDonald had a smiley... by Kivotos
Hint: LP at McDonald’s
Cache Location
[log] Quick pick even with muggles.
#2227Traditional Cache DG Cache by Kivotos
Hint: Clear canoe float watertight container at Dollar General sign
Holly bush and Oyster Farm sign nearby
Location cache
Holly Bush Sign Nearby
[log] Bus-ed. Only found Easy pick even in rain.
#2228Traditional Cache Road to Nowhere - Cambridge by Three'sCompany
Hint: Bison on fishing line in tree hole.
Cambridge, MD- April 14, 2015
2nd favorite of the trip!
Cache Tree Cache Closeup
[log] Cleverest hide we've seen today. Tks for a great break in a rainy drive.
#2229Traditional Cache Spurry Cache by Ej1bear
Hint: PVC pipe with spigot near drainpipe holding bison on hook wire inside.
Easton, MD- April 14, 2015
Another Favorite!
Location Coverup cache
[log] Wonderful clever hide on a rainy day. Tks for the stop on a drive up from Virginia Beach to Annapolis.

Notes: DAY 5 - headed back to Virginia Beach for the night.

#2230Traditional Cache Video Killed the Radio Star by micastang
Hint: Red-Box nano
Easton, MD- April 15, 2015
Cache Cache Site Logging
[log] Quick pick today. Tks for the numbers.


#2231Traditional Cache Hole in the Wall  by Safari Trackers
Hint: Tiny plastic container in hole in rock fence post by the cemetary.
Between Easton & Cambridge, MD
- April 15, 2015
Left the Ben-n-Jayme Lackey TB
Cache Site

Cache Hole


[log] Double entree here. Nice cache and a beautiful location
#2232Traditional Cache E=MC'CS' Squared by kt&knarf
Hint: Loc-n-loc in church shrubbery with missing log.
East of Cambridge, MD
- April 15, 2015
Left Solfest TB
Location Site
[log] Quick one in the cold wind. Dropped the Solfest bug. LOG IS MISSING.

Notes: The we stopped along the way to visit the Salisbury Zoo, a wonderful little natural township zoo with many varied, well-cared-for animal species. Definitely a must stop for families.

Zoo Sign Zoo Map
Bison Bison3
Flowers Fountain
Canadian Goose Flamingoes
Monkey Parrot
Peacock Back Peacock Front
Pelican 3 Peacock Face
Pelican 1 Pelican 2
Alpaca Face Wolf
Wild Turkey Alpaca
Bison4 Bison2
Eagle Eagle2
Rhea Face Rhea
Squirrel Wallaby

Then more stops for a caching break

#2233Traditional Cache CSS Virginia by Run&Hike
Hint: Film canister under a rock at the base of the ship replica.
MD/VA Border
on the NE Pennisula
below Pocomoke City, MD
- April 15, 2015
CSS Virginia Replica

Cache Site
The actual siteof the cache

[log] Interesting history. Tks for the stop at the border.
#2234Traditional Cache Marriage Tree Micro by Run&Hike
Hint: Rusty nano blending in with Boundary marker signpost for the MD/VA Marriage Tree
Marriage Tree Site Cache
[log] Looked at it twice then went duh! Tks for some neat history.
#2235Traditional CacheNursery Keeper (Micro) by TeamMedlock
Hint: Large camo tube on back of tree near beautiful nursery stock
Outside of Exmore, VA
- April 15, 2015
Location Site Cache
[log] Pretty obvious where this one was hiding. TFTH


Notes: DAY 6 - on our way to Goose Creek, SC to visit our daughter Carrie

#2236Traditional Cache The Cache Store by Hunster
Hint: LP at pharmacy
Williamston, NC - April 16, 2015
[log] QLP Grab in a Beautiful spring day
#2237Traditional Cache <--- Air by PenguinsFan
Hint: LP at carwash air-pump
Cache Site
[log] Bear walked from the Cache store and Frog beat her to the cache in the car. TFTH
#2238Traditional Cache Ma Bell gets screwed by chillinwilliams
Hint: GC bolt on phone box.
Near Bern, NC - April 16, 2015
Sign Site Cache
[log] A Bear score today on a soft spring day. Nice hide. Thanks.


Notes: DAY 7 - Solo caching by Frog with daughter Carrie and granddaughters Sara, Grace and Ally and grandson Jack while Bear took a nap.

#2239Traditional Cache Spring Break Cache by SassyFrassy2005
Hint: Thermos container in plastic tupperware under metal plate in ground
Goose Creek and Summerville, SC
- April 17, 2015
Another favorite on the trip
Cache Location Cache Cache Closeup
[log] Great hide. Found with daughter and grandson.
#2240Traditional Cache The "Only One Without A Cache" Cache by BittenApple
Hint: Box under sign
Flower Cache Site
Cache Flower 2
[log] Quick find.
#2241Traditional Cache My Daily Commute: Welcome to the "crick" by Big E in SC
Hint: Fake bolt.
Ally Cache Cache Site
[log] Log wet. Not able to extract. Great hide.
#2242Traditional Cache BEWARE OF PENGUINS by gofarr
Hint: Magnetic numbers with cache log on back
Cache Location Revealing the Cache
The Numbers Log Logging
[log] Great hide. Daughter found.
#2243Traditional Cache Used to be a great fishing spot by gofarr
Hint: Container under log
The Girls The Log The Finders
[log] Easy with grandchildren.
#2244Traditional Cache My Daily Commute: The Flag Co. by Big E in SC
Hint: Ammo Box in Woods
[log] Found with grandchildren. Thanks for the great hide.


Notes: Caching to celebrate Geocaching's 15 Year Anniversary

15 Years of Geocaching souvenir
15 Year Anniversary of Geocaching
#2245Traditional Cache Paranoia  by raynib2002
Hint: Nano on the Neighborhood Watch Warning sign
Big Bend Road, FL - May 2, 2015
Cache Site Cache
[log] Cords lead on a slight detour but geosense prevailed.


Notes: Caching on the way to Honeymoon Island State Park and beach

#2246Traditional Cache NRGP002 by NClingen
Hint: Magnetic on guardrail
Near Honeymoon Island, Florida
- May 17, 2015
[log] Easy grab on a beautiful morning. Lots if shore birds at breakfast.


Notes: A caching day near Parrish

#2247Traditional Cache Transformed Geo Hoot by Hawkhaven adopted by Grand Illusion Crew
Hint: Double Pill on electric box
Parrish, Florida
- May 24, 2015
Gorgeous Magnolia blossoms nearby
Cache Magnolia Blossoms
[log] First quick grab of the day. Tfth.
#2248Traditional Cache For the kiddos #1 by Cmoore2457
Hint: Plastic container in tree
The Ancient Sentinel live oaks here were outstanding.
Live Oaks Cache
[log] Hint was helpful here since cords were on holiday
#2249Traditional Cache Gate to nowhere by kennyandtrish
Hint: Bolt on top of chain link fence to hold silver bison inside post of abandoned fence
Beautiful horses nearby
Cache Site Horses
Cache Cache Hide
[log] Clever twist on a known hide technique. Beautiful horses nearby
#2250Traditional Cache Between Two Kings by Siskboys
Hint: Pill bottle under moss on saw palmetto
James climbed the rope climb swing on a nearby tree.
Cache Site Cache
Rope Climb Frog
The tiny frog we saw at the next cache, at which we never found the cache - the only DNF for the day
[log] Ran around the cords with two GPSs on this one. Remember it's ABOVE the ground with soft natural cover among the pokies
#2251Traditional Cache Where the Sidewalk Ends/Parrish by kingnonna
Hint: Sprinkler head
Cache Site Cache
[log] Quick find after a DNF ON Cross Creek 2
#2252Traditional Cache Crossing Gamble Creek by kingnonna
Hint: NOT guardrail magnetic, but pill bottle in guardrail post hole.
Saw a 3 inch fuzzy caterpillar at this site.
Looking Cache Replacement
Cache Catepillar
[log] Scored a duh on this one for a while then bingo
#2253Traditional Cache Golf Course by kingnonna
Hint: Camo soft-side tube hanging in tree
[log] Shady cache on a warm morning
#2254Traditional Cache Crossing Gamble Creek2 by kingnonna
Hint: Rubber duck cache on nest of twigs inside guardrail
Two oddities nearby; a purple fire hydrant in the middle of nowhere and enormous elephant ear leaves.
Cache Fire Hydrant Elephant Ears
[log] Clever twist on a old quickie.
#2255Traditional Cache Defunct Gamble Development by kingnonna
Hint: Camo jar at base of tree with kudzu vines
[log] Economy size micro?!? Quick find.


Bob Marshall Wilderness
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